Asian Food Truck Restaurant Names | Savor the Flavors of Asia (2023)

Choosing the right name for your Asian food truck or restaurant is an essential step to ensure its success. The name will represent your food, service, atmosphere, and overall experience. A strong name sets you apart from the competition and creates a lasting impression in the minds of your customers.

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In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the best practices for naming your Asian food truck, developing a strong brand identity, attracting customers, and marketing your business effectively. We’ll also discuss how to create a successful food truck or restaurant by leveraging the power of your name.

93 Cool and Cute Asian Restaurants Names
93 Unique Asian Food Truck Restaurant Names
669 Asian Food Truck Names
189 Catchy Asian Restaurants Names

Different Aspects To Consider Asian Food Truck Names

The Art of Naming Your Asian Food Truck

A food truck name is a critical aspect of its brand identity, and it’s important to choose one that is unique, memorable, and appealing. Here are some guidelines to help you brainstorm the perfect name for your Asian food truck or restaurant:

A. Reflect your cuisine: Choose a name that represents the specific Asian cuisine you serve. If you specialize in Thai, Japanese, or Chinese food, for instance, ensure that the name conveys this.

B. Be culturally sensitive: Take care to avoid any cultural appropriation or offensive terms when naming your food truck. Understand the culture and traditions of the region whose cuisine you are serving to avoid any misunderstandings.

C. Keep it simple: A short, catchy name is easy to remember and pronounce. Avoid using overly complicated or hard-to-pronounce words that might confuse potential customers.

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D. Be creative: Inject some personality and flair into your food truck’s name to make it stand out. Consider using puns, alliteration, or play on words to create a fun and memorable name.

93 Cool and Cute Asian Restaurants Names

Step into the realm of cool and cute Asian restaurant names, where charm meets culinary excellence. Our cool and cute Asian restaurants are the perfect blend of style, ambiance, and mouthwatering flavors.

Asian Food Truck Restaurant Names | Savor the Flavors of Asia (1)

1. Da Hacienda
2. Papa Sam’s
3. Chingon Pho Siam
4. Ember Restaurant
5. Ho Ga Hue
6. Villa Madina
7. Moonlit Retreat
8. Yunnan Flavor
9. Fiery Noodle
10. Asian Crabs
11. Cute Restaurant Names
12. So China
13. Abundance Chinese
14. Sandwich corner
15. Rice Corner
16. The Lost Kitchen
17. Hog Island Oyster Co
18. The Family Dragon
19. Piccola Cucina Estiatorio
20. Passport to Shandong
21. The Road to Tibet
22. Old Town Mexican Cafe
23. Chez Billy Sud
24. Crest Cafe
25. Grand Seafood Oriental Buffet
26. Nolan and His Noodle
27. Super Supper
28. Dine with Chinese
29. Blue Mermaid
30. Organic Oriental
31. The Collective
32. Fancy Restaurant Names
33. Momofuku Ko
34. Gramercy Tavern
35. General’s Zao’s Daughter
36. The Asian Lettuce Wrap
37. MSG: Yeah You Know Me
38. Master Sous Chef
39. Chinesezilla
40. Butty Boys
41. Deluxe Asia
42. Sears Fine Food
43. Yummy Asian Rice Balls
44. Sweet and Sour Dork
45. Kum Den Bar & Restaurant
46. Mangolian and Ramen Buffet
47. Golden Burgers
48. Harvest Beat
49. Bleecker Street Pizza
50. Charlie Bird
51. Toro Toro Restaurant
52. Guandong Gourmet
53. Buvant Logo Mockup
54. Stomach Clinic Railways Restaurant
55. Eastern Lemon
56. Metropolitan Grill
57. The Thousand-Layered Cake
58. Captain Chinese
59. Tibetan Treats
60. Eight AM
61. Le Bernardin
62. Fook Hing Restaurant
63. The Asian Pear
64. Lobster Place
65. Heirloom Cafe
66. Dinner Wisdom
67. The Great East Buffet
68. Chinesezen
69. The Pink Door
70. Tartine Manufactory
71. Firefly Restaurant
72. Gray’s Papaya.
73. Dumped by a Dumpling
74. Desi Addicts
75. Water Grill
76. The Sichuan Hotpot
77. The Little Red Cookbook
78. Mad for Chicken
79. Level III Restaurant
80. Plumed Horse
81. Cloak & Petal
82. La Pizza & La Pasta at Eataly Downtown
83. Bankers Hill
84. The Rosebud
85. Rusty Pelican
86. Harbor House Restaurant
87. Geronimo
88. The Poke
89. Ellen’s Stardust Diner
90. Oceana Restaurant
91. Awesome in Taiwan
92. Dante NYC
93. Taiwan Yum Yum

Building a Strong Brand Identity

Once you’ve chosen a name for your Asian food truck or restaurant, it’s time to develop a strong brand identity. This includes creating a logo, selecting colors and fonts, and defining your brand’s voice and tone. Your brand identity should be consistent across all marketing materials, menus, and signage.

A. Logo: Design a logo that is unique and represents your food truck’s name and cuisine. This logo will become the visual identifier for your brand, so it should be distinctive and easily recognizable.

B. Colors and fonts: Choose colors and fonts that are easy to read and reflect your brand personality. Keep in mind cultural associations with certain colors, as they may have different meanings in various Asian cultures.

C. Voice and tone: Develop a consistent voice and tone for your brand. Whether it’s playful, sophisticated, or casual, ensure that all communication, including social media posts and menu descriptions, reflects this voice.

Attracting Customers

Your food truck’s name and brand identity are crucial in attracting customers. Here are some strategies to draw in more people:

A. Location: Choose a high-traffic location with ample foot traffic, like business districts or near popular tourist attractions. Visibility is key in attracting potential customers.

B. Menu: Offer a diverse and unique menu that caters to various dietary preferences and taste buds. Highlight any signature dishes or unique offerings that set you apart from the competition.

C. Engage with the community: Participate in local events, festivals, and food truck gatherings to build relationships and gain exposure. Consider partnering with local businesses or organizations to cross-promote each other.

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D. Social media presence: Utilize social media platforms to showcase your food, share your story, and engage with your customers. Regularly post high-quality photos, videos, and updates to keep your audience interested.

Marketing Your Food Truck or Restaurant

Effective marketing is essential to promote your Asian food truck or restaurant and expand your customer base. Here are some marketing strategies to consider:

A. Online presence: Create a user-friendly website showcasing your menu, location, and contact information. Ensure that your site is mobile-friendly and optimized for search engines. Additionally, establish a strong presence on popular review platforms like Yelp, Google My Business, and TripAdvisor to encourage customer feedback and enhance your online reputation.

B. Local SEO: Optimize your online presence for local search engine optimization (SEO) to make it easier for potential customers to find your food truck or restaurant in search results. This includes adding your food truck to Google Maps and using relevant local keywords in your website content.

C. Email marketing: Collect email addresses from your customers and send regular newsletters to keep them informed about your food truck’s latest offerings, promotions, and events. This helps to maintain customer loyalty and encourages repeat business.

D. Influencer marketing: Collaborate with local food bloggers, influencers, and journalists to gain exposure and build credibility. Invite them to try your food, and request reviews or coverage on their platforms.

E. Paid advertising: Consider using targeted paid advertising, such as Google Ads or Facebook Ads, to reach potential customers in your local area. Be sure to track and analyze your campaigns’ performance to optimize your marketing efforts.

93 Unique Asian Food Truck Restaurant Names

Embark on a mouthwatering adventure with our Asian food truck, bringing together the exotic flavors of the Far East in a unique and unforgettable dining experience.

Asian Food Truck Restaurant Names | Savor the Flavors of Asia (2)

1. The Sweet Spicy
2. Eternal Restaurant
3. The Lovely Egg
4. Hot Duck Hotdog
5. Sunrise Egg
6. Black brick
7. Inns China Shop
8. Burger Lounge
9. Indian Food
10. Rice-Chomp
11. Hefty Wen Buffet
12. Fog Harbor Fish House
13. The King of Chongqing
14. Tasty Dragon Szechuan Grill
15. Harbor City Restaurant
16. The Lion’s Head
17. Homestyle Hawaiian
18. Marina Kitchen
19. Metro Cafe
20. Project Juice
21. The Taste of Ningxia
22. Indian Food
23. The Zen Garden
24. Felice 64
25. Burger Lounge
26. Chinese Foodie
27. Mama’s Fish House
28. The Sumptuous Banquet
30. Me Love Your Tofu
31. Girl & the Goat
32. Filled of Dreams
33. Gringos Locos
34. Sushi Azabu
35. China Baked
36. The Fortunate Cookie
37. Hot & Crusty
38. Trinity Place
39. PM Fish & Steak House
40. Hillstone Co
41. Wax on, Wax off Buffet
42. Balthazar Shop
43. General Tso Chicken Sandwiches
44. Citron Chinese
45. The Vegan Buddhist
46. Clinton St. Baking Company
47. The Signature Room
48. Coaster Saloon
49. 3 Way Restaurant
50. Yuan Dynasty
51. Lost in China Buffet
52. Chez Panisse
53. The Main Course
54. Blackbrick
55. Rooftoop at E11EVEN
56. Snakes & Snails
57. Skillet Counter
58. The Melting Pot
59. Ember Restaurant
60. Green Leaf
61. Yin and Yummy
62. California Shack
63. Gaslamp Fish House
64. Mastro’s Steakhouse
65. Waterfront Restaurant
66. Viral Dim Sum
67. New York Bo Ky
68. Boucherie West Village
69. Bouley at Home
70. The Egg & Us
71. The Cheap Chinese
72. World Famous
73. Loi Estiatorio
74. Spice Symphony
75. The Chinese Chicken Spot
76. Staple & Fancy
77. Cull & Pistol
78. Palomino
79. Hudson Clearwater
80. Fujian Fried Rice
81. The Asian Critic
82. Goosefoot
83. Rockin’ and Ramen
84. Amazin’ Asian Food
85. Carte Chinese
86. Yin and Yang Balance
87. The Skinny Mongolian
88. Rice House
89. Amelie Wine Bar
90. Mini Kabob
91. Rector Street Food Enterprises
92. The View Lounge
93. Don Angie

Ensuring Long-term Success

A successful Asian food truck or restaurant is built on more than just a great name and brand identity. Here are some additional factors to consider:

A. Quality and consistency: Deliver high-quality food and service consistently. This will help build a loyal customer base and enhance your reputation.

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B. Adaptability: Stay informed about industry trends and be ready to adapt your menu, offerings, or operations to meet changing customer preferences or market demands.

C. Employee training: Invest in employee training and development to ensure that your staff is knowledgeable, skilled, and capable of providing excellent service.

D. Financial management: Keep a close eye on your finances, including expenses, revenues, and cash flow. Use financial planning tools and software to track your financial performance and make informed decisions.

E. Customer feedback: Regularly solicit customer feedback and be responsive to their suggestions and concerns. Use this feedback to improve your offerings and service continuously.

669 Asian Food Truck Names

Satisfy your cravings on the go with our Asian food truck, serving up sizzling stir-fries and delectable dumplings, bringing the flavors of Asia to your fingertips.

Asian Food Truck Restaurant Names | Savor the Flavors of Asia (3)

1. Little Owl
2. J. Clarke’s
3. Oriental Wok
4. The Chocolate Log
5. The Noodle Cart
6. Pho-Yo Go
7. Ramen to Go
8. Seoul Food Truck
9. Yum Yum Pho
10. Curry Express
11. Dragon Express
12. Tako Tako
13. Korean BBQ Express
14. Sake Shack
15. The Bubble Tea House
16. Banh Mi Brothers
17. Dumpling Dynasty
18. Sushi-Rama
19. Street Sushi
20. Chopsticks Express
21. Teriyaki Express
22. Central China Eats
23. Yum Cha Express
24. Wonton on Wheels
25. The Plaza Food Hall USA
26. Chart House
27. Roll It Up
28. Noodle Wave
29. Chirashi Hut
30. Tom Yum Truck
31. Osaka Express
32. Bangkok Bites
33. Japadogs
34. Gyoza Truck
35. Miso Hungry
36. Udon Kitchen
37. Bibimbap Station
38. The Kimchi Bus
39. Yakitori Yum
40. Soba Noodle Cart
41. Katsu Express
42. Gyu-Kaku Express
43. Chinese BBQ Express
44. Roti Roll
45. Bowl of Noodles
46. Shanghai Street Cart
47. The Dumpling Hut
48. Poke Stop
49. Cha Cha Yakitori
50. Curry Up Now
51. Seoul Taco
52. The Yakitori Grill
53. Kung Fu Kitchen
54. Maki Master
55. Bean Around the World Coffees
56. The Ramen Joint
57. The Sushi Truck
58. Taiwan Delight
59. Cha Cha Bowls
60. Thai Bites
61. The Flying Tofu
62. Dim Sum Go
63. Street Rice
64. Umi Sushi
65. Noodle Nation
66. Sushi-Matic
67. Curry Queen
68. Beijing Express
69. Noodle Ya
70. The Tofu Truck
71. Pho-Real
72. Lettuce Wraps To Go
73. Tokyo Bowls
74. Noodles & Buns
75. Samosa Stop
76. Flaming Seafood Asian Kitchen
77. Chinese Dumplings
78. Seoul Bowls
79. Bangkok Burritos
80. The Wok King
81. Miso Good
82. The Dim Sum Factory
83. Shanghai Street Food
84. Japanese Street Food
85. Ramen Revolution
86. The Kimchi Truck
87. The Sushi Cruiser
88. Gokku Bowls
89. Wonton Wonderland
90. The Egg Roll Truck
91. The Sushi Stop
92. The Yum Cha Cart
93. Takoyaki Express
94. Kimbap Station
95. Rice Rollers
96. Happy Buddha Bowls
97. The Ramen Bar
98. Lumpia Express
99. The Poke Bowl
100. Gyoza Go
101. Banh Mi Station
102. The Shanghai Bistro
103. The Noodle Bowl
104. The Dumpling Stop
105. The Teriyaki House
107. Sake Sushi
108. Tempura Truck
109. The Wok Express
110. Chinese Delight
111. Curry Kitchen
112. Udon Noodle Palace
113. Yakisoba Express
114. Thai Express
115. Bangkok Express
116. Yakitori Yum Yum
117. The Pho Truck
118. The Tibetan Vegan
119. The Sushi Boat
120. Korean BBQ Food Truck
121. The Bubble Tea Bar
122. The Bao Bus
123. The Ramen Noodle Truck
124. The Pho-Tastic Truck
125. The Sushi Train
126. Chashu Express
127. The Korean Bistro
128. The Dumpling Truck
129. The Korean Kitchen
130. The Tofu Wagon Qing Dynasty
131. The Japanese Street Food Truck
132. The Sushi Wagon
133. The Ramen Cart
134. The Wonton Truck
135. The Curry Wagon
136. The Chinese Food Truck
137. The Chinese Express
138. The Teriyaki Truck
139. The Bubble Tea Cart
140. The Soba Shack
141. The Gyoza Truck
142. The Ramen House
143. The Dim Sum Cart
144. The Noodle Truck
145. The Udon Cart
146. The Yakitori Wagon
147. The Sushi Boat Express
148. The Banh Mi Truck
149. The Bibimbap Box
150. The Yakisoba Truck
151. The Tofu Express
152. The Sushi Cafe
153. The Poke Truck
154. The Wonton Wagon
155. The Udon Noodle Truck
156. The Korean Food Truck
157. The Curry Cart
158. A Menu in Taiwan
159. The Sushi Cafe Express
160. The Sake Truck
161. The Sushi Station
162. The Roll It Up Truck
163. The Tom Yum Mobile
164. The Sushi Burrito Truck
165. The Noodle Bar
166. The Ramen Bowl
167. The Tempura Station
168. Barge Chinese
169. The Poke Bowl Express
170. The Thai Food Truck
171. The Yakitori Shack
172. The Sushi Bowl
173. The Pho Shack
174. The Chinese Bowl
175. The Happy Buddha Express
176. The Ramen Bowls
177. The Banh Mi Express
178. The Noodle Bowls
179. The Dumpling Wagon
180. The Gyoza Express
181. The Lumpia Truck
182. The Udon Bowl
183. The Sushi Bowls
184. The Yum Cha Truck
185. The Sushi Bar
186. The Miso Hungry Truck
187. The Gyu-Kaku Truck
188. The Chirashi Bowl
189. The Shanghai Street Food Truck
190. The Kimbap Express
191. The Wok & Roll Truck
192. The Ramen Bowls Express
193. The Samosa Express
194. Eaten in Ningxia
195. The Lettuce Wraps To Go Truck
196. The Tom Yum Bowls
197. The Gokku Bowls Truck
198. The Egg Roll Express
199. The Bubble Tea Truck
200. The Cha Cha Bowls Express
201. The Osaka Express
202. The Teriyaki Bowl
203. The Soba Noodle Truck
204. The Sushi-Matic Express
205. The Yakitori Yum Yum Truck
206. The Chinese BBQ Express
207. The Cha Cha Yakitori Truck
208. The Kimchi Bus Express
209. The Rice Rollers Truck
210. The Tokyo Bowls Express
211. The Noodle Wave Truck
212. The Ramen Revolution Express
213. The Shanghai Bistro Express
214. The Offal Office
215. The Noodles & Buns Truck
216. The Dim Sum Go Express
217. The Curry Queen Truck
218. The Bao Wow Express
219. The Bangkok Burritos Truck
220. The Wonton Wonderland Express
221. The Sushi Stop Truck
222. The Yum Cha Cart Express
223. The Takoyaki Express
224. The Kimbap Station Express
225. The Sushi Cruiser Truck
226. The Poke Stop Express
227. The Sushi Truck Express
228. The Taiwan Delight Truck
229. The Flying Tofu Express
230. Famous Lunch
231. The Bubble Tea House Express
232. The Banh Mi Brothers Express
233. The Dumpling Dynasty Express
234. The Sushi-Rama Express
235. The Street Sushi Truck
236. The Chopsticks Express
237. Noodle Street
238. Pinch Kitchen
239. Wok & Roll
240. Spice City
241. Panda Palace
242. Dim Sum Delight
243. The Aviary
244. Guangdong & Guangxi
245. Spicy Dragon Noodle
246. Far East Fusion
247. King Dumplings
248. Noodle Haven
249. Samurai Express
250. Break Fast
251. Sushi Shack
252. Shanghai Street
253. Basket Chinese
254. Petite Boucherie
255. Ramen Stop
256. Noodle Bowl
257. Chinese Express
258. Thai Palace
259. Chinese Agent
260. Satay Station
261. Tokyo Fusion
262. Sakura Express
263. Curry Cart
264. Wok Works
265. Tiki Teriyaki
266. The Noodle Shop
267. The Wok
268. Chopstix Express
269. Pho Street
270. Asian Bites
271. Noodle Hut
272. Tokyo Wok
273. Sushi Expressway
274. Tokyo Bites
275. Fortune Express
276. Wonton Wok
277. Lucky Wok
278. Curry House
279. EPIC Steak
280. Tasty Wok
281. Curry On Wheels
282. Bangkok Bowl
283. Noodle Bowl Express
284. Japanese Express
285. Dragon Bites
286. Yum Yum Express
287. Sichuan Express
288. Ramen Shack
289. Noodle Box
290. Udon Noodle
291. Tokyo Takeout
292. Chinese Kitchen
293. Noodle House
294. Spicy Sauce Express
295. The Dragon
296. Parallax Restaurant
297. Shanghai Delight
298. Szechuan Express
299. Basil Express
300. Sushi Stop
301. Sushi Roll
302. Shanghai Wok
303. Sushi Go Round
304. Rice & Roll
305. Teriyaki House
306. The Noodle Den
307. Wok Out!
308. Hong Kong Express
309. Chinese Expressway
310. Lucky Charm
311. Pho House
312. Noodle Bar
313. Samurai Kitchen
314. Emerald Grill
315. Tofu Express
316. Chinese Epicure
317. The Spice Wagon
318. Tokyo Delight
319. Thai Delight
320. Noodle Garden
321. Double Knot
322. Ramen Express
323. Hot Pot Kitchen
324. Sushi Boat
325. The Rice Box
326. Bangkok Thai
327. Dim Sum Express
328. Noodle Palace
329. Noodle Zone
330. Pho Noodle
331. Singapore Express
332. Tokyo Noodle
333. Oriental Express
334. Tokyo Bowl
335. Kung Pao Express
336. The Pad Thai Truck
337. Rickshaw Express
338. Sushi Cafe
339. Thai Wok
340. Asian Express
341. The Wok Stop
342. Rice Bowl Express
343. Korean Express
344. Chinese Wok
345. The Tasty Truck
346. Noodle Delight
347. Sushi Street
348. The Spice Cart
349. The Sushi Cart
350. Wok n’ Roll
351. Wok of Fortune
352. Samosa Express
353. Chopstick Stop
354. Noodle Nirvana
355. Pad Thai Palace
356. Bao Bros
357. Ramen Rush
358. Curry Craze
359. Gyoza Grill
360. Mongolian Madness
361. Teriyaki Town
362. Chow Mein Corner
363. Bibimbap Bus
364. Chinatown Cart
365. Soba Shop
366. Kung Pao Kitchen
367. Japan Jack’s
368. Miso Mania
369. Stir Fry Station
370. Udon Unlimited
371. Takoyaki Truck
372. Yakisoba Yum
373. Yakitori Yonder
374. Sesame Street
375. Poki Palace
376. Poke of Power
377. Bulgogi Hut
378. Bimibap Blitz
379. Korean Kravings
380. Tempura Treats
381. Dandan Diner
382. Poke Poke
383. Spicy Szechuan
384. Fiery Pho
385. Ginger Garden
386. Gai Lan Galore
387. Dim Sum Den
388. Dumpling Drive
389. Singapore Stop
390. Sushi Sashimi
391. Tokyo Take Out
392. Kirin Kitchen
393. Cantonese Cart
394. Chow Fun Food
395. Gyoza Galore
396. Noodle Nook
397. Shanghai Shuffle
398. Mandarin Magic
399. Dim Sum Dynasty
400. Yum Yum Wagon
401. Shabu Shabu Stop
402. Szechuan Stir Fry
403. Thai Town
404. Wasabi Warriors
405. Moo Shu Mania
406. Beijing Bites
407. Egg Roll Express
408. Curry Corner
409. Ginger Grill
410. Hong Kong House
411. Ramen Rage
412. General Tso’s Take Out
413. Katsu Kitchen
414. Pho Phrenzy
415. Rice Rush
416. Tea Time
417. Tom Yum Express
418. Udon Delight
419. Japanese Junction
420. Mandarin Munchies
421. Seoul Street
422. Jasmine Noodle House
423. Pho Express
424. China Bites
425. Curry Heaven
426. Kung Pao Palace
427. Ramen to the Max
428. Cluck Cluck Duck Duck
429. Dim Sum Cafe
430. Bamboo Express
431. Sushi 2 Go
432. Bangkok on Wheels
433. Noodle Bar Takeout
434. Thai-Ki-Go
435. Utopia Asian Cuisine
436. Bangkok Street Grill
437. Rice & Spice
438. Bao-Holics
439. Spice Truck
440. Lotus Express
441. Koji Street Kitchen
442. Noodle-Mania
443. Bollywood Bites
444. Korean BBQ Truck
445. Bombay Burrito
446. Pad Thai Wagon
447. Ramen-Go
448. Tsing Tao Express
449. Mongolian Grill
450. Fushion Express
451. Wasabi Wagon
452. Chinese Dumpling Cart
453. Mein Street
454. Uptown Sushi
455. Indian Spices
456. Curry in a Hurry
457. Dim Sum Truck
458. Tokyo Sushi
459. Sake To Go
460. Kyo-Go
461. Wok on Wheels
462. Tai Pan Express
463. Sushi City
464. Peking Express
465. Naan-Tastic
466. Bangkok Bite
467. Indochine Express
468. Wok Around Town
469. Rickshaw Dumpling
470. Umami Asian Grill
471. Kebab Kabob
472. Dumpling House
473. Spice Route
474. Chow Bao
475. Sushi Bus
476. Shanghai On-the-Go
477. Kimchi Wagon
478. Teriyaki 2 Go
479. Noodle-Ya
480. Eat Japanese
481. East Meets West Cuisine
482. Seoul Street Kitchen
483. Yum Yum’s
484. Hungry’s Kitchen & Tap
485. Tokyo Street Food
486. Okinawa Eats
487. Bao to Go
488. Kung Pao Place
489. Pho-nomenal
490. Seoul Kitchen
491. Spice Factory
492. Noodle Land
493. Dragon’s Delight
494. The Wok Shop
495. Happy Noodle House
496. The Ginger Dragon
497. The Kimchi Palace
498. Lucky 8
499. Smoque BBQ
500. Taste of Tokyo
501. Seoul Station
502. Shanghai Express
503. Tokyo Station
504. Shanghai Bites
505. East Asian Express
506. The Oriental Wok
507. Saki’s Sushi Bar
508. Bangkok Street Eats
509. Hot Pot Express
510. Sushi Station
511. Tokyo House
512. Shanghai Street Kitchen
513. The Lotus
514. Noodle Paradise
515. The Orient Express
516. Chinese Takeaway
517. Chikara Express
518. Ramen House
519. Bao Bao Express
520. Bamboo Dynasty Asian Kitchen
521. The Spice Bazaar
522. The Hot Pot
523. Tokyo Street Eats
524. Sai’s Sushi
525. Tokyo Noodle Bar
526. The Tokyo Bowl
527. China Express
528. Hungry Chow Mein
529. Teochew & Hakka
530. Sushi Heaven
531. Shanghai Kitchen
532. Teriyaki Hut
533. Chinatown Express
534. Noodle Bowls & Beyond
535. Sushi Bowl
536. The Sizzlin’ Wok
537. The Noodle King
538. Thai Heaven
539. Bad Driver Chinese Restaurant
540. Fusion Express
541. Noodles & More
542. The House of Noodles
543. The Gyoza Palace
544. The Rice Pot
545. The Yakisoba House
546. The Katsu House
547. Beijing Kitchen
548. Sumo Sushi
549. Sushi-Go-Round
550. The Noodles & Dumplings
551. The Dragon Wok
552. The Udon Noodle House
553. The Bao House
554. The Hot Pot Kitchen
555. Piccola Cucina Osteria Siciliana
556. The Sushi House
557. The Wonton House
558. The Dumpling Express
559. The Teriyaki Grill
560. The Gyoza Shop
561. The Tempura House
562. The Yakitori House
563. The Yaki House
564. The Katsu Kitchen
565. The Sushi Bar and Grill
566. The Curry Kitchen
567. The Sushi Lounge
568. The Ramen Shop
569. Buenos Aires
570. The Wok & Roll
571. The Sushi Boat Bistro
572. The Wok House
573. The Tempura Express
574. The Sushi Train Express
575. The Sushi & Grill
576. The Teriyaki Express
577. The Teriyaki Grill & Grill
578. The Udon House
579. The Yaki Express
580. The Yakitori Express
581. The Tempura Bowl
582. The Yakitori Bowl
583. The Sushi & Noodle Bar
584. The Yakisoba Bowl
585. Top of the Mark
586. The Sushi Spot & Grill
587. The Sushi & Noodle Express
588. The Ramen Bowl Express
589. The Sushi & Dumpling Express
590. The Udon Noodle Express
591. The Curry Express
592. The Bao Express
593. The Thai Express
594. The Tom Yum Express
595. The Pho Express
596. The Noodle Express
597. The Tempura Bowl Express
598. The Wonton Express
599. The Katsu Express
600. The Kimchi Express
601. The Thai Kitchen
602. The Noodle Paradise
603. The Sushi Sushi
604. The Curry Palace
605. The Sushi Delight
606. The Sushi Bar Express
607. The Sushi Express & Grill
608. The Sushi Spot & Noodle Bar
609. The Sushi & Noodle House
610. The Sushi Palace
611. The Sushi & Dumpling House
612. The Sushi Train & Grill
613. The Katsu Kitchen Express
614. The Sushi & Noodle Paradise
615. The Udon House Express
616. The Ramen Bowl & Grill
617. Blue Plate
618. Hot Duck Chowan
619. Temple of Wok
620. Icy Hotpot
621. Hot Duck King
622. Wish Moon
623. Spicy N’ Sweet
624. Freshly Hoisted
625. Hibachi Red
626. Lotus Flavor House
627. Chinesewind
628. Phat Phuc Noodle Bar
629. Mario’s Restaurant
630. Purity Chinese Restaurant
631. Uncle Mao’s Recipe
632. Brass Tacks
633. Great Eastern Restaurant
634. Junior’s Restaurant & Bakery
635. Peking Inn
636. Sottocasa Pizzeria Harlem
637. The Golden Stool
638. Crab Hut
639. Kung Fu Kung Poa
640. City View Restaurant
641. Barefoot Bar & Grill
642. Chuckling Chow Mein
643. Cafe Coyote
644. Schnippers
645. Chewy Balls
646. Townsend
647. Savory South China
648. Opera Cafe
649. Fish Kitchen
650. Mister A’s
651. The Hot Chinese
652. Cat Heads BBQ
653. City Vineyard
654. Chinaadora
655. Los Tacos No. 1
656. Unique Restaurant
657. Spicy Indian Food
658. Market Restaurant and Bar
659. Tower 23 Hotel
660. Lord Stanley
661. Sam’s Chowder House
662. Shuckers Restaurant
663. Orsay Restaurant
664. Chineseology
665. Hell’s Kitchen
666. The Ginger Cow
667. One Market Restaurant
668. Felice64
669 Tiny’s& The Bar Upstairs

189 Catchy Asian Restaurants Names

A catchy Asian restaurant where flavors collide and umami takes center stage, offering a culinary adventure that will leave your taste buds craving more

Asian Food Truck Restaurant Names | Savor the Flavors of Asia (4)

1. The Yuzhen
2. Pho Noodle
3. Kung Fu Garden
4. Antique Triumph
5. Fresh Bamboo
6. Sweet & Savory
7. Chineseocity
8. Golden Greek
9. The Fried Won Ton
10. Patsy’s Italian Restaurant
11. A Salt & Battery
12. Winning Chef
13. Top of the Market
14. Orange and Pig
15. Bang Chinese
16. Yangzi is Delicious
17. Whimsical Won Tons
18. Keens Steakhouse
19. Souper Won Ton
20. The Peanut & the Prawn
21. Dynamite Dim Sum
22. The Junk Yard
23. Mamma Maria
24. Indigo Grill
25. Hard Rock Café
26. The Stinky Tofu Longue
27. Divine lunch
28. Frenchette
29. Fish Cheeks
30. Trattoria Dell’Arte
31. The River Seafood
32. City Dynasty Asian Garden
33. Thai Me Up
34. California Pizza Kitchen
35. Sweet and Sour Spork
36. Pink’s Hot Dogs
37. Royal 35 Steakhouse
38. Nightbird
39. Tasty Dots
40. Sea Spice
41. The Elusive Emigrant
42. The State Banquet
43. Pisillo Italian Panini
44. Union Square Cafe
45. Cafe Luxembourg
46. Blue Hill
47. Spinasse
48. The Red Door
49. The French Gourmet
50. The NoMad Restaurant
51. Zhenjiang & Zen
52. Lazy Bear
53. The Asian Gastronome
54. The Incredible Cafe
55. I Long for Won Ton
56. El Vez and Burrito Bar
57. Humpty Dumplings
58. The Chef in the Hat
59. Garage Kitchen + Bar
60. Single Shot
61. The Fujian Bite
62. Old Lisbon
63. Vessel Restaurant
64. Sparta Taverna
65. The No Pot Hot Pot
66. China Binge
67. China Grub
68. The Smoking Fish
69. Pita Pan
70. Hot Lunch
71. Rocco’s Cafe
72. Taste Corner
73. Queenstown Public House
74. Basic Kneads Pizza
75. Famous Restaurant Names
76. Flying High Orange Chicken
77. Fortune Dookie
78. The Slanted Door
79. Zoës Kitchen
80. Fishing With Dynamite
81. Island Prime
82. Wen Do We Eat
83. Award Wieners
84. The Mission
85. Blue Collar
86. Pure Thai Cookhouse
87. Cafe Provence
88. Oriental Espresso
89. The Sichuan Basin
90. Wonderful Won Tons
91. Havana Central Times Square
92. The Fishery
93. Cosmopolitan Restaurant
94. A Taste of Hong Kong
95. Party Fowl
96. Fantastic Fried Rice
97. Lox Stock & Bagel
98. Momofuku Noodle Bar
99. Chinese menu options
100. The China King Supper Club
101. Benoit New York
102. Farmhouse Inn Restaurant
103. Dragon Eats
104. Good Luck and Peking Duck
105. The Polo Bar
106. Gansu Gourmet
107. Wok ‘n Roll
108. Manresa
109. Le Parfait
110. Authentic Chinese
111. Spicy Foods
112. Little Star Pizza
113. King and Queen
114. Heritage Restaurant & Caviar Bar
115. Tiny’s & The Bar Upstairs
116. The Spring & Autumn Period
117. Industry Kitchen
118. Carthay Circle Restaurant
119. Spicy Pizza Kitchen
120. Chinese Medicine
121. Jean-Georges
122. Dinner Side
123. Yummy in Yangzi
124. Zero Restaurant
125. Better than Royalty
126. The Clocktower
127. Little Sheep
128. Halls Chophouse
129. Shaker + Spear
130. Lucciola Italian Restaurant
131. Stateside
132. Jiaodong & Jinan
133. Blossom on Columbus
134. The Kitchen
135. The Visiting Monarch
136. Chinese Chicken Wings
137. The Precocious Peacock
138. Zoftig Eatery
139. Quality Italian
140. Asian Royalty
141. China Bite
142. Chinese Culinary Graduate
143. Cutters Crabhouse
144. Oasis Fried Chicken
145. Murray’s Cheese Bar
146. Shanghai Duck Chinese Diner
147. The Smith
148. The Old Spaghetti Factory
149. Munch Box
150. Fumo Harlem
151. The Emperors Dish
152. Duke’s Seafood
153. The Inn
154. Tamarind Tribeca
155. Daily Grill
156. Century of the Egg
157. Chengdu’s Pantry
158. The Pickled Hare
159. The Marine Room
160. We Eat Duck Meat
161. The Eaters Republic of China
162. Juan in a Million
163. China Fiery
164. Toscana
165. Seaweed and Soy
166. Jade Shaomai
167. Hard Rock Cafe
168. Big Sheep
169. Year of Delicious
170. Tin Roof
171. The Efficient Panda
172. The Egg Roll Bowl
173. Seven Hills
174. True Food Kitchen
175. The Saddle River Inn
176. Maza Grill Kabob
177. BRIO Tuscan Grille
178. Great Chef
179. Tall Wall Chow Mien
180. The Restaurant
181. The Wild Son
182. Shandong Express
183. Conch it Up Soul Food
184. The Disaster Café
185. Just Falafs
186. Delighted Kitchen
187. Grubstake
188. House of Blues
189. Loa’s Neighbor


In summary, the perfect Asian food truck name is an essential foundation for your business, but it’s only the first step in creating a successful food truck or restaurant. By developing a strong brand identity, engaging with your community, marketing effectively, and maintaining a focus on quality and consistency, you’ll set your Asian food truck or restaurant up for long-term success. So, choose a name that embodies your cuisine, values, and personality, and let it be the cornerstone of your thriving food business.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a good brand name?

A good brand name is one that captures the essence of a company or product while resonating with its target audience. It should be memorable, unique, and evoke positive associations. A strong brand name communicates the company’s values, mission, and identity, setting it apart from competitors. A well-crafted brand name has the power to create a strong first impression, establish trust, and leave a lasting impact on consumers.

What is a cute name for a restaurant?

A cute name for a restaurant can add a touch of charm and playfulness to your establishment. It can evoke a sense of warmth, comfort, and a friendly atmosphere for your customers. Consider a name that reflects the style of cuisine or ambiance of your restaurant while incorporating a cute and memorable element. Remember, a cute name can create an instant connection with customers and leave a lasting impression, making it a delightful choice for your restaurant.

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How do I name my food business?

Naming your food business is an important step in establishing its identity and attracting customers. To help you name your food business, consider reflecting concept, a catchy

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Being a professional cook for over 20 years, she started working in a small restaurant moving up to big Michelin-star cowboys in the city. Not scaling up Perfect was the time when Hilary met her high school friend Denise and told her about the mission to find the best food truck in America. Visiting one of the local food trucks in Florida gave me the crazy idea to Hilary for starting a food truck. Bringing along a ride with Denise, we are on a never-ending mission to get our name on the best food trucks in America.

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What are some Chinese restaurant names? ›

200+ Creative Chinese Restaurant Names
  • Wok 'n Roll.
  • General Zao's Daughter.
  • Good Luck and Peking Duck.
  • Soon Fatt Chinese Takeaway.
  • Big Wong.
  • Fu King Chinese.
  • Fook Hing Restaurant.
  • Hot Duck Wok.

What is the name of the Panda restaurant? ›

Panda Express is an American fast food restaurant chain that specializes in American Chinese cuisine.

How do you name a Chinese restaurant? ›

Chinese Restaurant Name Ideas
  1. The Cantonese Couple.
  2. Hot Duck Cascades.
  3. Chop Chop Restaurant.
  4. Spicy N' Spice.
  5. The Plaka House.
  6. Ginger Noodle.
  7. The Moonlight Chinese.
  8. Moon Moon Heaven.
Sep 19, 2021

What was the first Asian restaurant in America? ›

The first documented Chinese restaurant opened in 1849 as the Canton Restaurant. By 1850, there were five restaurants in San Francisco. Soon after, significant amounts of food were being imported from China to America's west coast.

What are the top 8 Chinese cuisines? ›

These eight culinary cuisines are Anhui, Cantonese, Fujian, Hunan, Jiangsu, Shandong, Szechuan and Zhejiang.

What is the name of the restaurant in the bear? ›

But when his brother, Mike, suddenly dies, he inherits the family's sandwich shop named the Original Beef of Chicagoland. He aims not merely to save this beloved restaurant, but to make it excellent by changing how things work.

Who owns yakiya? ›

Panda Group has been aggressively supporting popular Asian chains by introducing them in the American market. Uncle Tetsu, Yakiya, Pieology and Ippudo are all concepts supported by Panda Group.

Is Panda Express Chinese or Japanese? ›

Founded in 1983 at the Glendale Galleria in Glendale, California, Panda Express is America's favorite Chinese restaurant. With more than 2,300 stores, 47,000 associates and $3 billion in sales, Panda Express is the largest family-owned and operated Asian dining concept in America.

What is the most famous restaurant in China? ›

Top restaurants in China
  • Bai Wei Zhai Teahouse (Hundred Taste Teahouse) 1 Ji Min Temple Road. ...
  • Sir Elly's. 13/F, 32 Zhongshan No.1 Road (E) ...
  • Song Helou. 141 Guangqian Street, Suzhou. ...
  • Di Shui Dong. 1 Dongping Road. ...
  • Mr & Mrs Bund. 6/F, Bund 18, 18 Zhongshan No. ...
  • Nanxiang Mantou Dian. ...
  • O Porto Interior. ...
  • Robuchon A Galera.

What is a style name in China? ›

A courtesy name (Chinese: 字; pinyin: zì; lit. 'character'), also known as a style name, is a name bestowed upon one at adulthood in addition to one's given name.

What is the most common restaurant name? ›

Most restaurants use “Grill”, “Bistro”, “Spice”, “Biryani”, “Cafe”, “Pub” in their names. Apart from that prefixes like “Royal”, “Grand” and suffixes like “Plaza”, “Club”, “Junction”, “Paradise” and “Place” are quite popular.

What is Asia oldest restaurant? ›

Bianyifang (便宜坊)
Food typePeking duck
2 more rows

What is the old name of restaurant Asia? ›

Restaurant Brands Asia Limited was originally incorporated as Burger King India Private Limited on November 11, 2013 at Mumbai. Subsequently, the Company converted into a Public Limited Company and name of the Company was changed to Burger King India Limited on September 25, 2019.

What is China oldest restaurant? ›

Ma Yu Ching's Bucket Chicken House, or Ma Yuxing, (Chinese: 马豫兴桶子鸡; pinyin: Mǎ Yùxīng Tǒngzi Jī), is an historic restaurant in Kaifeng, Henan, China, said to be originally established in 1153, during the Jin dynasty (1115–1234).

What are the 4 types of Chinese cuisine? ›

The most praised Four Great Traditions in Chinese cuisine are Chuan, Lu, Yue, and Huaiyang, representing cuisines of West, North, South, and East China, respectively.

What do Chinese eat the most? ›

A typical Chinese's meal usually consists of rice, soup and three to four side dishes. Dishes are made of seasonal vegetables, fresh seafood or bite-size portion of meat or poultry.

What is a spicy Chinese dish? ›

Gan guo, Hunan

Choose from a variety of meats, vegetables and tofu to be flash stir-fried and sent sizzling to your table in a mini wok. Hunan food is less oily than Sichuan food and the abundance of fresh red and green chili peppers, scallions, ginger and garlic make Hunan food arguably the spiciest cuisine in China.

What are the 9 flavors of Chinese food? ›

The first element of the meal is Jiu Gong Ge—a plate with 9 small dishes representing what Chinese cuisine considers the nine flavors: spicy, salty, sweet, sour, bitter, numbing, nutty, sharp, and smoky.

What are some unique Chinese foods? ›

7 Unusual Foods You Will Only Find in China
  • If you're planning a trip to China, you'd do well to prepare yourself for the array of exotic foods you're likely to come across. ...
  • Beggar's Chicken. ...
  • Bamboo Rice.
  • Century Egg. ...
  • Stinky Tofu. ...
  • Fried Bee Pupae. ...
  • Spinach Noodles. ...
  • Fried Mashi.
May 15, 2019

What are the five classes of excellent taste in Chinese cuisine? ›

"The 5 Flavors" — a TCM Principle

Tastes of Chinese food are traditionally categorized into five flavors: salty, spicy, sour, sweet, and bitter.

What does it mean when a chef yells hands? ›

Hands — A call for a server or food runner to bring plates to a table. An overwhelmed server might shout, “I need hands!” when they see their table's order is up but they're not able to get to it yet. Reso — Pronounced “rezzo,” this is short for “reservation.”

Why do chefs say all day? ›

All Day. In chef slang, the expression all day is used to indicate the total number of orders needed. As tickets come in, a chef will shout out the orders followed by all day. If there are three orders of fries on one ticket and four orders of fries on another ticket, there are seven orders of fries all day.

What is hands in kitchen slang? ›

'Hands! ' This term lets wait staff know when a dish is ready to be taken to the diner's table.

Is Panda Express Chinese owned? ›

We're a Chinese American company,” Cherng said. Family business: Panda is one of the largest privately held restaurant chains. The company considered going public in the 1990s.

Are there Panda Express in China? ›

Introducing American Chinese food

Chang's and Panda Express, which was founded in 1983 (and currently has no locations in China).

Does Panda Express use MSG? ›

From world-famous orange chicken to delicious chow mein, Panda Express defines American-Chinese cuisine with bold flavors and fresh ingredients. Panda Express entrees and sides contain zero grams of trans fat per serving and adds no MSG in their food.

Is orange chicken Chinese food? ›

Distinguished with its orange-flavored chili sauce, it has spawned several 'copycat' recipes. While the orange chicken is one of the most famous Chinese dishes in America, it is a purely American invention, with no authentic Chinese resturants or restaurants in China serving this dish.

Why is Hello Panda not sold in Japan? ›

Hello Panda sold in a store

Meiji never revealed the reason why they stopped selling this product locally. The company started the production of these animal cookies outside of Japan. To be specific, these countries are Singapore (where the first Meiji Seika operations outside of Japan was established) and Indonesia.

What is the old Chinese restaurant in the US? ›

Pekin Noodle Parlor (built 1909) is the oldest continuously operating Chinese restaurant in the United States, located in Butte, Montana. The restaurant was founded in its current location in 1911 by Hum Yow and Tam Kwong Yee.

What animal is unique to China? ›

Giant Pandas

Giant pandas are unique to China and are China's most popular rare animal by far.

What is the #1 fast food chain in China? ›

KFC is by far the most popular fast food restaurant in China: with more than 5,000 restaurants in 1,100 cities in China, KFC dominates the country's fast food landscape.

How do you address a Chinese person? ›

It is considered to be polite and respectful to address a Chinese people by his/her surname, followed by honorific titles like Xian1 Sheng1 (Sir), Nv3 Shi4 (Madam) or the job position. Given names are often called between good friends.

Why do Chinese have 3 names? ›

A traditional Chinese name has three parts: a surname, a generational name which is the first character of the given name, and a personal name which is the second character of the given name. The generational name or zibei (字輩) is carried by all males within a family's generation.

Do Chinese wives take their husband's last name? ›

China. Traditionally, unlike in anglophone Western countries, a married woman keeps her name unchanged, without adopting her husband's surname. In mainland China a child inherits their father's surname as a norm, though the marriage law explicitly states that a child may use either parent's surname.

How do you make a unique restaurant name? ›

10 steps to find the right restaurant name
  1. Play word association. List 100 words that come to mind when you think of the concept. ...
  2. Look to your own name. ...
  3. Consider location. ...
  4. Brainstorm puns. ...
  5. Make it rhyme. ...
  6. Try a cultural reference. ...
  7. Seek simplicity. ...
  8. Check the name isn't already taken.

What should I name my food restaurant? ›

Best Indian Restaurant Names
  • Tikkaway.
  • Curry Kingdom.
  • Tikka 'n' Talk.
  • The Spice Factory.
  • The Paneer Bar.
  • Curry Leaves.
  • The Naan House.
  • Mr. Tandoor.

What is restaurant Asia? ›

Restaurant Brands Asia Limited, formerly Burger King India Ltd, is an India-based company, which is into the business of quick-service restaurants under the brand name of Burger King.

Who owns restaurant Brand Asia? ›

Rajeev Varman - Chief Executive Officer - Restaurant Brands Asia | LinkedIn.

What was the first restaurant in Japan? ›

Native name本家尾張屋本店
Headquarters322 Niomontsukinukecho, Nakagyo-ku Kyoto-shi, 604-0841 Kyoto , Japan
1 more row

What were restaurants called in Japan? ›

Shokudo are casual restaurants, similar to family restaurants, but tend to be small, independently owned and feature mostly Japanese-style food such as soba, udon, donburi and curry. Shokudo are commonly found around tourist sites. Teishoku-ya are restaurants that serve set menus (teishoku).

What is Japan's oldest Chinese restaurant? ›


What do Chinese restaurant names mean? ›

Many Chinese restaurant names are chosen for their auspiciousness—out of the owners' desire for success. They include words like golden, fortune, luck and garden. In Mandarin, garden is “yuan,” a homophone for money. The word play, says Yeh, is usually lost on American diners.

What is the oldest known restaurant in the world? ›

Casa Botín, founded in 1725, is the oldest restaurant in the world according to the Guinness Book of Records and a benchmark of Madrid's best traditional cuisine.

What is the name of the biggest restaurant in China? ›

West Lake Restaurant in Changsha, Hunan, China is the largest restaurant in Asia, and the largest Chinese restaurant in the world.

What is oldest restaurant name? ›

Sobrino de Botín is a Spanish restaurant in Madrid, and the oldest restaurant in the world in continuous operation. The artist Francisco de Goya worked in Café Botín as a waiter while waiting to get accepted into the Royal Academy of Fine Arts.

What is the most known Chinese name? ›

However, Zhang Wei (张伟) is the most common full name in mainland China. The top five surnames in China – Wang, Li, Zhang, Liu, Chen – are also the top five surnames in the world, each with over 70-100 million worldwide.
  • 1.1 China. 1.1.1 Surname list.
  • 1.2 400 character list.
  • 1.3 Taiwan.

What is the most popular restaurant name? ›

Top 250: The Ranking
4Taco Bell
46 more rows

What is the Chinese name for sweet? ›

Lisha. Lisha is a Chinese name meaning “sweet.”

What is a classic Chinese name? ›

The most common surnames are Wang and Li (each with about 7% of China's population, compared to about 0.8% for Smith, the USA's most common surname). The next 8 in the top 10 most common Chinese surnames are: Zhang, Liu, Chen, Yang, Huang, Zhao, Wu, and Zhou.

What is the rarest Chinese name? ›

What is the rarest Chinese name?
  • Baozhai Meaning “precious hairpin”.
  • Caishen: Meaning “god of wealth”.
  • Chonglin Meaning “second brother unicorn”.
  • Fengge Meaning “phoenix pavilion”.
  • Jingyi: Meaning “quiet harmony”.
  • Jinhai: Meaning “golden sea”.
  • Jun: Meaning “truth”.
  • Kuàng: Meaning “bestow”.
Apr 6, 2023

What's the #1 restaurant in the world? ›

Best restaurants
2017Eleven Madison ParkOsteria Francescana
2018Osteria FrancescanaEl Celler de Can Roca
16 more rows


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