Carifesta Restaurant de South Richmond Hill, NY (2022)


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Téléphone :

+1 718-322-2210

Adresse :

12615 Liberty Ave, South Richmond Hill, NY, 11419

Ozone Park

Arrêts et stations de transports en commun proches

740 mOzone Park-Lefferts Boulevard

850 mBoland's Landing

1.3 kmQ9

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Restaurant Caribéen

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Carifesta Restaurant de South Richmond Hill, NY (2)

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Heure locale (South Richmond Hill) 17:16 vendredi 23 septembre 2022

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15 avis sur Carifesta Restaurant

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Damian W.

Évaluation du lieu : 4
Henderson, NV

Visited this restaurant a couple days ago for some Guyanese Chinese food, and I honestly can’t wait to go back because the food was very good. Definitely worth the trip, and they also have very good prices!

R M.

Évaluation du lieu : 4
South Ozone Park, NY

Been ordering here for years. This place has a very unique tasting fried rice, lo mien, and chicken. It’s a delicious change up from the normal Chinese fried rice (its not spicy or too hard, but got a good sweet flavor to it). Their chicken is more like a seasoned roasted chicken that is slightly crunchy on the outside, rather than fried, which is awesome and not greasy.
From what my brother says, the jerk chicken is also good. I like their version of shrimp and broccoli from time to time. Shrimps are big.
Price is reasonable, service is good. Usually they are quicker than their competitors. You can call and order, and maybe in 1015 minutes by the time you go it is done. Sometimes there is a line. Fridays can be a bit busy due to the amount of people and local prayers sessions coming out around the neighborhood. From what I remembered it was cash only but call ahead to see.

Naressa S.

Évaluation du lieu : 2
South Ozone Park, NY

I used to love this place. But the food has no taste anymore. And the chicken is always dry and tasteless.

Nashad J.

Évaluation du lieu : 1
South Ozone Park, NY

Horrible service again. Waited and waited. Man behind counter is annoying, rude and can’t multi-​task. He should NOT be there, he is bad for this business. Lady in kitchen is loud and always arguing with guy behind the counter whom I think is legally blind! He curses and treats people horribly. Food is good, stay away from this place until they get rid of the guy behind the counter.

Ramona T.

Évaluation du lieu : 4
New York, NY

Perfect food. I usually get the chicken fried rice and its very tasty.
The portion size is a bit small. A chicken fried rice is $ 9. Way more than most of the other Guyanese restaurants in queens yet I would order take out here because its always tasty and fresh.

Trisha H.

Évaluation du lieu : 5
Bronx, NY

After going to the location in the Bronx forever, I was in Queens yesterday. me and my husband got hungry, I told him we have to get something or else I’ll pass out. I find the Guyanese Restaurants in Liberty Avenue quite mediocre. Then we remembered Carifesta has a location here! WE WENT! the food here is GREAT! it tastes just a tad bit different from their original location, but I wasn’t at all disappointed. We got the Beef Fried Rice, Mix Fried Rice, and we tried their Fried chicken (not the Chinese style one, it’s like KFC. BUT 100 TIMES BETTER!) I am so happy I have somewhere fantastic to go to when I get hungry in little Guyana! Carifesta never fails!

Courtney J.

Évaluation du lieu : 5

Jerk Chicken is one of the best I’ve ever had. Always fresh and tasty.

Raias K.

Évaluation du lieu : 3
Los Alamitos, CA

I was convinced by another Unilocaler to try this spot again. The food is still over-​spiced! Please understand that good food is not about overwhelming the palate with spices but using fresh ingredients and balancing flavors. This is a common fail with caribbean cuisine in Little Guyana (most dishes are inundated with salt, sugar or spices that offer a peculiar taste to hook customers). I see potential in the dishes at Carifesta however if they aim to continue to serve smaller portions than other restaurants on Liberty avenue they need to pack the tray with high quality ingredients that have more attention to detail.

Emma R.

Évaluation du lieu : 5
Bronx, NY

Carifesta never disappoints me! I LOVE this place! The owner is super friendly. The fry rice tastes like authentic Guyanese fried rice. The last time I ever ate fried rice this yummy was when I took a trip to Guyana 5 years ago! Check out the House Special fried rice (beef, shrimp, chicken, and crabmeat) and the jerk chicken Lo Mein.

Ben A.

Évaluation du lieu : 5
Mount Vernon, NY

One of the top five Guyana style chicken and fried rice in NYC. I come all the way from upstate NY to get my fix monthly. Owner is also a great guy.

Lori T.

Évaluation du lieu : 2

This place used to be really great. The chicken fried rice and shrimp with broccoli was my jam. But tonight will be the last time. The shrimp was breaded to the point I didn’t know if there was even shrimp in it or just dough. Previously they have always left the shrimp with the tail on, whole, with no breading of any kind. The taste was lacking as well. Hardly any sauce and no flavor to the broccoli. Chicken fried rice was meh. I don’t know if it was a different chef, or if they are trying to cut cost, but it’s not working. They’ve also raised the price. Used to be $ 17 for the chicken fried rice and shrimp with broccoli. Tonight it came up to $ 21. No thanks.

Anisah B.

Évaluation du lieu : 5
Huntington, NY

Best guyanese food in the area. Chicken fried rice is THE best. Never a let down. Always consistent. Authentic and signature taste. Go there.

Angelique A.

Évaluation du lieu : 5
Katy, TX

Liberty Avenue aka Little Guyana is littered with Guyanese style Chinese food (henceforth referred to as Guy-​Chi. You heard that term here first) restaurants like Carifesta. Over the years, I’ve had the dubious honor of sampling many of them, some good, some bad, some very ugly. While Carifesta may be the least impressive looking (2 tables with about 4 chairs each, no wait staff etc.), I can say that their food is way ahead of any other Guy-​Chi restaurant and that includes the famous Bamboo Gardens and Kaiteur. Last week I had food from Bamboo Gardens and the fried rice lacked flavor while the chicken was dry and tough. The quality has been steadily declining in the last few years. A few days later I had the exact same meal from Carifesta and it was like night and day. Their fried rice was superb and the chicken in the rough was moist, flavorful and tender. I didn’t finish it all (big portions) and every family member who went into the kitchen sampled the leftovers. They all wanted to know where the heck the food was from because it was so good. I’ve tried the Lo Mein, the ½ chicken, the jerk chicken. Everything is great, even the hot sauce! I would recommend takeout as opposed to trying to eat in, but Carifesta is definitely a must try.

Nash M.

Évaluation du lieu : 3
Brooklyn, NY

i’ve had doubles from here and they are pretty good

Adelina M.

Évaluation du lieu : 5
Howard Beach, NY

One of the best West Indian eateries in Queens. The fried rice is perfect, everything is fresh. Hands down, a winner.

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