How Many TVs Does a Sports Bar Actually Need? - (2023)

Written by Joshua Crowley

How Many TVs Does a Sports Bar Actually Need? - (1)

There’s nothing better than watching a game at a good sports bar: greasy food and cold beer, great company, access to multiple games at the same time? Check, check, and check. But for a sports bar to be a success, it needs to have enough TVs, but how much is enough?

A sports bar needs at least three to five TVs visible from every seat. However, the size of your sports bar affects how many TVs it needs. This usually means two to three TVs for small bars, five to six TVs for medium-sized bars, and over ten for very large sports bars.

The rest of this article explains why a sports bar should have this many TVs, where and how to install the TVs, the different sports packages available, and other must-haves for a successful sports bar.

How Many TVs Should a Sports Bar Have?

A small to medium sports bar should have at least six TVs, and a bigger bar should have at least twelve. A general rule of thumb is that every seat in a sports bar should have a view of at least three televisions. If the patron in that seat turns their head, they should see three more.

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Having six TVs visible from every seat may seem like overkill, but if you want to keep people in the bar, you have to keep their attention. This means flooding them with interesting things to watch at all times.

Additionally, you’ll want to be able to put on every game that patrons request. If you only have two or three TVs in your bar and someone requests a different game, you’ll be out of luck, and they’ll have to go somewhere else. You’ll lose hours of their business.

Another reason to have so many TVs is so customers don’t have to crowd a specific area to watch a game. They should be able to see their desired game from almost every seat in the bar.

Many bars have the main TV, usually positioned over the bar itself, that is bigger than all the others where the main game is played.

Don’t skimp out and buy cheap TVs, either. Your patrons will want to be able to see clearly, so if you buy lower-quality TVs just because they’re cheap, they’re likely to go somewhere else where they can actually see the game they want to watch. The good news is that TVs’ prices continue to go down as technology changes, so you won’t have to break the bank to get quality televisions.

Of course, how many TVs you have depends on the bar’s budget, but you should get as many quality TVs as you can.

Picking the Right Spot and Installation

The best spot for a TV in a bar is in a high location, at least standing eye level or higher, so almost everyone in the bar can see. Ensure there aren’t too many blind spots where the TV is blocked by supporting beams or other items in your bar.

For flat-panel plasma or LCD TVs, you should have your technician mount them flush to the wall so you can hide all the wires and have a clean look. If you have to use a mounting bracket, make sure you get one that swivels so you can reposition the TV as needed. This Pipishell TV Monitor Wall Mount from Amazon is suitable for TVs up to 42 inches (106 cm) and has 360° rotation for the best viewing angles.

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Corners are typically good locations for TVs, as most corners are visible to many areas in the bar.

Choosing the Right Sports Package

The right sports package for your bar depends on your bar’s needs and focus. For example, some sports bars are more baseball than football bars. Some sports bars get even more specific and are loyal to a particular team, like a “Cubs bar.” Generally, the more programming options you have, the better off you’ll be. Many satellite companies offer packages specifically for bar owners.

The best packages for sports bars are NFL Sunday Ticket and MLB Extra Innings. If your budget only allows for these two, that can be enough to get a loyal following. Most importantly, you’ll need HD.

Other Must-Haves for Your Sports Bar

Many TVs aren’t the only thing a sports bar needs to be successful. Here are some other things you’ll need if you want your sports bar to be the best place in town on game day:

  • Comfortable seating. Ideally, your patrons will be spending at least three hours in your bar, so make sure they’re comfortable. At the very least, your barstools should have backs.
  • Wi-Fi. Avid sports fans will want to check their bets or their fantasy football league while they watch the game, so make sure you have the infrastructure required to deliver quick and reliable Wi-Fi.
  • Skilled bartenders. Bartending at a sports bar during rowdy games can be difficult, so make sure you have staff that can handle the pressure. Sports bars, in particular, are driven by regulars, and the best way to get people coming back is to have likable and capable people behind the pine.
  • A variety of interesting beers. Millennials are into craft beer, so the days of just having Bud or Busch Light at your bar are over. You’ll need your patrons to have choices.
  • Good snacks and shareable food. If people are out watching the game with their friends, they may want to order something that everyone can share. At the very least, you’ll want nachos and chicken wings on your menu.

If you’ve got all of this, your sports bar will be the best local hangout!


People will want to watch sports at a sports bar; that’s a given. You’ll have to have enough high-quality TVs to keep your patrons’ attention and make everyone happy, which usually means you’ll need to have six to twelve TVs in your bar.

As long as you’ve got the right amount of TVs and some other good sports bar essentials, you’ll be the best spot in the neighborhood for the game!

Looking for an easy way to get all those TV’s up and running? Groove Technology Solutions has everything you need for a smooth set up! Located in Midvale, Utah, we are your one-stop-shop for everything from DIRECTV installation to internet set up, making it easy to get your sports bar all ready for the next big game. Contact us today to get all the details!

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