21 things to do in Frigiliana (Andalucia): Tips + Map (2023)

Frigiliana is considered one of the prettiest villages in Andalucia and in Spain, with white houses and cobbled streets.
Below is my guide to help you plan your visit, including map, access, tips and photos.
All the best things to do in Frigiliana !

21 things to do in Frigiliana (Andalucia): Tips + Map (1)

Table Of Contents

Why visit the white village of Frigiliana on Costa del Sol?

#1 to 7 - Best things to do in Frigiliana - the old town

#8 to 16 - Main monuments in Frigiliana

#17 - Have lunch at one of the Frigiliana Restaurants

#18 to 21 - Things to do in the area

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Why visit the white village of Frigiliana on Costa del Sol?

Is Frigiliana worth visiting?

Yes, in my opinion, Frigiliana is worth a visit.
The village is well maintained and it combines white houses, hills, gorge and seaviews.
It is very touristic but large enough that you can find quieter charming streets.

21 things to do in Frigiliana (Andalucia): Tips + Map (2)

White village of Frigiliana

Why are the houses white in Frigiliana?

There are 3 reasons:

  • When Christians took over from the Moors, they painted it white for God to see that it was now a Christian village (as it is considered a holy color)
  • the white reflects the heat, making the houses cooler in the summer
  • The lime used in the whitewashing of the walls is antibacterial, repelling insects

Since 1971, a law imposed by the mayor forces houses to be maintained white.

Video - Virtual visit

Below is a short video to give you an idea of what a visit could look like

About the name

Frigiliana does not mean anything in Spanish.
There are 2 main theories about the origin of the name:

  • It is mostly believed to be derived from the name of the land owner Frexinius
  • or It could have Roman origins, based on Fraxinus in latin, meaning 'place of the ash tree'

21 things to do in Frigiliana (Andalucia): Tips + Map (3)

Brief history and facts

  • Frigiliana is located 300m above sea level, the hill El Fuerte reaches 976m.
  • Its current population is around 3500
  • The caves around the village were occupied in Prehistoric times
  • It started being built around 900 BC by the Phoenicians and then settled by the Romans
  • In 711 AD the Moors took over the peninsula. They added the irrigation system and drew the basic layout of the village
  • In 1492, the Catholic Kings pushed away the Moors. Some Moors became catholic and were called Moriscos. Many of them gathered above what is now Frigiliana
  • On 11th June 1569, the bloody 'Battle of Frigiliana' took place
  • From then on, Christian settlers occupied the village
  • In 1916 the road between Nerja and Frigiliana started being built
  • In 1930, during the civil war, many churches were burnt
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21 things to do in Frigiliana (Andalucia): Tips + Map (4)

More photos after the planning tips.

Planning Tips & Map - Frigiliana, Andalucia

Where is Frigiliana located? Map

  • Located in Andalucia,
  • On the Costa del Sol
  • Just North of Nerja, East of Malaga
  • Nerja to Frigiliana = 15min drive
  • Malaga to Frigiliana = 50min drive
  • Granada to Frigiliana = 1h15 drive
  • Sevilla to Frigiliana = 2h45 drive
  • Below is a map to help you get oriented:

21 things to do in Frigiliana (Andalucia): Tips + Map (5)

Location of Frigiliana in Andalucia - Map

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How to get to Frigiliana

  • by car - this is the easiest way - the road is wide, easy, and in good conditions
  • by taxi from Nerja - it is quite close to the town of Nerja, so the taxi fare would not be crazy
  • by bus - there is public transportation but they are not frequent
  • by organized tour - from Malaga, Marbella or Granada - day trips normally combine Nerja and Frigiliana - see options

Need to rent a car in Spain?

orSee my 36 practical tipsto choose the best car to rent for the roads in Spainand find the best deals

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21 things to do in Frigiliana (Andalucia): Tips + Map (8)

Road to Frigiliana

Parking at Frigiliana

  • There is an underground carpark right next to the old village entrance
  • Otherwise, most cars park on the main road under the old village
  • I recommend visiting early (before lunch time) so as to avoid searching of a parking space

21 things to do in Frigiliana (Andalucia): Tips + Map (9)

Frigiliana underground carpark entrance

How to get around Frigiliana

The village is best explored on foot. This is how you discover the best views and the most beautiful streets.
However, if you cannot climb stairs, there are 2 options to see a bit more:

  • the touristic train - a 30 minute loop in Spanish and English going around the South part of the town
  • tuk-tuks which cannot take stairs but still take you on the upper parts for nice views.

21 things to do in Frigiliana (Andalucia): Tips + Map (10)

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21 things to do in Frigiliana (Andalucia): Tips + Map (11)

Frigiliana touristic train

2 sections to explore

When facing the Palacio, you have 2 options:

  • go left to visit the old part of the village - this is where you will find historical buildings, and the 12 plaques
  • go right and visit the new part of the village - this is where you have the gorge/river views and views of the old part of the village

How long to visit Frigiliana

I recommend half a day to visit Frigiliana and to add a meal. There are great restaurants with beautiful views.
For example, to avoid the crowds, you could explore in the morning and enjoy lunch.
But if you enjoy sunset, you could visit in the afternoon and stay for dinner

21 things to do in Frigiliana (Andalucia): Tips + Map (12)

Best time to visit Frigiliana

Depending on how you want to experience the village, here are a few things to consider:

  • It is a very popular location - to visit when less crowded, arrive before 10am and after 4pm
  • It has a great orientation to watch sunset
  • There is a weekly market at the bottom of the village every Thursdays
  • There are many festivals throughout the year such as: The Three Kings in January with a parade, the Carnival in February with processions, the Fiesta de San Antonio mid-June, the Festival of the 3 cultures on the last weekend of August

Visit Tips

  • Public toilets across from underground carpark
  • It can be extremely hot in Summer. Avoid middays.
  • Frigiliana is claimed to have 320 days’ sunshine every year.

21 things to do in Frigiliana (Andalucia): Tips + Map (13)

Where to stay

Thanks to its beauty and altitude, Frigiliana is also a great place to spend a few nights.
It offers cooler temperatures in Summer and has charming Bed and breakfasts.
Check out the best rated accommodations in Frigiliana.
Alternatively, Nerja is also a great destination and only 15 minutes away - Check out the best rated accommodations in Nerja.

21 things to do in Frigiliana (Andalucia): Tips + Map (14)

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See my selection of the 15 best areas in Andalucia to enjoy beach, cities, attractions... + fantastic accommodation options

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#1 to 7 - Best things to do in Frigiliana - the old town

The best thing to do in Frigiliana is just to walk around and admire the beautiful views and the charm for the village.
But here are a few things to pay attention to as you explore.

#1 - Elect the most beautiful streets

There is a big effort in the village to keep the houses in good condition and to make the narrow streets more attractive with plants and flowers.
Take side streets and get lost in the hope of finding the most charming street of all. In the picture below, you can see my favorite one.

21 things to do in Frigiliana (Andalucia): Tips + Map (16)

#2 - Collect pavement drawings

Don't just look at the houses. Look down.
The other interest of the village are the beautiful cobbled streets.
However, don't be fooled. They look old and historic but the streets were paved only recently. Until 50/60 years ago, they were made of dirt and gravel.

But as they built them, they were really creative and you can find many different shapes.

21 things to do in Frigiliana (Andalucia): Tips + Map (17)

#3 - Notice the fountains

Throughout the village, you can find fountains from various period.There is

  • the Fuente Vieja (Old Fountain) built by the Moors and restored in 1640.
  • the old Roman fountain (very old but not especially beautiful) with a source in the mountains.
  • the fountain of 3 cultures (to be seen further in the article).
  • and more...

21 things to do in Frigiliana (Andalucia): Tips + Map (18)

#4 - Travel back in time - find the 12 plaques

Throughout the village you can also find ancient looking ceramic plaques.
Once again, they are not very old. They were installed for the National Award of Beautification.
They depict the most famous moments in the history of Frigiliana.
For example, the one below is a map of the area in the mid-16th century. It will allow you to better understand the other plaques.

21 things to do in Frigiliana (Andalucia): Tips + Map (19)

#5 - Climb stairs

Be courageous, make sure you climb the stairs to reach some of the most beautiful views over the village and towards the sea.
It is always fun, to go up and wonder what you will discover.

21 things to do in Frigiliana (Andalucia): Tips + Map (20)

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#6 - Mirador de Santo Cristo

One of my favorite views is just below the Mirador de Santo Cristo.
There is a 180° panorama with the hills, white house, sea and beautiful flowers.

21 things to do in Frigiliana (Andalucia): Tips + Map (21)

21 things to do in Frigiliana (Andalucia): Tips + Map (22)

#7 - Shop artisanal

The village is also home to artists and artisan.
You can find many items to take back home, especially ceramics.

21 things to do in Frigiliana (Andalucia): Tips + Map (23)

#8 to 16 - Main monuments in Frigiliana

As you walk around the older part of town, you will find several monuments worth stopping for.
Below is a selection of what to look for.

#8 - Palacio de los Condes de Frigiliana a.k.a. El Ingenio

The main building you will notice is right in the middle of the village.
The 2000 sqm 'Palacio de los Condes de Frigiliana' has its first build in the 16th century, as a home for the Manrique de Lara family, in Renaissance style. They used some material from the old castle to build it.
Later, it was turned into a sugar factory producing syrup.
At the time, there were mills on the hills above to grind grain and sugar cane.

It is also known as El Ingenio and the House of the counts.

21 things to do in Frigiliana (Andalucia): Tips + Map (24)

#9 - The old 'silo' (granary)

Another beautiful feature are the remains of a granary "Los Reales Pósitos".
Built in the 18th century, it was used to store surplus during the good harvest years to redistribute during the bad ones.
A warehouse may have been there before, since 1640.

Today houses have replaced it and only the arches remain.

21 things to do in Frigiliana (Andalucia): Tips + Map (25)

#10 - Penon de La Sabina

In the middle of the old village, look up or down. You will notice a historic rock called "The Sabina".
Heavy rain moved it in 1936 causing a big scare. It was then attached to the bedrock with steel cables.

21 things to do in Frigiliana (Andalucia): Tips + Map (26)

#11 - Museo Arqueológico - Casa del Apero

Just at the beginning of the new part of the village, you can find the small archaeological museum in Casa del Apero.
Inside, you will find displays about Frigiliana from the Neolithic times to today.
It closes between 2 and 4pm.

#12 - Church of Saint Anthony of Padua (Parroquia de San Antonio de Padua)

As I wrote earlier, several churches were burnt during the war.
One remains: La Iglesia de San Antonio. It was built in the 17th century under Mason Bernardo de Godoy, in Renaissance style.
It has across-shaped nave that divides it into three different aisles.
Don't miss the ceiling in the Mudéjar style (with wooden trusses), the bell tower (which was a minaret from when it served as a mosque).
However, inside, almost everything only dates from the 1940s onwards.

21 things to do in Frigiliana (Andalucia): Tips + Map (27)

Frigiliana Church of Saint Anthony of Padua

21 things to do in Frigiliana (Andalucia): Tips + Map (28)

#13 - El Torreón

100m from the church, opposite the town hall is one of the oldest buildings in the village: El Torréon.
The Moors were using it as military barracks and then it became a granary.

#14 - The Castle of Lizar

If you have the time and the energy, you can climb to the top of the hill where the ruins of the castle are (steep).
There is really not much left, but the views overlooking Frigiliana and Nerja are worth it.

21 things to do in Frigiliana (Andalucia): Tips + Map (29)

#15 - El Teatro Mecanico

Below the palace and the old village, don't miss the small circular "theater" that plays upon paying with a coin.
Several windows have different scenes. The one in the picture below is "The Moor and his Parrot".
If you enjoy those, there are apparently more in the heart of the village but they are difficult to find.

21 things to do in Frigiliana (Andalucia): Tips + Map (30)

#16 - Plaza de la Tres Culturas

And in that same area is the Place of the 3 cultures.
You will hear the mention of the 3 cultures very often about Frigiliana. It is even sometimes called the ‘Village of theThree Cultures’.
This is to reflect the hundreds of years in which Muslims, Christians and Jews lived here in tolerance and harmony.
The fountain represents just that.

21 things to do in Frigiliana (Andalucia): Tips + Map (31)

Around there, you can enjoy beautiful of the valley:

21 things to do in Frigiliana (Andalucia): Tips + Map (32)

And keep track of your own trip!

21 things to do in Frigiliana (Andalucia): Tips + Map (33)

#17 - Have lunch at one of the Frigiliana Restaurants

Frigiliana has several well rated restaurants.
It is a great place to soak in the sun and enjoy a meal with a view.
However, book your table or go early if you want to get them.

I don't often mention restaurants on this website, but with my parents we looooooved our experience at the Garden Restaurant. The food was excellent and the view exceptional.

21 things to do in Frigiliana (Andalucia): Tips + Map (34)

21 things to do in Frigiliana (Andalucia): Tips + Map (35)

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#18 to 21 - Things to do in the area

As I wrote earlier, I think half a day is a good time to visit Frigiliana.
Therefore, you can combine with other attractions in the area.

#18 - Frigiliana River walk - Rio Chillar

Next to the village is a gorge with a river: Rio Chillar.
There are hiking trails in the area.

#19 - Cueva de Nerja

The Nerja cave is a series of chambers with impressive stalactites and stalagmites. One of the most Impressive rock formations is the column of Hercules, due to its size: 32m (105ft) in height and 18m (59ft) in diameter.
Inside this cave, some of the oldest works of art known to man have been found. But this section is not open to the public.
In Summer you should prebook on their official website. 400 stairs.
Open 9am to 4:30pm - 12 €

21 things to do in Frigiliana (Andalucia): Tips + Map (36)

#20 - Nerja Aqueduct

Considered as"a historic jewel of Spanish architecture", the aqueduct was built in the 19th century to aid the industrial revolution. It is 4 stories high and has 37 arches. It was intended to carry water from Nerja town to the local sugar refinery in Maro. The factory is now closed but the aqueduct is used for local irrigation.

21 things to do in Frigiliana (Andalucia): Tips + Map (37)

#21 - Nerja

Nerja is a popular coastal town at the Eastern limit of the Costa del Sol. It is surrounded by beautiful mountains and has not been damaged by tourism construction.
The old quarter of the town is typical with narrow streets and white houses.
Its most famous feature is the Balcony of Europe, a promenade on the edge of the cliff.

21 things to do in Frigiliana (Andalucia): Tips + Map (38)

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What is the best time of day to visit Frigiliana? ›

Best time to visit Frigiliana

It is a very popular location - to visit when less crowded, arrive before 10am and after 4pm.

What is Frigiliana known for? ›

Voted the 'prettiest village in Andalucia' by the Spanish Tourist Board, Frigiliana is distinctively Moorish in appearance, with the old quarter made up of narrow, winding, cobblestone streets full of small shops, tapas bars and restaurants well worth exploring.

Is there a train from Malaga to Frigiliana? ›

You can get from Málaga to Frigiliana by train, bus or flight.

How far is Ronda from Frigiliana? ›

It is 113 km from Ronda to Frigiliana. It is approximately 156 km to drive.

What day is the market in Frigiliana? ›

The Frigiliana Market is every Thursday morning from 8am until around 2pm. It is located at the Plaza de las Tres Culturas inthe centre of the village.

How many days do you need in Frigiliana? ›

HOW LONG SHOULD YOU STAY IN FRIGILIANA? Frigiliana is definitely a great place for a day-trip. The town is small so you'll get a good overview of the most important attractions if you only have one day to visit.

Can you drink tap water in Frigiliana? ›

If you are on village mains water then it is perfectly safe but does not taste the best. Some "Campo" houses close to the village are connected.

Why is Nerja so popular? ›

What is Nerja Famous for? Nerja is most known for the Balcony of Europe (Balcon de Europa), a beautiful viewing point and a promenade in the center of Nerja's old town. It is also a popular summer destination thanks to beautiful beaches, nearby mountain ranges perfect for hiking, and also caves.

Is there a bus from Nerja to Frigiliana? ›

Nerja to Friliana

Departs (Monday to Saturday) 7:20 / 9:45 / 10:30 / 11:10 / 12:10 / 13:30 / 15:15 / 16:00 / 17:10 / 19:00 / 20:30 / 21.30 (July and August). Departs (Sunday and holidays) 9:30 / 12:00 / 13:00 / 16:15 / 17:30 / 20:00 / 20:50. The Nerja bus stop is located Avenida de Pescia near Plaza Cantarero.

Can you get around Malaga without a car? ›

It is very easy to get around Malaga without a car and there is very little free parking available, so hiring a car may not be necessary. And it can be a little stressful driving on such narrow streets.

How long is the bus from Nerja to Frigiliana? ›

By Bus – There are regular buses leaving from Nerja to Frigiliana. Journey time is about 15 minutes and costs around two euros.

How long does the bus take from Nerja to Frigiliana? ›

You can easily get to Frigiliana from Nerja. Buses run between the two from Monday to Sunday until 9pm at a cost of approximately €1, the journey taking 10-15 minutes.

Is Ronda worth visiting? ›

Ronda is close enough to Seville or Málaga for a day trip, but as well as stunning views, there's more than enough to see and do to make it worth staying a night or two.

Is Ronda closer to Seville or Granada? ›

Granada is further away from Ronda than both Seville or Malaga, so options are more limited, but I thought I'd still include it here as it's a very popular destination in Andalusia and often people travel from there to other destinations in the region.

How many days in Ronda is enough? ›

A two-day trip to Ronda will enable you to take in all it has to offer, from the dramatic El Tajo gorge to one of Spain's most historic and beautiful bullrings. Read on for our guide to spending 48 hours in this enchanting Andalusian town.

What day is market day in Nerja? ›

The market in Nerja is open every Tuesday of the year, except on holidays, from 8am to 2pm. Entrance to the market is completely FREE. There are 180 stalls on offer, and they sell fruit, vegetables, clothes, household items, and much much more.

Is there a weekly market in Nerja? ›

Nerja has two markets per week, both located in the same area to the north east of the town centre at the end of Calle Cisne and both starting at around 10am and continuing until the midday heat of 2pm approximately. The Tuesday market is made up of a wide range of stalls.

What day is market day in Spain? ›

One of Spain's most iconic markets, where each Sunday the stalls are open from 9 a.m. until 3 p.m. And if you're lucky enough to be visiting Madrid on a public holiday, you'll also find the market open for business.

How much is a taxi from Nerja to Frigiliana? ›

The cheapest way to get from Nerja (Station) to Frigiliana is to taxi which costs €8 - €10 and takes 6 min.

Is Nerja a white village? ›

Nerja is one of the most beautiful and famous of Andalusia's white villages and is best for kids. Its setting is unique along the coast, meaning you'll get a dose of culture, history, and time to spend at the beach.

How do I get from Malaga to Frigiliana? ›

Malaga to Frigiliana by bus
  1. First, catch the bus towards Nerja (from anywhere on the Costa del Sol). ...
  2. Once you get to Nerja after a 45-minute to 1 hour journey, there is a bus straight to Frigiliana for just €1.
  3. Alternatively, you can take a taxi from Nerja to Frigiliana.

Do locals drink tap water in Spain? ›

Do Spanish people drink tap water? A. Although 99.5% of Spain's tap water is safe to drink, many Spaniards prefer to drink bottled water due to the taste. Madrid has some of the best-tasting tap water in the country and lower sales of bottled water as a result.

Can you drink any river water? ›

Never drink water from a natural source that you haven't purified, even if the water looks clean. Water in a stream, river or lake may look clean, but it can still be filled with bacteria, viruses, and parasites that can result in waterborne diseases, such as cryptosporidiosis or giardiasis.

Is the water safe to drink in the Algarve? ›

It is generally safe and healthy to drink public tap water in the Algarve and, in fact, across Portugal. Â If you order water in a restaurant, you will be served bottled water, but you can request tap water if you wish.

Can you drink the water in Nerja? ›

The tap water in Andalusia is possible to drink but does not have quite the same quality as in middle Europe and northern Europe, and can give a little upset stomach.

Is Nerja Spain expensive? ›

Average Property Prices in Nerja have reached €2,776 per square metre, making it the second most expensive destination in Costa del Sol after Marbella. However, this is still a relatively low price for foreign buyers.

How do I spend a day in Nerja? ›

Things to do in Nerja, Spain
  1. Snorkel along Costa del Sol. We chose Nerja Dive Resort to take us out for a few hours of snorkeling along the coast. ...
  2. Head to Ayo's for a Paella feast. ...
  3. Hit the Beach - Playa de Burriana. ...
  4. Balcony of Europe. ...
  5. End your day with dinner.
Jan 28, 2020

How much is a taxi from Nerja to Malaga airport? ›

Taxi prices from NERJA toTaxi 1-4 seatsTime
Malaga City Center69 €45 Min
Malaga Train Station69 €48 Min
Granada Airport140 €76 Min
25 more rows

Do you need a car in Nerja Spain? ›

If you stay in Nerja, a rental car is not absolutely necessary. Nerja is a wonderful place to explore on foot. However, if you are planning trips to the surrounding area, a rental car is a good choice. You can rent a rental car upon arrival at Malaga airport.

Can you see Africa from Nerja? ›

Re: Seeing Africa last evening from Nerja

Yes, it's fairly common at this time of year, especially just before sunset. Often it is clouds you are seeing, but occasionally you can see the land. It's actually the tops of the Rif mountains.

How much time do you need to see Spain and Portugal? ›

How many days do you need in Spain and Portugal? Although you could easily stay for a month, you will need at least 14 days to explore Spain and Portugal to give you enough time to see a couple of the big cities and a few smaller towns as well, without feeling too rushed.

Is one day enough to see Córdoba? ›

Conveniently, Córdoba is a relatively small city, so one day is enough to visit its main attractions. Arriving as early as possible is recommended to ensure you have a full day of sightseeing.

How much time should you spend in Córdoba? ›

HOW MANY DAYS IN CÓRDOBA? With so many great sights in such a charming city, we recommend spending 2 days in Córdoba. However, this itinerary works for either 1 or 2 days, as the first day covers all the main attractions.

Is it cheaper to fly to Spain or Portugal? ›

Generally speaking, Portugal is cheaper than Spain, although the flight there will likely be the most expensive part of your Portugal vacation.

What is the best month to visit Spain and Portugal? ›

Typically speaking, Spring (March to May) or Fall (September to November) are considered to be the best times to visit Spain.

Do I need to go through customs from Spain to Portugal? ›

Portugal is part of the Schengen Agreement, which means that there are no routine immigration checks when travelling to/from another Schengen country.

Which is better to visit Granada or Cordoba? ›

If you are visiting Andalucía as part of longer trip through the region or Spain in general, then spending time in Cordoba is a great option. However, if you only have a limited amount of time, we would recommend visiting Cordoba as a day trip from Seville and opting to spend a couple of nights in Granada instead.

How many days do you need in Andalucia? ›

While you likely won't have time to visit every city and town of interest in Andalucía, 10 days is enough to give you a very good feel for the region. If you have a bit longer to spend, then the absolute ideal amount of time to spend in Andalucía would be about 2 weeks.

Should I visit Malaga or Cordoba? ›

Córdoba has a smaller-town feel than Málaga does– overall more cozy, quaint, and picturesque, but also much more touristy. Since it's so small, it gets very crowded, especially in the afternoons and evenings.

What is the dress code for Cordoba Mosque? ›

As the Mezquita is still a fully functioning Roman Catholic Church the usual dress code is applied such as no hats or caps and no bare shoulders or knees. Bags bigger than a small day pack are not allowed inside and there is no storage for luggage or strollers. Book luggage storage online in Cordoba.

How many hours is a Cordoba day trip? ›

Walking Tour

You will walk past the Mezquita-Catedral, the Jewish Quarter and old synagogue and the main highlights of Cordoba of the Old City such as the Alcazar and Roman Bridge. The tour runs daily and lasts approximately 2.5 hours.

What should I wear to Cordoba? ›

What to wear/what to pack:
  • Light jacket or fleece. for men. for women. ...
  • Sneakers or comfortable shoes. for men. ...
  • Light and heavy skirts. light. ...
  • Extra socks. for men. ...
  • Travel shoe storage. If you bring multiple shoe options, ...
  • Dresses. You can find some great options here.
  • Pants or jeans. for men. ...
  • Long sleeve shirts or blouses. For men.
Dec 4, 2021


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