Are the New Progressive Rules Reciprocal? (2022)

AOC is best option for 2024, Democrat strategist writes: ‘Has the ability to tell the story of her generation’

Fox News, by Lindsay Kornick Original Article

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Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., should be the 2024 Democratic presidential nominee, political strategist Michael Starr Hopkins argued on Tuesday. In an op-ed for The Hill, Hopkins compared the congresswoman to former President Barack Obama as the "fresh air" Democrats need for their party."Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) is less of a personality and more of a movement. Yes, the smart, photogenic congresswoman is the face of the rising progressive movement, but she is also the future of the Democratic Party. AOC has cultivated a following beyond politics. She’s an influencer in its purest form.

The school choice moment is now

Spectator, by Teresa Mull Original Article

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There’s been a lot of professed outrage lately over woke school boards. According to Republican candidates for office, they’re infiltrating children’s curricula with critical race theory, recruiting drag queens to read at story hour for pre-schoolers, and engaging in other forms of — shall we say — “incompetence.” But the real heroes pushing back against left-wing ideologies in government schools are the parents, when it ought to be lawmakers.Outspoken parents in New Jersey made headlines when they protested their school district removing holiday names from the school calendar. Voters in San Francisco — yes! — recalled school board members who thought renaming schools “with a connection to colonialism”

The Thirteenth Amendment Doesn’t Provide Basis for National Abortion Protection

(Video) Progressive Alternatives Lecture March 8, 2022

Real Clear Public, by Adam Carrington Original Article

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After Dobbs, where can pro-choice advocates look in the Constitution to support abortion? One professor believes she has found the answer in the Thirteenth Amendment, the provision banning slavery that was ratified in the immediate aftermath of the Civil War. Lisa Crooms-Robinson, a professor at Howard University School of Law, reasons out of a wish for Congress to pass the Women’s Health Protection Act of 2021. The bill, among other provisions, would codify the abortion protections found in Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood v. Casey, both of which the court just overturned.Congress, like the rest of the national government, possesses only the powers given to it by the

Are the New Progressive Rules Reciprocal?

American Greatness, by Victor Davis Hanson Original Article

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In the era of peak woke we are supposed to accept any radical departure from long-held custom and tradition as the new normal. Perhaps. But if so, is the improved new code of behavior at least reciprocal? Will the radical Left really wish to live by its own novel normality when it loses power?Have leftists ever read Thucydides on the stasis at Corcyra and his warning that zealots who destroy laws, customs, and traditions for short-term gain, soon rue the day they began making such changes when, in vain, they seek refuge in the very sanctuaries of behavior that they have destroyed? CORRECTION*

Why this Democrat thinks Biden must resign — before the midterms

New York Post, by Andrew Stein Original Article

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(Video) The dirty secret of capitalism -- and a new way forward | Nick Hanauer

On March 9, 2020, Joe Biden — then the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee — described himself as “a bridge” to a new generation of Democratic leaders who are “the future of this country.”As we approach the halfway point in President Biden’s first term, it’s clear the time has come for him to embrace his place in history as a transitional president and resign gracefully. Biden faces record-low approval ratings, an impending red-wave midterm election, renewed concerns about his physical health and cognitive fitness, a failed domestic agenda with no path forward and glaring foreign-policy mistakes. If Republicans capture Congress, he’ll also face questions he can’t answer on his son

We have 100 days to election when America can reject Democrats’ insane, far-left policies

Fox News, by Rep. Steve Scalise Original Article

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In 100 days, the American people will be able to cast their first vote against Joe Biden’s failed presidency. Biden is asleep at the wheel and, coupled with Democrats’ disastrous leadership of the House and Senate, gas prices have reached record highs, the cost of food and everyday household goods has skyrocketed, illegal immigrants and deadly drugs are pouring across our open southern border, and crime is surging across the country. All economic indicators point to our nation being in a recession. However, you won’t hear this from Biden or his spin doctors in the White House because they have no plan

Pope Francis Says He May Need to Consider 'Stepping Aside' Following Trip to Canada

People, by Giovanna Gelhoren Original Article

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"I don't think I can keep traveling with the same rhythm I used to at my age and with the limitation of this knee," Pope Francis said to journalists during his return from Canada. Pope Francis is reflecting on his position as head of the Catholic Church.After a six-day visit to Canada, the 85-year-old pontiff told journalists that he may one day step down from the Vatican's top job."It is not a catastrophe to change Pope, it is not a taboo," Francis told journalists on a flight to Rome the BBC reported.

Recession ‘word churn’ from Democrats is not working, warns Washington Post columnist

Fox News, by Kyle Drennen Original Article

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Washington Post columnist Megan McArdle dismissed the semantics debate over whether the U.S. was officially in a recession and warned Democrats that such "word churn" about the state of the economy was not an effective political strategy. In her Friday piece, titled, "Enough with the ‘is this a recession?’ blather," McArdle began by asking, "Are we in a recession? Does it even matter?" She noted "that a preliminary Bureau of Economic Analysis report released Thursday shows that the economy contracted at an annualized pace of 0.9 percent in the second quarter, following a decrease of 1.6 percent in the first quarter."

(Video) How "Progressive" Education has DESTROYED Education...podcast with @Saajid Lipham

It's the uncertainty, stupid

Washington Examiner is, by Salena Zito Original Article

Posted by Moritz55 7/29/2022 9:53:54 PM Post Reply

Ask a restaurant owner how difficult the COVID era has been, and the list of struggles is lengthy — loss of customers, supply chain problems, doubling and sometimes tripling of food costs, utility costs, and the ability to find or keep workers. Many business owners will tell you their revenue has returned to pre-COVID numbers, but that the cost to get there has eroded their profits. They are often making do without the manpower they really need, meaning they are personally working unsustainable hours. Many are opting to close.

What do police defunders have to say to Brooklyn’s 75th Precinct?

New York Post, by Post Editorial Board Original Article

(Video) What’s next for the global economic leadership amid rising US-China tensions?

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Brooklyn’s 75th Precinct is rife with fury at the work of police defunders and criminal-justice “reformers.”With 48 shootings and 58 gun victims in 2022 so far, the 75th is the epicenter of the city’s surge in gun violence. Since the start of summer, shootings have doubled over 2021’s rate, harkening back to 1993 when The Post dubbed the precinct New York’s Killing Ground as it saw a murder every 63 hours. This year’s victims have been young and old; many, innocent bystanders sitting on a park bench or standing on the street. The shooters are mostly teens and young men, often engaged in running street battles or wild shootouts

Cancel culture came for Clarence Thomas at George Washington law. Now, he's stepped aside.

USA Today, by Jonathan Turley Original Article

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After 11 years, students at George Washington University Law School will register for courses this fall with one notable difference: They will no longer be able to take a seminar with Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. The removal of Justice Thomas from the list of lecturers followed a cancel campaign that demanded the university ban him from classrooms. At 74, and looking at an upcoming term of major decisions, Thomas hardly needs the aggravation of such protests. However, his departure (even if temporary) is a great loss to students, the law school and free speech.

Chuck Schumer Becomes Latest Reincarnation of “Baghdad Bob

AMAC Newsline, by Shane Harris Original Article

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(Video) Rules of Assimilation | Phonology | Linguistics | Bangali lecture | বাংলা লেকচার

Nearly twenty years ago, with the 2003 U.S. invasion of Iraq in full swing, the public was introduced to Muhammad Saeed al-Sahhaf, Saddam Hussein’s Information Minister. As U.S. forces swept through the country, al-Sahhaf made a number of unintentionally comical appearances in front of news cameras to claim that Iraqi forces were actually winning great victories, earning him the nickname “Baghdad Bob.” While al-Sahhaf is now reportedly living a quiet life in the UAE, it seems that Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer has taken inspiration from the one-time cultural icon in making his own outlandish pronouncements and pushing for still more of the tax and spend legislation


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