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  • A La Carte Starters
  • Tandoori Cuisine
  • Gandhi Specialities
  • Traditional Curry
  • Speciality Biryani
  • Vegetable Dishes
  • Sundries
  • Indian Breads

Chutney Tray & 4 Papadams

Tandoori Murgh

Among most famous Indian foods, tandoori chicken is loved by people in the world over. Barbecued chicken cooked in a clay oven

Chilli Paneer Salad

Indian Cottage cheese in a spicy sesame salad

Punjabi Samosa (Veg)

Stuffed triangular shaped pastry deep fried

Punjabi Samosa (Chicken)

Stuffed triangular shaped pastry deep fried

Spicy Shish Kebabs

From the tandoori, minced lamb, mixed with herbs

Kebab Platter

An assortment of kebabs - chicken tikka, lamb tikka, sheek kebab and broccoli

Onion Bhaji

Spicy fried onion balls

King Prawn Butterfly

Large King Prawn lightly spiced, deep fried in butter with bread crumbs

King Prawn Puri

Ginger, garlic cumin and blended spices. Served on hot fluffy wheat puri bread

Plain Papadoms

Spicy Papadoms

Mango Chutney

Onion Chutney

Mint Sauce

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Charcoal Barbecue

Tandoori Mixed Grill

Tandoori Chicken, Sheekh Kebab, King Prawn, Tandoori Lamb. Served with salad

Tandoori Hariyyali Paneer Ratan

Chunks of Indian curd cheese, mushrooms, capsicum, tomatoes, and onions on a skewer, cooked in the tandoor

Tandoori Chicken

Half a spring chicken marinated in tandoori sauce with delicate herbs and spices, barbecued over flaming charcoal on skewers, served with salad

Chicken Tikka Sizzler

Diced boneless chicken marinated, mildly seasoned and cooked over charcoal. Served with salad

Lamb Tikka Sizzler

Diced boneless lamb marinated, mildly seasoned and cooked over charcoal. Served with salad

Chicken Shashlic Kebab

Marinated chicken on skewers with spicy green peppers, tomatoes and onions served sizzling hot

Lamb Shashlic Kebab

Marinated lamb on skewers with spicy green peppers, tomatoes and onions served sizzling hot

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Badami Malai

This Gandhi special cuisine is an imposing majestic mix of almonds and peanuts, the creaminess of the Malai fresh cream adds to the unique taste to the palate


Paneer Butter Massalla

Paneer massalla is an Indian dish of marinated Indican cottage cheese, served in spicy gravy. It is the most popular Indian cuisine worldwide and a superb vegetarian authentic north Indian main course

Hill Station

This blissful zingy curry is especially flavoursomeSupremely fresh cuisine Sticky and yet the tangylemon and mustard, organic honey all complimenteach other perfectly mind blowing


Pistachio Korma

Tender lamb or chicken delicately cooked with groundalmond, raisins, cashew nuts and saffron Very mild,especially for you if you do not like spices



Classic recipe from Tamilnade in South India. Cooked with grated coconut, garlic, red pepper and Kashmiri red chillies and mango


Chom Chom

A Goan speciality marinated in mango and cooked in white creamy onion and cashewnut sauce


Chefs Special Curry

An exceptional chicken or lamb curry unique to Gandhi Restaurant. Our chef’s special sauce is hot, seet, sour and spicy. Spicy curry cooked in delicate Hiralian spices absolutely beautiful curry. A firm favourite with many regular customers



Roadside famous dish with travelling drivers. A very spicy, but not hot lamb curry with thick sauce, absolutely beautiful


Royal Jairpuri Beef

Hampshire beef blended with garlic cloves, kashmiri red chillies and garnished with coriander leaves. A royal delicacy. Fairly hot

Butter Chicken (Makhonwala)

Premium Chicken or Lamb cooked in a creamy cashewnut and almond sauce, flavoured with chef’s special spices, finished with organic honey.

King Prawn X’cutti

An exceptional king prawns curry, unique to Gandhi. Our chef’s special sauce is hot, sweet, sour and spicy. A firm favourite with many regular customers

Goan King Prawn

Speciality king prawn curry cooked with chefs secret spices, freshly chopped garlic, hot chillies, an absolute delight, must have

North Indian Garlic

The famous north Indian curry, is whole heartedlyrecommended for lovers of spicy curry’s whichinclude Fennel seeds, Fenugreek seeds, Star Anise,Nega Chilli an “absolute must have”



Premium Chicken or Lamb cooked with onion and green peppers using chat masala, black pepper, pomegranate seeds, cumin, mint, ginger and asafoetida


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Your preferred choice of chicken, prawn, lamb or beef

Tikka Massala

Britain’s favourite curry, masala sauce enriched with ground almond and fresh cream



Medium, cooked in a traditional curry sauce



Cooked with fairly hot spices



Very hot spicy curry with potato



Moist medium spicy curry with cherry tomatoes



Your preferred choice cooked in a rich sauce of coconut cream, butter, garlic and aromatic sauces



Medium with fruits - lychee, pineapple



Fairly hot, sweet and sour with red lentils


Malai Sagwala

A popular dish with spinach and fresh cream



Cooked in spicy curry sauce and cream - mild flavour


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All biryani dishes served with spicy brinjal curry

Bombay Biryani

It is composed of chicken, lamb and spiced potatoes, kewra water (screw pine) and dried plums and has a distinctive sweet, tangy and aromatic flavour

Tandoori Chicken Tikka Biryani

Spring chicken marinated in tandoori sauce, barbecued over flaming charcoal, then mixed and fried with basmati rice

Chettinad Chicken Biryani

Intensely spicy Chettinad cuisine has been the reflection of the Chettinad region of Tamil Nadu where the mercantile community of Chettiars live. This fiery Chettinad Biryani is prepared with locally available ponni rice or with Zeera samba rice. The fres

Thalassery King Prawn Biryani

Hailing from the Malabar region, the Thalassery Biryani makes use of an indigenous variety of rice - Khyma or Jeeraiasaoa - instead of the basmati rice that is used traditionally. They also use Malabar spices King Prawns, fried onions, fennel seeds, saute

Ambur Lamb Biryani

This version of the biryani sees the meat being soaked in curd and flavoured with coriander and mint, and then added to the cooked Seeraga samba rice, along with other spices. This is one dish that is often accompanied by a brinjal curry

Tehari Biryani

Tehari biryanis is served with vegetables and poneer Legend has it that this biryani was created for the vegetarian Hindu book-keepers at the Mughal court, and since the, it has become one of the popular dishes among vegetarians across the North Indian re

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Served as side dishes

Vegetable Rajma (v)

Seasonal vegetables cooked in moist medium spicy curry Haryana state delicacy, absolutely beautiful

Bhagare Began (v)

Baby aubergine sautéed in mustard oil with spices. A delicacy from Bihar State

Palak Nadir (v)

Spinach with chick peas cooked light spiced. From the Kashmir valley

Bhinda Bhujia (v)

Okra tossed with onions, garlic, cumin, spices and coriander leaves, dry red chilies

Punjabi Chole (v)

Chick peas in spicy tangy sauce, garnished with Kashmiri red chillies and coriander leaves. Popular dish from Punjab state

Mushroom Muttar Masala (v)

Button mushrooms and garden fresh green peas

Gobi Aloo Masala (v)

Cauliflower and potatoes

Aubergine & Potato (v)

Aubergine and spicy potatoes with green chilli and black cumin seed A special potato dish from the Bihar State

Tarka Dhall (v)

Bombay Potato (v)

Cubed potato cooked with onion and ground spice

Saag Aloo (v)

Spinach and potato cooked with onion and freshly ground spices

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Maris Piper Chips (v)

Britain’s favourite homemade snacking , wonderful chunky skin on soft fluffy potato chips

Saffron Rice (Pilao) (v)

Flavoured basmati rice sprinkled with saffron

House Special Rice (v)

Chefs special spices and spinach cooked Punjab style

Mushroom Fried Rice (v)

Basmati fried rice with mushrooms

Special Fried Rice (v)

Basmati fried rice with mixed vegetables and egg

Lemon and Chilli Rice (v)

Cooked with strong spice Bengal style

Steamed Rice (v)

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Freshly baked

Nan (v)

Leavened bread baked in the clay oven

Chefs Massala Nan (v)

Prepared with chefs spices and fresh garlic

Spicy Keema Nan

Stuffed with spicy minced lamb, light spices

Cheese and Coriander Nan (v)

Baked with grated cheddar and coriander

Garlic Nan (v)

Baked with freshly chopped garlic

Vegetable Stuffed Paratha (v)

Stuffed with vegetables

Cheese and Chilli Naan

Baked with grated cheddar of green chillies

Peshwari Naan (v)

Prepared with oriental nuts, sultanas and coconuts

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