Al Fresco Fun: 15 of The Best BGC Restaurants for Outdoor Dining (2022)

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  1. Samba Samba
  2. Gallery by Chele Gallery by Chele
  3. La Picara La Picara
  4. Nikkei Nama Nikkei Nama
  5. Las Flores Las Flores
  6. Wolfgang's Steakhouse Wolfgang's Steakhouse
  7. Bar Pintxos Bar Pintxos
  8. Savage Savage
  9. Sariwon Korean Barbeque Sariwon Korean Barbeque
  10. The Wholesome Table The Wholesome Table
  11. Mango Tree Mango Tree
  12. 205 BGC 205 BGC
  13. Chotto Matte Chotto Matte
  14. Wildlfour Wildlfour
  15. Pool House Pool House

Cover Photo: Guillaume de Germain / Unsplash

Nowadays, finding a breezy outdoor location to enjoy your meal is more important than ever

Keep safe while still patronising your favourite eateries. Make sure to visit what we consider to be the best al fresco dining destinations in The Fort, and treat yourself to a worry-free dine-in experience, outdoors.

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Above Al fresco restaurant dining in BGC | Photo: Samba

Located in Shangri-La The Fort, Samba is your go-to for vibrant flavours of Peru. Come for the al fresco seating, situated right beside the pool with roof-top views of The Fort, and stay for their zesty ceviche, anticuchos, and speciality tiki cocktails.

Sit out on Gallery by Chele’s rooftop and get a birds-eye view of the bustling cityscape of BGC. Enjoy a breeze, sit under the bright blue sky, and indulge in chef Chele Gonzalez’s innovative menu boasting flavours of the globe, all while using local ingredients, putting the spotlight on the bounty of the Philippines. Come for chef Chele's inventive cooking, and stay for his refreshing cocktails.

Above Al fresco restaurant dining in BGC | Photo: Gallery by Chele Official IG

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Tatler Trivia: Gallery by Chele won Tatler Dining Guide's Most Resilient award and Impact Award for 2022

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Above Al fresco restaurant dining in BGC | Photo: La Picara

This trendy Spanish hot spot, whose name translates to naughty, sassy girl, has an expansive terrace overlooking over High Street. Come for La Picara's whimsical fusion approach to Spanish cuisine matched with a dash of Asian flair, and stay for their hospitable service and chic Filipino-inspired ambience.

As the younger sister of Nikkei, this Japanese-Peruvian favourite is known for both refreshing and umami dishes, plus bespoke cocktails. Nikkei Nama's outdoor seating on the balcony allows for an excellent location for get-togethers. Come for their out-of-the-box rolls and stay for happy hour specials.

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Las Flores has been a staple in the BGC dining scene for some years now, regularly visited for date-night dinners, celebratory events, or gatherings with friends. Their eclectic interior design is undeniably charming, while their al fresco dining deck is sought after for its dimly lit atmosphere and street-side access.

Above Al fresco restaurant dining in BGC | Photo: Las Flores


Above Al fresco restaurant dining in BGC | Wolfgang's Official FB Page

Donned with white table cloths, the al fresco dining section of Wolfgang’s Steakhouse is a wonderful choice for a more fine-dining outdoor experience. Come for the exquisite dry-aged New York style steaks, and stay for happy hour libations.

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To the left of McKinley as you enter The Fort, hidden in Fairways tower, is Bar Pintxos. With no signage, the brand recall and loyal following have drawn countless foodies to the restaurant's doors. With a quaint outdoor section right beside BGC’s greenway, diners seated al fresco during the afternoon's late hours are privy to a beautiful warm golden sunset glow while sipping on some cervezas or sangria.

Above Al fresco restaurant dining in BGC | Photo: Bar Pintxos

Above Al fresco restaurant dining in BGC | Photo: Savage's Official IG

Located in Arya Plaza, chef Josh Boutwood’s back-to-basics establishment Savage focuses on prime ingredients and cooking methods designed to make produce shine. Here, uncomplicated menus allow the food to speak for itself. Come for the deviled eggs or tuna collar, but stay for their wonderfully addictive house-made bread.

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Right along High Street, perched on the second level is Sariwon, where you will find tender, flavour-packed Korean barbeques which you can grill yourselves while sitting on the terrace. Come for the galbi and bibimbap, but stay for the 70-year old tried-and-tested recipe of sugar-free bulgogi.

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Above Al fresco restaurant dining in BGC | Photo: Sariwon

(Video) UP Town Mall in BGC has outdoor dining with a great view. I love the design of this mall.

Above Al fresco dining in BGC | Photo: The Wholesome Table Official IG

Also located on High Street’s second level is Bianca Elizalde’s The Wholesome Table. As a concept dedicated to mental and physical wellness, health, and organic eats, you can rest assured that every item on their menu has been well-vetted. Come for their variety of dietary options from gluten-free pasta to cauliflower rice, but stay for their plant-based finds and of course, mochi doughnuts for a sweet finisher.

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While Mango Tree’s stunning interiors may be a major draw, their al fresco, street-side set up is even more appealing these days. While indulging in bright and bold Thai bites, rest easy while breathing in fresh air. Come for your favourite pad Thai, and stay for sunset cocktails.

Above Al fresco restaurant dining in BGC | Photo: Mango Tree's Official FB Page

Above Al fresco restaurant dining in BGC | Photo: 205 BGC Official FB Page

Yet another High Street go-to is 205 BGC. Sit overlooking shoppers and errand-doers making their way about town while swirling your fork into a freshly made vongole. This pet-friendly spot is ideal for friendly catch-ups and brunch. Come for the Italian fare, and stay for their cookies.

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Known for great drinks and reliable Japanese food, Chotto Matte is a sure-fire pick. Not only can you snack on crispy karaage, sushi, edamame, and other Japanese must-haves, but you can also choose from an extensive drinks menu all while enjoying their excellent music finds, more often than not, curated by DJs.

Above Al fresco restaurant dining in BGC | Photo: Chotto Matte's Official IG

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Above Al fresco restaurant dining in BGC | Photo: Wildflour's Official FB Page

Wildlfour in Uptown Mall is their biggest location to date. Known as a neighbourhood bistro that serves global comfort food and bakery essentials, Wildlfour has successfully worked its way into our hearts. Dine outdoors and enjoy the al fresco atmosphere at any time of day be it breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Come for the kimchi rice, and stay for a plethora of desserts, because one slice simply isn’t enough.

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Grand Hyatt’s Pool House is an al fresco lovers dream. Right by the pool, unwind with wafts of fresh air while waiting for your freshly grilled seafood from shrimp to octopus. If meat is what you fancy, fret not for their barbequed ribs truly hit the spot.

Above Al fresco restaurant dining in BGC | Photo: Grand Hyatt Pool House


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