Houston to Galveston from $6 → 5 ways to travel by bus, train, flight, car or ferry (2023)

Houston to Galveston by bus

How long does a bus trip from Houston to Galveston take? The distance between Houston and Galveston is 22.3 mi. On the path you can see sights. Cheapest way by bus end at the station San Jose.

Trains from Houston to Galveston

How long does it take to travel from Houston to Galveston by train? It takes approximately 1 hour 11 mins to get from Houston to Galveston. How far is it from Houston to Galveston? It is 43.5 mi from Houston to Galveston. How much does the train ticket from Houston to Galveston cost? Which train agencies travel from Houston to Galveston? To get the train from Houston to Galveston, you can use one of these train companies: MBTA. To save up check these budget agencies: Amtrak. How many train stops from Houston to Galveston? There are 8 stops between Houston and Galveston.

Places to stay in Galveston

Information about hotels, motels, apartments and other accommodations in Galveston on Booked.net.

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