Holberton School: Reviews, Cost, and Comprehensive Guide (2023)

Holberton School: Bootcamp Reviews and Complete Guide

Holberton School is a software engineering school based in San Francisco. Its two-year courses help students enter the tech industry fully prepared to be engineers in various fields with a focus on full stack development.

The school achieves this by providing training and encouraging students to round-out their learning with projects and internships. Holberton also has 13 campuses across the US and abroad.

What Is Holberton School?

Holberton School Quick Facts
CostFirst Year: $45,000; second year: $40,000
Start DatesContact the school for more information.
LocationsCampus: San Francisco, Tulsa, New Haven, Haust-De-France, Medellin, Bogota, Cali, Barranquilla, Tunes, Beirut, Montevideo, Mexico City, San Juan. Virtual Campus: Peru, France, Ecuador
CoursesSoftware Engineering, Data Science, Game Development, Machine Learning, Coding
Available ProgramsFull-time

Holberton School is a software engineering school with many successful alumni. Graduates have gone on to careers at companies such as Tesla, Google, Apple, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

This school’s teaching approach goes beyond simply preparing students with the technical knowledge they’ll need on the job. Students must also practice public speaking, presentations, and turning ideas into usable products.

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Is Holberton School Worth It?

If you can make a time commitment of two years, then Holberton School is worth it. Unlike some other bootcamps, this institution can be described as a perfect mix of university-style learning and course-based learning.

Each specialization at the school takes two years to complete, which is much longer than other bootcamps but still shorter than a bachelor’s degree program. During this time, students will complete projects and intern at a tech company to get an idea of what their career will be like after graduation.

If you enjoy practical learning, then Holberton School is for you. As a bonus for those attending class in person, the school’s campuses have all the modern tech equipment you can imagine.

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Holberton School Job Placement

One of the best ways to determine whether a bootcamp is effective is to check the employment rate of its recent graduates. At Holberton, this rate is impressive.

Ninety-nine percent of Holberton graduates find employment after completing their two-year program. Recent Holberton graduates report average earnings of close to $118,000 per year, which is higher than the average salary of recent university graduates in related degree programs.

Among students who only complete the first nine-month foundation phase of their US Holberton program, 78 percent get a job within six months.

Does Holberton School Offer a Job Guarantee?

Holberton School does not offer a job guarantee. Instead, the school arranges hands-on training and internships to prepare students for their future job.

How Much Does Holberton School Cost?

The tuition price at Holberton School is divided into two parts. The on-campus courses cost $45,000 during the first year, and $40,000 the following year.

The price for attending Holberton’s international campuses varies. For example, in France, a course costs 6,120 euros the first year, and the second year varies depending on a student’s specialization. Among the international campuses, online courses are only offered in France, Ecuador, and Peru.

How to Pay for Holberton School: Scholarships, ISAs, and Installments

Holberton School offers several payment options. Below, we’ll look at the details of the scholarships, loans, and income share agreements that are available.


Students who are attending Holberton School in the US as part of a corporate sponsorship can obtain a scholarship.


Holberton School does not offer loans. Instead, it uses income share agreements. If you are a US citizen and cannot pay your tuition upfront, you can apply for an ISA plan, which allows you to defer payments until you get a job.

If you are making at least $40,000 a year, Holberton requires payments of 17 percent of your monthly salary. You will then make payments over 42 months with a repayment limit of $85,000.

Loan Financing

Holberton School does not work with traditional loans. Instead, it prefers to use payment alternatives like ISAs.


Students who want to pay upfront can choose to make annual, monthly, or quarterly installments. These installments will correspond with the three stages of the course, which are listed below.

Stage 1 – Nine-month foundation course
Stage 2 – Six-month internship
Stage 3 – Nine-month specialization course

GI Bill

For now, veterans cannot apply to Holberton School through the GI Bill.

Holberton School Locations

Holberton School has expanded to four continents. These locations all teach the same courses and are divided into traditional campuses and virtual campuses, as seen below.


  • Holberton School San Francisco
  • Holberton School New Haven
  • Holberton School Tusla
  • Holberton School San Juan, Puerto Rico
  • Holberton School Barranquilla, Colombia
  • Holberton School Cali, Colombia
  • Holberton School Bogotá, Colombia
  • Holberton School Medellín, Colombia
  • Holberton School Beirut, Lebanon
  • Holberton School Mexico City, Mexico
  • Holberton School Montevideo, Uruguay
  • Holberton School Haust-De-France, France
  • Holberton School Tunis, Tunisia

Virtual campuses:

  • Ecuador
  • Peru
  • France

Holberton School Courses

Holberton offers a robust software engineering program with optional specializations in machine learning, VR, low level and algorithms, and front end, backend, and full stack web development, among others.

To complete a specialization, students must complete a program separated into three parts, as follows:

  • Foundation. In this nine-month course, students will learn about programming languages ​​and general computer operations. This includes working with databases and algorithms using JavaScript, HTML, Git, MySQL, and CSS.
  • Internships. In this phase, students will complete a six-month software engineering internship. This experience will allow them to apply their knowledge and get familiar with a professional work environment.
  • Specialization. This final nine-month stage consists of working in a specific field within software engineering. This part of the program is optional, but it is a key part of the success and high salaries reported by Holberton graduates.

Below is a breakdown of what is covered in the software engineering program.

Software Engineering Program

Holberton School’s software engineering program is comprehensive and competitive with universities. For two years, students learn everything about this career, use tools, create large projects, and apply knowledge to projects. After completing the program, your future in the tech industry is nearly guaranteed.

In the program, students can choose a specialization in the following subjects, among others.

Machine Learning

In this specialization, students learn how to train machines to process data and make decisions automatically. Specifically, students will learn how to use coding libraries such as Numpy, Python Pandas, and Keras.

Virtual Reality

This program includes interactive projects with C# and Unity3D mixed reality. In this specialization, instructors will teach you how to apply VR methods in the automotive and construction industries.

Low Level and Algorithms

In this program, students will learn to create their own cryptocurrency using logic and cryptography. The class also covers how to use the Linux Kernel API and all the fundamentals of algorithms and data structure.

What Is the Holberton School Schedule?

Holberton School’s programs are intensive, so they require a serious time commitment. For now, Holberton School only allows full-time students.


One reason Holberton School requires a full-time commitment from its students is its emphasis on projects. Many projects and internships require full-time dedication, and setting time constraints could affect a student’s progress.

How to Get Accepted Into Holberton School

Getting into this school is all about how you come across in your application, which takes approximately two hours to complete. Applicants must fill out a form, then complete several tests and an interview.

This school has an automated selection process. For that reason, previous studies, race, degrees, gender, economic situation, and age are not taken into account.

Holberton School Acceptance Rate

Holberton School has an acceptance rate of three percent.

Holberton Application Process

The application process at Holberton School consists of three stages, as seen below.

  • Complete mini-challenges. Once you have registered online, you’ll have to complete a series of small tests.
  • Build a website. Now, you’ll have two weeks to build a Linux-based website as part of your application process. This will be reviewed by the admissions department before your Q&A session.
  • Q&A Session. Finally, if you pass the first two steps, you will be invited for a Q&A session.

Holberton Interview Questions

If you have passed the three steps of the application process, Holberton School will send you an email to schedule an interview. People who reach this final phase of the application process still only have a 10 percent chance of being accepted. However, the interview is fairly simple. Below are a few of the questions you are likely to be asked.

  • What are some of your professional accomplishments?
  • Why do you want to attend Holberton School?
  • What are your future goals after graduating from Holberton School?

Is Holberton School Right For You?

Although the course is more expensive than other bootcamps, the employment rate of Holberton School graduates shows that the price is worth it. Although the acceptance rate is only three percent, Holberton School offers exciting, rigorous tech programs. The school’s international expansion reflects the level of success it has achieved in the US.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that the demand for skilled tech workers will grow by 11 percent by 2029. Taking this data into account, Holberton School seems like an ideal way to get prepared for the future.

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