7 Dog Friendly Restaurants in Allen (Dog Moms will LOVE!) (2023)

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There may as well be a sign at the entrance of every strip mall, restaurant and shopping plaza that would let us know if they have dog-friendly establishments. Am I right? We LOVE our furbabies and its amazing to be able to bring them on an outing with us rather than leaving their sweet little faces at home. Our lives are better when we can have our besties by our side. ❤️ Thankfully, Allen Texas has a variety of options and styles and menus around town to enjoy a lunch, brunch on dinner with our Dutch. And you might be wanting to bring your sweet furbaby too. Here are some of our favorite spots to bring dogs out for a night on the town in this list of 7 Dog Friendly Restaurants in Allen.

Take your furbaby to these 7 Dog Friendly Restaurants in Allen

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Lazy Dog Restaurant

1851 N Central Expy Allen, TX 75013

Just recently, a number of new places were built on the southbound side of Central Expressway, just south of the outlet malls in Allen. Lazy Dog is one of those and this restaurant offers a casual atmosphere yet a cozy one and of course they allow our furbabies on the patio.

Case in point below (Zeppelin from the Dog Moms group) is out on the town at Lazy Dog!

7 Dog Friendly Restaurants in Allen (Dog Moms will LOVE!) (2)

Zeppelin out on a family date at Lazy Dog

Sweet Zeppelin is out with his Mom, Carrie from the Dog Moms community and his Dad Brian. Zeppelin is the newest member of their family and is the sweetest pup ever!! I think this precious pup needs more nights out with his forever family and he can do that by throwing some support over to Carrie’s side hustle here or his Dad – Brian’s company over here (you will want to see what his Dad is creating, kinda epic)

As far as the menu, its quite eclectic so a bit of everything for all tastes – burgers, tons of salads, meatless options, small plates, noodles, fish, chicken, bowls and . . . .

(Video) If Our Parents Played Fortnite...

You know what else they offer?

Dog meals!!!

Your dog has the choice of ⤵️

1. Grilled chicken breast, rice + veggies 5.00
2. Hamburger, rice + veggies 5.00

Rudy’s Country Store & BBQ

1790 N Central Expy, Allen, TX 75002

Yes, it does look a bit like a roadside tourist trap — and unlike other tourist spots on a road trip, this restaurant loves dogs and they’re welcome in the outdoor seating area. Rudy’s Country Store & BBQ has a location on the northbound side of the service road of Central Expressway. It sits right in front of big ol’ Cabela’s. This barbecue restaurant has seating both indoors and outdoors.

And you know what?

You could even access it from the paved trail – the Cottonwood Creek Trail as shown in the map.

7 Dog Friendly Restaurants in Allen (Dog Moms will LOVE!) (3)

This spot serves some up some of the juiciest beef brisket around. For those of us with really tall dogs like our Dutch, this could turn into a really, really, REALLY bad idea.

Hedary’s Mediterranean Restaurant

103 W Belmont Dr, Allen, TX 75013

This family-owned Lebanese eatery in a Queen Anne house with garden-grown veggies & homemade bread is located in the downtown area of Allen (not far from Max’s Donuts to give you a frame of reference).

They’ve got a fantastic patio to relax with your dog and indulge in hummus, kafta kabobs and stuffed grape leaves. All of their food are traditional recipes and the meals are made from scratch. This family first opened their doors in 1975 and have been a DFW staple, what a cool part of our history.

Believe it or not their flavors come from our garden-grown veggies and locally-sourced ingredients — and you’ll be able to taste the freshness in our roasted eggplant and mint-garlic yogurt. With wholesome dishes and warm service, we strive to give you meals made with love and the kind of comfort you can’t find elsewhere.

(Video) My Dog Rents a Log Cabin

Kelly’s At The Village

190 E Stacy Rd, Allen, TX, US, 75002

We just loved the original in Downtown Plano . . . and although its now gone, we now have a Kelly’s not too far away in Allen. Specifically in The Village (near the Target/Cabela’s). This place gets busy so be aware of those busy times if you and your baby need a bit more space.

Pie Five Pizza Co.

190 E Stacy Rd, Allen, TX, US, 75002-8734

Remember Pizza Inn?

Well Pie Five is their latest baby.

And they have a location on Stacy Road that has seven pet-friendly outdoor tables, so you can bring your dog along to share a slice of Pepperoni.

They’ve got every kind of crusts including – thin crust, classic pan, traditional Italian, and even gluten-free crusts.

Please note that table service isn’t available, so your dog will need to be tied up outside when you go in to order.

Cru Wine Bar

842 Watters Creek Blvd #100, Allen, TX, US, 75013

CRU A Wine Bar is an urban destination to find over three hundred wine selections and forty premium wines offered by the glass in Allen.

Located in one of our favorite areas, Watter’s Creek.

Cru offers seating to dog owners out on the patio. And when the weather is perfect, its a good place to lounge for a Saturday with your pooch. The Wine Bar’s menu is made up of brunch items, shareable plates, stone fire pizza, artisan cheeses, and big plates of Filet Mignon, Cast Iron Seared Sea Scallops, Grilled Hanger Steak, Chicken Saltimbocca, and Cedar Plank Scottish Salmon.


In-N-Out Burger

190 E Stacy Rd, Allen, TX, US, 75002

Gasp!! Yes, this is on the list.

Now, I know some of you LOVE it and some of it would never eat here when Whataburger is a better option.

And some of you are doing this as you read this ⤵️

Nonetheless, they do welcome our fur children on the patio, so I’ll take that as a win.

I hope this article gave you some ideas on where to take your furbaby for a special outing and discover a dog friendly restaurant in centrally located Allen. Come hang with us in the online community – click over here to join in on the Dog Mom community.

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