Kentucky Bourbon Trail Itinerary – Suggestions for 1 Day to 1 Week (2022)

The Kentucky Bourbon Trail is a collection of eighteen bourbon distilleries located in and around Louisville. If you want to tour all eighteen distilleries, you need a minimum of seven days.

However, there is a lot more to do in this part of Kentucky than just tour bourbon distilleries. Enjoy the nightlife in Louisville, drive through scenic bluegrass Kentucky, watch a horse race at Churchill Downs, visit the birthplace of Abraham Lincoln, or spend the night in a historic tavern.

Whether you just have a few days or an entire week, we have some great ideas for how you can plan your time. In this article, learn how to plan your Kentucky Bourbon Trail itinerary, with suggestions on where to stay and what else to add in as you tour the trail.

Quick Facts about the Kentucky Bourbon Trail

There are eighteen distilleries on the official Kentucky Bourbon Trail. Each of these bourbon distilleries must be a member of the Kentucky Distillers’ Association, which requires paying a fee. There are many distilleries you can visit in Kentucky that are not part of the Kentucky Bourbon Trail. One of these is the very famous Buffalo Trace Distillery (which we include on this itinerary).

For the most part, the distilleries are located in and around Louisville, Lexington, and Bardstown. Green River is the outlier, located almost two hours west of Louisville, in a small town named Owensboro.

There is also the Kentucky Bourbon Trail Craft Tour. On this tour, you visit micro-distilleries and this takes an additional week to visit all of these distilleries. In this article, we focus on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail, not the Craft Tour, although you can add these distilleries into your trip if you like the idea of visiting smaller distilleries.

For most people, a mix of tours and tastings is the best way to experience the Kentucky Bourbon Trail. Most tours teach you the same process about bourbon distilling, with a few differences at each distillery. It gets to be repetitive. Fortunately, the distilleries are getting more creative with their activities, and some are now offering cocktail classes, food pairings, and in-depth behind-the-scenes tours.

For more information about the Kentucky Bourbon Trail, we have two more articles that will help you plan your trip:

The Ultimate Guide to the Kentucky Bourbon Trail

Best Distilleries on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail

Map of the Kentucky Bourbon Trail

Below is a map of the Kentucky Bourbon Trail. The red markers are the seventeen distilleries on the trail. The blue markers are restaurant recommendations, Buffalo Trace Distillery, and other notable experiences to add into your Kentucky Bourbon Trail itinerary.

How to Use This Map: Click the icons on the map to get more information about each point of interest. Click the star next to the title of the map to add this map to your Google Maps account. To view it on your phone or computer, open Google Maps, click the menu button, go to “Your Places,” click Maps, and you will see this map on your list.

About this Kentucky Bourbon Trail Itinerary

This itinerary is organized into seven different daily itineraries. Pick your favorites and group them together to form your itinerary, whether you have 2, 3, or more days.

Near the end of this article, I will give you suggestions on how to group these days together in order to have the best experience.

You will also notice that on some days I have included more than just distillery tours. Day after day, distillery tours can get to be monotonous. So, it’s nice to break up distillery visits with other experiences. There are some other very cool things to do in this part of Kentucky and I didn’t want to leave those out.

Where to Stay?

If you are only planning a quick visit to Kentucky (3 to 4 days tops), I recommend choosing one place and making this your home base. Louisville is the most logical choice, with its relatively central location, abundance of hotels and restaurants, and easy access to the airport. However, if you like the idea of getting outside of the city, Bardstown also makes a nice option.

If you are planning a week-long trip, then I recommend in staying in two to three places. This will minimize your driving and let you stay in the small towns in Kentucky.

At the end of this article, we list specific hotel and B&B recommendations for Louisville, Bardstown, and Lexington.

Kentucky Bourbon Trail Itinerary – Suggestions for 1 Day to 1 Week (1)

Main Street, Louisville

Kentucky Bourbon Trail Itinerary

#1 Louisville: Intro to the Kentucky Bourbon Trail

This day includes three must-visit distilleries on Whiskey Row with suggestions for Louisville’s best eats. If you only have one day on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail, the combination of these three tours hits the most important steps in the distilling process.

Most of this day is walkable. To get to Evan Williams and/or to get back to your hotel, consider driving or using Uber (we used Uber while in Louisville and kept our car parked at our hotel).

(Video) Kentucky Bourbon Trail - Amazing Tour Tips for Bourbon Country

Morning: Evan Williams Experience. On this immersive tour, travel back in time to 1783, when bourbon distilling got its start. This is the best historical lesson about the Kentucky Bourbon Trail and a great place to get an overview of how bourbon came to be.

Kentucky Bourbon Trail Itinerary – Suggestions for 1 Day to 1 Week (2)

Lunch: DISH on Market or Doc Crow’s Southern Smokehouse and Raw Bar

Afternoon: Take a tour at Old Forester Distillery. Old Forester is the only bourbon to be continually sold by the same company before, during, and after prohibition. Their first bottled bourbon dates back to 1870.

Kentucky Bourbon Trail Itinerary – Suggestions for 1 Day to 1 Week (3)

Kentucky Bourbon Trail Itinerary – Suggestions for 1 Day to 1 Week (4)

This is a must-see tour. The tour is very well done and you get to see a few things that many tours do not include. The tour includes a walk through their cooperage, where you get to see how the barrels are made. You also get to see the bottling line in action. Make sure you do this Tuesday through Saturday before 5 pm, when the cooperage and the bottling line are in operation.

After touring Old Forester, it’s a short walk to Angel’s Envy.

Angel’s Envy. Angel’s Envy puts a twist on whiskey distilling. This distillery features bourbon finished in port wine barrels and rye whiskey finished in rum barrels.

Kentucky Bourbon Trail Itinerary – Suggestions for 1 Day to 1 Week (5)

Angel’s Envy offers two tours. Their signature tour is a one-hour tour of the distillery. The Inside the Barrel Tour focuses on the finishes of their bourbon and whiskey. This tour not only includes an in-depth tasting of their products but you also get to taste unfinished Rye whiskey directly out of the barrel.

I recommend taking the Inside the Barrel Tour. Tasting whiskey right out of the barrel is a unique experience and not offered at many distilleries.

Dinner: Mayan Café. It’s a short walk to the Mayan Café. This is one of our favorite restaurants in Louisville. Dine on Central American food prepared by the chef who grew up on the Yucatan Peninsula.

Kentucky Bourbon Trail Itinerary – Suggestions for 1 Day to 1 Week (6)

Jack Fry’s and the Brown Hotel Lobby Bar are also great options. To get here, drive or use Uber.

For more restaurant recommendations, check out our article Best Eats in Louisville.

#2 Louisville: Distilleries + Museums

This day includes the remaining distilleries in Louisville with the option to add on one or two museums.

Optional: Breakfast at Toast on Main. This is our favorite breakfast spot in Louisville. From here, it’s a short walk to the Rabbit Hole Distillery.

Morning: Rabbit Hole. This ultra-modern distillery is located in Nulu (New Louisville). This is a beautiful distillery. Tours last one hour and end with a tasting.

Kentucky Bourbon Trail Itinerary – Suggestions for 1 Day to 1 Week (7)

Lunch: Walk, drive or Uber to the Mussel & Burger Bar, another one of our favorite restaurants in Louisville.

Afternoon: Louisville Slugger Museum and/or the Muhammed Ali Center. Take a quick break from bourbon tasting and take your pick from these two amazing museums. If you move fast, you have enough time to visit both in the afternoon.

Kentucky Bourbon Trail Itinerary – Suggestions for 1 Day to 1 Week (8)

Evening: Michter’s Distillery. Take a late afternoon or early evening tour of Michter’s Distillery. The 1 hour Discovery Tour ends with a tasting, and a chance to mix your own cocktail, at their bar on the second floor.

Kentucky Bourbon Trail Itinerary – Suggestions for 1 Day to 1 Week (9)

(Video) The Don'ts of the Bourbon Trail in Kentucky

Dinner: Proof on Main. Walk across the street to Proof on Main. If you are still craving more bourbon, this restaurant is famous for their cocktails and bourbon and whiskey flights.

For more ideas of what to do in Louisville, read our article about the best things to do in Louisville.

#3 Green River and Stitzel-Weller Distillery

This is the biggest driving day on this Kentucky Bourbon Trail itinerary. Green River sits out in Owensboro, almost a two-hour drive from Louisville. However, there are few places to visit out this way, if you are interested.

Morning: Stitzel-Weller Distillery. This distillery is located in Shively, very close to downtown Louisville. Take the first tour of the day to give yourself enough time to get to Green River.

Kentucky Bourbon Trail Itinerary – Suggestions for 1 Day to 1 Week (10)

Afternoon: Green River. The distilling process at Green River is very innovative and a visit here is worthwhile if you want to learn about a unique way to distill bourbon. The bourbon and whiskey at Green River spend less time in the barrel than at most distilleries on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail. However, the spirits are further refined with their patented TerrePURE process. This is an ultrasonic process that removes impurities and improves the quality and taste, speeding up the refining process without spending years in the barrel.

Note: Green River is located in the Central Time Zone. Louisville and the rest of the bourbon trail are located in the Eastern Time Zone.

As you drive back to Louisville, you have the option to stop at the Lincoln Boyhood Home and National Museum and/or Santa Claus, Indiana. Santa Claus is a small town filled with Christmas-themed hotels, shops, restaurants, and even an amusement park.

PRO TRAVEL TIP: When planning your Kentucky Bourbon Trail itinerary, check the distilleries’ websites for updated hours and tour availability. Hours vary by day of the week, with more tour times on Fridays and Saturdays. Some distilleries are closed Sunday, Monday or Tuesday. I give links to each distillery in these daily itineraries.

#4 Best of Bardstown

Say goodbye to Louisville and head south to Bardstown. After touring the three distilleries, you can either return to Louisville or spend the night in Bardstown.

In no particular order, the three distilleries to visit in Bardstown are Lux Row, Bardstown Bourbon, and Heaven Hill. Your timing depends on which experiences you choose to have at each distillery.

Bardstown Bourbon. Our favorite experience on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail was the cocktail class at Bardstown Bourbon. During this one-hour class, we mixed two cocktails: the Kentucky Mule and the Sazerac. It was educational, lots of fun, and a great way to “tour” another distillery without taking a tour. This cocktail class is only offered once a day, so if you like this idea, plan your other distillery visits around this class.

If you don’t want to take a cocktail class, Bardstown Bourbon also offers a one hour tour that starts with a tasting and ends with tasting straight out of the bourbon barrel. They also offer seasonal classes and tours, so make sure you check their website to see what they are offering during your visit.

Kentucky Bourbon Trail Itinerary – Suggestions for 1 Day to 1 Week (11)

Lux Row. We loved everything we tasted on this tour (as did many other people we spoke to who were also touring the trail). One of the highlights of this tour, other than the tasting, was standing inside of their rickhouse. At Lux Row, the first few rows of the rickhouse are removed, forming a small “lobby.” Standing here, you get to appreciate just how many barrels sit on the shelves of a rickhouse. And the smell is amazing!

Kentucky Bourbon Trail Itinerary – Suggestions for 1 Day to 1 Week (12)

Kentucky Bourbon Trail Itinerary – Suggestions for 1 Day to 1 Week (13)

Heaven Hill. Heaven Hill is one of the biggest bourbon distilleries, producing Evan Williams and Elijah Craig.

Kentucky Bourbon Trail Itinerary – Suggestions for 1 Day to 1 Week (14)

For lunch and/or dinner, we recommend Bottle & Bond, the restaurant at Bardstown Bourbon. The food is delicious!! The Old Talbott Tavern, located in Bardstown, is also a great pick. It is said to be the oldest western stagecoach stop in America and legend has it that Jesse James left behind bullet holes in the tavern.

Kentucky Bourbon Trail Itinerary – Suggestions for 1 Day to 1 Week (15)

#5 Maker’s Mark, Jim Beam, & the Kentucky Cooperage

Spend the day visiting two big names in bourbon and a tour of a cooperage.

Morning: Maker’s Mark. Maker’s Mark is a must-visit on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail. This was our favorite tour for several reasons. The tour gives a fabulous insight to the making of bourbon, the property is gorgeous, the history behind Maker’s Mark is intriguing, and the bourbon is delicious.

Kentucky Bourbon Trail Itinerary – Suggestions for 1 Day to 1 Week (16)

Kentucky Bourbon Trail Itinerary – Suggestions for 1 Day to 1 Week (17)

(Video) Kentucky Bourbon Trail's 5 Best Distillery Tour Experience

Kentucky Bourbon Trail Itinerary – Suggestions for 1 Day to 1 Week (18)

For lunch, dine at Star Hill Provisions at Maker’s Mark or Ragetti’s Italian Food in Lebanon.

Kentucky Cooperage. Monday through Friday, tours are offered at the Kentucky Cooperage (1 pm is the latest tour time). The barrel making process is a key element in bourbon distilling, and this is the best place to learn all about it, since many distilleries get their barrels here.

Jim Beam. Jim Beam has two locations on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail: the American Stillhouse, which is located in Clermont, and the Urban Stillhouse, which is located in downtown Louisville. You can take a tour and get a stamp in your passport at either location. We visited both but prefer the American Stillhouse. This is a beautiful property with a lot of tour and tasting options.

Kentucky Bourbon Trail Itinerary – Suggestions for 1 Day to 1 Week (19)

Kentucky Bourbon Trail Itinerary – Suggestions for 1 Day to 1 Week (20)

Optional Detour: Abraham Lincoln Birthplace. Abraham Lincoln was born in a one room log cabin in Hodgenville, Kentucky in 1809. A memorial now stands at his birthplace. Inside of the memorial is a symbolic log cabin, a historic replica of the one that Abraham Lincoln first lived in. It is not the actual log cabin of Abraham Lincoln’s birthplace. If you have an interest in Abraham Lincoln or American history, this is a worthwhile visit.

Kentucky Bourbon Trail Itinerary – Suggestions for 1 Day to 1 Week (21)

Sleep in Louisville or Bardstown.

#6 Woodford Reserve, Wild Turkey, Four Roses & Wilderness Trail

Woodford Reserve, Wild Turkey and Four Roses are clustered together near Lexington. Wilderness Trail sits a bit farther away, in Danville. Louisville, Bardstown, and Lexington make a great home base for this day (and day number 7 below).

Woodford Reserve. Woodford Reserve has a historic, upscale feel to it. It is a National Historic Landmark property and they offer several different tours depending on your level of interest. You can elect to skip the tour and just do a tasting instead.

Kentucky Bourbon Trail Itinerary – Suggestions for 1 Day to 1 Week (22)

Wild Turkey. Wild Turkey produces one of the most popular bourbons in the US and one of the best-selling bourbons in the world. Tour the distillery, see the hundreds of barrels inside of the rickhouses, and maybe meet legendary Jimmy Russell while you are here.

Kentucky Bourbon Trail Itinerary – Suggestions for 1 Day to 1 Week (23)

Four Roses. Four Roses distillery was built in 1910 and features Spanish Mission-Style architecture, a rarity in Kentucky. During the mid-20th century, Four Roses was the top selling bourbon in Japan but it could not be purchased in the US, even though it was being produced in Kentucky.

Kentucky Bourbon Trail Itinerary – Suggestions for 1 Day to 1 Week (24)

Wilderness Trail is the newest member on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail. We have not visited this distillery yet but have been drinking their bourbon for quite some time. For tour information, visit the Wilderness trail website.

#7 Bulleit, Buffalo Trace, and Town Branch

Visit the final two distilleries on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail, plus one notable bourbon distillery that is not part of the official trail, Buffalo Trace.

Bulleit Distilling Company. Built in 2017 and open to visitors in 2019, this brand-new distillery features modern, state-of-the-art technology. This Bulleit facility offers a handful of different tours, tastings and cocktail classes. We opted to take the 30 minute Unlocking the Senses tasting, where we sample four Bulleit whiskeys.

Buffalo Trace. Buffalo Trace, located in Frankfort, is one of the most famous bourbon distilleries in Kentucky. Surprisingly, it is not part of the official Kentucky Bourbon Trail. Why not? Rather than paying the fee to join the Kentucky Distillers’ Association, they prefer to offer free tours and tastings to their visitors.

Kentucky Bourbon Trail Itinerary – Suggestions for 1 Day to 1 Week (25)

A visit to Buffalo Trace is definitely worthwhile when you are in the area, even if it is not officially on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail. Many people state that the Buffalo Trace tour is their favorite in Kentucky.

Lexington Brewing Company. Located in Lexington, this bourbon distillery also produces beer. Lexington Brewing Company offers a wide variety of tours as well as a mixology class.

Tonight, sleep in Louisville, Bardstown, or Lexington.

Putting This All Together

Kentucky Bourbon Trail in 1 Day: Follow day #1, where you get a great overview of the distilling process and get to visit three distilleries in Louisville. Sleep in Louisville.

Kentucky Bourbon Trail in 2 Days: Follow days #1 and #2. If you like the idea of getting out of Louisville for the day, I recommend day #1 plus day #4 (the Best of Bardstown) or day #5 (Maker’s Mark and the Kentucky Cooperage). Sleep in Louisville.

Kentucky Bourbon Trail in 3 Days: Follow days #1 and #2. Take your pick from day #4 (the Best of Bardstown), day #5 (Maker’s Mark and the Kentucky Cooperage), or day #6 (Woodford Reserve, Wild Turkey, Four Roses, and maybe Wilderness Trail). Sleep in Louisville.

(Video) How incredible is the Kentucky Bourbon Trail? TLDR, it is absolutely amazing!

Kentucky Bourbon Trail in 4 Days: Follow days #1 and #2. Sleep in Louisville. Follow day #4 and #5, sleeping in either Bardstown or Louisville.

Kentucky Bourbon Trail in 5 Days: Follow our Kentucky Bourbon Trail itinerary for four days, and add on day #6 (Woodford Reserve, Wild Turkey, and Four Roses).

Kentucky Bourbon Trail in 6 Days: Follow our itinerary for 5 days and add on day #7 (Bulleit, Buffalo Trace, and Lexington Brewing Company).

Kentucky Bourbon Trail in 7 Days: This is our day by day itinerary listed above, in the same order, with suggestions on where to stay.

  • Day 1: Intro to Louisville (Evan Williams, Old Forester, and Angel’s Envy); sleep in Louisville.
  • Day 2: Louisville and Museums (Rabbit Hole, Louisville Slugger Museum, Muhammed Ali Center, and Michter’s); sleep in Louisville.
  • Day 3: Stitzel Weller Distillery and OZ Tyler. Sleep in Bardstown.
  • Day 4: Best of Bardstown (Lux Row, Bardstown Bourbon, and Heaven Hill). Sleep in Bardstown.
  • Day 5: Maker’s Mark, the Kentucky Cooperage, and Jim Beam. Sleep in Bardstown.
  • Day 6: Wilderness Trail, Four Roses, Wild Turkey, and Woodford Reserve (this is done in the opposite order from what is listed above, since you will drive from Bardstown to Lexington along this route). Sleep in Lexington.
  • Day 7: Town Branch, Buffalo Trace, and Bulleit. Sleep in Louisville.

Bonus! Three Days in Louisville

If you have three days in Louisville, follow our day #1 and day #2 itineraries above. On the third day, watch the horse races at Churchill Downs. It is a very fun thing to do and it was one of our highlights on our first trip to Kentucky.

Races do not run year-round. Check the Churchill Downs website for the race schedule before you go.

Kentucky Bourbon Trail Itinerary – Suggestions for 1 Day to 1 Week (26)

Hotel Recommendations


LUXURY: The Brown Hotel. This is Louisville’s landmark hotel. It has received accolades from Conde Nast Traveler, Southern Living, and Travel & Leisure. In 2008, it was Historic Hotels of America’s top pick. If you want to stay in a historical, luxurious hotel in Louisville, your hotel search can end right here. Even if you don’t plan on staying here, a drink in the Lobby Bar is a must-do while in Louisville.

UPSCALE: 21c Museum Hotel. Artsy, unique, contemporary…this is another top pick in Louisville. It’s centrally located, so you can walk to many of the sights and distilleries on Whiskey Row. This hotel’s onsite restaurant, Proof on Main, is one of Louisville’s best restaurants and bars. There is even an art museum located inside of the hotel. Plus, it’s easy to find. Just look for the giant, golden David statue out front and you know that you are in the right place.

MIDRANGE: Homewood Suites. If you want a hotel with an awesome location and one that gets great reviews, the Homewood Suites is one to consider. It’s located right around the corner from 21c Museum Hotel, so you can walk to many sights in downtown Louisville. Tim and I stayed here on our most recent visit to Louisville and we had a very nice experience here.

BUDGET: Holiday Inn Express and Suites Downtown Louisville. This hotel also gets great reviews and has an excellent location. If you are looking for a highly rated hotel and don’t want to spend a lot of money, this is a great option. Tim and I stayed here on our first visit to Louisville in 2016.


HISTORIC: Talbott Tavern and Inn. This inn has been welcoming guests since 1779. Andrew Jackson, Henry Harrison, and King Louis Phillippe have all stayed here. It is even rumored to be haunted by the ghost of Jesse James.

HISTORIC: Jailer’s Inn Bed & Breakfast. The Old Nelson County Jail housed prisoners from 1797 until 1987. Now, you can stay in a colonial style room in this very same building.

BUDGET: Hampton Inn Bardstown. This budget hotel gets good reviews and is conveniently located in Bardstown.


UPSCALE: 21c Museum Hotel Lexington. This is more than just a hotel, it is also an art museum. Rooms are modern and trendy and there is an onsite restaurant.

MIDRANGE: Staybridge Suites Lexington. Located just outside of Lexington, stay in a suite or one-bedroom apartment, perfect if you like having extra space or a kitchenette.

BUDGET: Glo Best Western Lexington. This hotel gets excellent reviews on Prior guests rave about cleanliness, comfort, and location.

More Information on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail and Louisville

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If you have any questions about this Kentucky Bourbon Trail itinerary, let us know in the comment section below.

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Kentucky Bourbon Trail Itinerary – Suggestions for 1 Day to 1 Week (27)

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How long does it take to do the Bourbon Trail in Kentucky? ›

With 37 distilleries, it's hard to pick just one favorite. Some are as close as eight miles and others are as far as 70 miles apart. Average tour time is 90 minutes.

How many stops is the Bourbon Trail? ›


Bourbon lovers can stop at a few of the distilleries or all 41—there is no wrong way to experience it.

What do you get when you complete the Kentucky Bourbon Trail? ›

When you complete all four regions, you will receive a Kentucky Bourbon Trail Craft Tour® tasting tray stave! If you complete both the KBT®and the Kentucky Bourbon Trail Craft Tour®, you will receive a surprise Bourbon gift.

Where do you fly into for the Bourbon Trail? ›

Getting to Kentucky

Out-of-state Bourbon explorers can arrive at any airport in Kentucky—but we recommend touching down at Louisville International Airport, Lexington's Blue Grass Airport, or the Cincinnati-Northern Kentucky Airport.

Can you visit Makers Mark distillery without a tour? ›

No you do not. Tours typically leave every 20 minutes or so. But on weekends, they can fill up fast - so you will benefit by having a reservation. over a year ago.

What do you wear to a distillery tour? ›

Heating liquids up to their boiling point will make the distilling room feel quite warm. It is acceptable to wear casual, comfortable clothing on the tour, but you may want to dress in layers. You can take off your jacket or sweater if it gets too warm.

What is the best time of year to do the Bourbon Trail? ›

Spring is a nice time to visit the Kentucky Bourbon Trail. The weather is pleasant and bourbon is in full production. If you want to tour the distilleries without the crowds, visit Kentucky from the end of November through March.

Why is Buffalo Trace not on Bourbon Trail? ›

Buffalo Trace isn't included on the official Bourbon Trail due to the fact that they're not on the board of distillers, but this distillery differs from the rest in Bourbon county in that it is free to visit.

How far is Lexington Kentucky from the Bourbon Trail? ›

Chicagoans, did you know that we are only a 1 hour flight from Lexington, Kentucky and the Bourbon Trail? It's the ideal destination for a quick weekend away. Lexington is primarily known for two things: bourbon and horses.

How much does it cost to do the Kentucky Bourbon Trail? ›

Bourbon Trail Tours: Are They Expensive? Tours, as of May 2022, run in the $15 to $30 range per person. Specialty tours and tastings cost more.

How far is Maker's Mark from Buffalo Trace? ›

over a year ago. They are about 1 hour and 15 min apart. The best places to stay would be either Louisville or Lexington, depending on what other things you'd want to do while you were there. over a year ago.

Where is Pappy Van Winkle made? ›

It was Julian Van Winkle III who introduced the now-legendary Pappy Van Winkle Family Reserve bourbons, which, since 2002, have been made in a joint venture with Buffalo Trace Distillery in Frankfort, Kentucky.

How do I bring back bourbon from Kentucky? ›

You may pack distilled spirits under 140 proof (70% abv) in your checked baggage. Please ensure that the bottle is packed carefully so it doesn't break and waste our great whiskey!

How far is the bourbon trail from Louisville? ›

Where is the Bourbon Trail? Shepherdsville is the trailhead. These distilleries are located within 80 miles of Louisville, mostly clustered between Louisville and Lexington.

How far is the Kentucky Bourbon Trail from Nashville? ›

How far is the Bourbon Trail from Nashville? The start of this bourbon trail is the Jim Beam American Stillhouse, which is 2.5 hours drive from Nashville.

Do you get to dip your own bottle at Makers Mark? ›


The red wax on the bottles is every bit as recognizable as the Maker's Mark® name. Every bottle is still hand-dipped today, and when you visit the distillery, you can dip your own.

How much does it cost to dip your own Makers Mark bottle? ›

The smallest bottle cost us about $30. I also bought a magnet that one of the staff dipped in wax for me. There is a small place to eat and a bar in the area as well. We had a great time despite the initial disappointment.

What is considered top shelf bourbon? ›

15 Top-Shelf Bourbons for the Thirsty Modern Men
  • Pappy Van Winkle's 23 Year Family Reserve.
  • Michter's 10 Year Old.
  • William Larue Weller.
  • Jefferson's Ocean Bourbon.
  • 1792 Single Barrel Reserve.
  • Wild Turkey Bourbon.
  • Blanton's Single Barrel.
  • Maker's Mark Cask Strength.

Do you tip at distillery tours? ›

Leave A Tip!

Unless the distillery has a bar and cocktail program, the tasting room is there to sell bottles. If you aren't planning to purchase or didn't find a spirit you like, tipping goes a long way toward showing you appreciated at least the time spent with you, if not the liquor.

What do you wear to a bourbon tasting event? ›

“Please be well-dressed, at least smart casual,” says Patel. “You don't have to wear a tuxedo, but dress according to the occasion.

Can kids go to Woodford Reserve? ›

Woodford Reserve Kid-Friendliness: 3

Thankfully, my parents took the kids to give us a date night out. We chose Bourbon on Main to help soak in the bourbon tasting experience. Not surprisingly, Bourbon on Main doesn't set out to be kid-friendly.

Is the Kentucky Bourbon Trail open on Sundays? ›

Bourbon Tours Now Available Sundays and Wednesdays to Kentucky Distilleries.

What Bourbons are on the Bourbon Trail? ›

  • Angel's Envy.
  • The Bulleit Experience at Stitzel-Weller Distillery.
  • Copper & Kings.
  • Evan Williams Bourbon Experience.
  • Jim Beam Urban Distillery.
  • Old Forester.
  • Michter's Micro-Distillery.
  • Peerless Distillery.

Who is the largest bourbon distillery? ›

Heaven Hill's Bernheim Distillery in downtown Louisville produces 1,300 barrels per day as the largest single-site Bourbon distillery in American Whiskey. All combined the distillery maintains over 1.8 million barrels aging in 63 warehouses throughout Nelson and Jefferson Counties.

Can I visit Pappy Van Winkle distillery? ›

Since Rip Van Winkle isn't a production distillery, the company isn't a place you can visit to see any part of the process of making what may very well be the world's most coveted bourbon.

How early should I get to Buffalo Trace? ›

I'd allow at least 3 hours for Buffalo Trace. You'll like it.

Is Jim Beam on the Bourbon Trail? ›

Is Jim Beam on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail? Yes, Jim Beam is a member of the Kentucky Bourbon Trail® with two distillery locations. Jim Beam American Stillhouse is in Bardstown, Ky. Jim Beam Urban Stillhouse is in downtown Louisville.

Is Louisville or Lexington nicer? ›

Lexington also came out ahead in desirability. U.S. News & World Report says it polled around 2,500 people across the country on which of the ranked areas they would most like to live — Louisville earned a 5.8 on this one, with Lexington scoring a 6.2.

Is it better to stay in Louisville or Lexington? ›

Lexington will be less expensive, easier to get around, and is less out of the way for your trip route. Louisville will offer more in the way of an eclectic/artsy neighborhood and will offer more options for food and drinks.

How far is Cincinnati from the Bourbon Trail? ›

Follow the river back east to Maysville – a picturesque town nestled on the banks of the Ohio River in northeastern Kentucky, just one hour from Cincinnati, Ohio.

How far is Maker's Mark from Buffalo Trace? ›

over a year ago. They are about 1 hour and 15 min apart. The best places to stay would be either Louisville or Lexington, depending on what other things you'd want to do while you were there. over a year ago.

Why is Buffalo Trace not on Bourbon Trail? ›

Buffalo Trace isn't included on the official Bourbon Trail due to the fact that they're not on the board of distillers, but this distillery differs from the rest in Bourbon county in that it is free to visit.

How far is the Kentucky Bourbon Trail from Nashville? ›

How far is the Bourbon Trail from Nashville? The start of this bourbon trail is the Jim Beam American Stillhouse, which is 2.5 hours drive from Nashville.

What city is the Bourbon Trail in Kentucky? ›

While we welcome you to begin your journey at any of our iconic distilleries, the official start will be the Kentucky Bourbon Trail® Welcome Center at the Frazier Museum on historic Whiskey Row in downtown Louisville. Visit Plan Your Trip to get started today.

Looking to explore the Bourbon trail in Kentucky? Our three day guide includes distillery summaries and important tips from our recent visit!

From there, our distillery visits included the following:. The first day was spent exploring distilleries and experiences in/near Louisville as Angie had our car for the day and I had to stay local.. (If you don't have a car, check out these packaged tours !). On our third day we explored distilleries outside of Lexington together, and hit Buffalo Trace, Woodford Reserve, and Four Roses.. The following is a brief summary of each tour and tasting offered at the distilleries we visited in July 2016.. As prices and tasting offerings change regularly, your experience may vary.. Advance reservations are recommended; however, tours go out every 30 minutes so you may not have issue getting on a tour upon arrival.. If you have to pick one distillery to skip on day two, this would be it purely because the facility is not necessarily tour worthy- but I recommend trying Jefferson's bourbon along the way as it was one of my favorites.. Tours are $12.. These two points mean that you should ask each distillery if they have anything they only sell there (which are almost never up on the tasting menu, sadly), and it also means you should spend a bit of time exploring the local stores if you intend to do a bit of shopping.. During our visit to the bourbon trail we spent four nights in Kentucky, which allowed us to have three full days exploring the distilleries.. Want to explore the Bourbon Trail but don't want to drive?

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Continue the drive towards Lexington, stopping at the Four Roses Distillery (not the bottling warehouse near Bardstown) on your way.. Run by a liquor store on your way into Lexington.. We used another reward certification from a promotion earlier this year, so our stay was free.. Eat breakfast where you’re staying, then hit the road so you can make it to the first tour of the day at Buffalo Trace Distillery .. Head back to Louisville for lunch and your flight out that evening.

If you're looking for a weekend getaway, I would highly recommend spending two days on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail. We visited three distilleries each day...

Plus, I found out I like (after the first couple of sips:) ) some of the sweeter and double barreled bourbons, bourbon blackberry sours, and chocolate bourbon balls.. We had two full days on the trail and decided to see three distilleries each day, which was the perfect amount from my perspective.. If you decided to just do tastings at each location and skip the tours, you could easily fit four distilleries in one day.. We didn’t feel rushed or overwhelmed trying to make the next stop and had plenty of time to enjoy each distillery on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail and the drive along the way.. Wild Turkey’s campus is a bit spread out so you take a bus from the gift shop to the rick houses (where the store the barrels) and the distilling and bottling buildings.. Jimmy is the longest tenured master distiller (I believe going on 68 years) and rumor has it he can taste a bourbon, tell you which brand/distillery it’s from and what aged barrel it was from.. This was actually one of our least favorite stops of the day (partially because we were tired and ready for a nap, but partially because the tour was not as energetic and engaging as the first two stops of the day) Since Buffalo Trace was not part of the Bourbon Trail, the tour was FREE and came with 2 tastings, plus some desert at the end (bourbon cream + root beer – YUM!). Dinner: That evening we went to Lexington Green Lakeside for live music and a delicious dinner outside.. Maker’s Mark: 10:00am tour On our second day, we got up and drove a little over an hour southwest to Maker’s Mark to hit one of their first tours of the day.. The campus is very expansive compared to the other’s we went to, beautiful landscaping, and there was a café and bar that opened at 11:30am where we enjoyed some bourbon slushies and bloody mary’s.. It could be because we had 3 tours the day before, but after our Maker’s Mark tour I felt like I had learned something.. We were planning to do a tasting, but didn’t realized we had to purchase the tour in order to do a tasting and we were out of time for the day since we stopped for lunch.. Favorite Overall Distillery Experience and Campus: Maker’s Mark Favorite Overall Tour/Tour Guide: Wild Turkey – Bubba was our tour guide. I want to share a couple resources that helped me plan out our two days on the Kentucky bourbon trail and were extremely knowledgable when choosing which distilleries to go to and where to stop along the way:

A comprehensive guide to the Kentucky Bourbon Trail, including the participating distilleries, recommendations, and itinerary suggestions.

The Kentucky Bourbon Trail is not a trail in a true sense, but a collection of bourbon distilleries primarily spread between Louisville and Lexington.. Where We Visited Buffalo Trace Buffalo Trace is not officially on the bourbon trail, but I highly recommend a stop there!. Buffalo Trace distillery – our first stop along the Bourbon TrailInside the rickhouse at Buffalo Trace Woodford Reserve We almost didn’t make it to Woodford Reserve, but were able to squeeze it in on our last day.. Maker’s Mark before being hand-dipped in the iconic red waxThe grounds of Maker’s Mark distillery Jim Beam Jim Beam is a staple among bourbon and maybe the first that many are introduced to.. What Makes Them Different: Jim Beam is the largest KY bourbon producer, responsible for about 1/3 of all bourbon coming out of Kentucky.. Plan Your Visit The Kentucky bourbon trail is something that you can spend a day or two on or several days if you’re really into bourbon.. Due to driving time and to ensure that you can best enjoy the experience at each distillery, I’d recommend limiting your itinerary to 2-3 distilleries per day, although it would be possible to squeeze 4 into a day for some of those that are located closer together.. Day 1: Buffalo Trace – 9 am (no reservations required for the Trace Tour, and it’s free)Woodford Reserve – 11 am Wild Turkey – 1 pmFour Roses – 3 pm. This could be broken up into 2 days or a day and a half with time to visit the Kentucky Vietnam Memorial and a stop over to Keeneland before moving on to other parts of the tour.. Take a look at the different types of tours offered – many distilleries offer just their general tour and history of the distillery.

The perfect guide to the Kentucky Bourbon Trail. Distillery information, itinerary, and pit stops to make during your adventure down the Bourbon Trail.

Kentucky is the bourbon capital of the world, with new bourbon distilleries popping up each year.. With so many different options, from the classic Kentucky Bourbon Trail to the Kentucky Bourbon Trail Craft Tour, it is easy to spend a week exploring bourbon country.. Many distilleries offer custom tours, bourbon tastings, and public tours.. You can start the trail and any distilleries; each one has a bourbon trail guide.. Stop Four: Limestone Branch Distillery Another stop along the craft bourbon trail is Limestone Branch Distillery.. If you are considering adding in more days to your Bourbon Trail Tour consider adding in these distilleries.

Ready to sip your way through Kentucky's Bourbon Trail? Check out the in-depth bourbon distillery tour reviews for Maker's Mark, Woodford Reserve, Buffalo Trace, Four Roses, Bulleit, & more!

This in-depth bourbon distillery tour guide will take you through 9 of the best Kentucky distillery tours like Maker’s Mark, Woodford Reserve, Buffalo Trace, Four Roses, Bulleit, & more!. The 9 Kentucky Bourbon distilleries listed below are grouped within each region and then ranked for their tour and bourbon quality.. Due to the distance between these regions and potentially conflicting tour times, it might be difficult to tour your 2-3 favorite bourbon distilleries in one day.. It’s much better to choose a favorite bourbon brand (or the one you would like to know more about), reserve your tour ahead of time, and then see what other distilleries are nearby that you might enjoy touring or tasting directly before or afterward.. I’ve had the opportunity to experience 2 of Maker’s Mark Distillery Tours, and if you only have time to tour 1 Kentucky bourbon distillery, make it this one.. General Distillery Tour Bourbon Tasting Maker’s White (which is basically moonshine or “white dog”) Regular Maker’s Mark (the kind you can buy anywhere) Maker’s 46 (which is made by inserting seasoned French Oak staves into the whiskey barrels to add additional rich flavor) Maker’s Cask Strength (whiskey derived from a single barrel and my favorite of the 4).. TOUR INFORMATION General Distillery Tour: $14 Maker’s Immersion: $50 Heritage Tour: $25 Behind the Bar: Cocktail 101: $45. TOUR INFORMATION The Stitzel-Weller Experience: $14 Private Tour: The Stitzel-Weller Experience: $25 Stitzel-Weller Distillery Uncovered: $35. TOUR INFORMATION General Distillery Tour: $16-20 Bourbon Legacy Tour: $45 Friday Night Tour: $20. TOUR INFORMATION A Taste of History: $7 Distillery Tour: $10. TOUR INFORMATION All Buffalo Trace tours are complimentary including tours for large groups or tours that require reservations.. The Trace Tour The Hard Hat Tour National Historic Landmark Tour Bourbon Barrel Tour Ghost Tour E.H. Taylor Tour. William Faulkner I look forward to more Kentucky bourbon trail trips and tours in the near future, whether the bourbon distilleries are on the “official” Bourbon Trail or off, so check back for updates!

Complete guide to all of the distilleries on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail.

On the tours, learn how bourbon is produced, hear about the history of the distillery, and end with a bourbon tasting.. On their 90 minute tour, one of the longest tour on the Bourbon Trail, learn the entire process of the production of bourbon, ending with a tasting.. Maker’s Mark offers a Distillery tour (which we took) and several specialty tours tours, such as a behind-the-scenes look at what goes on at the distillery and one that offers a class on mixing drinks with bourbon.. If you are looking for a different way to experience the Kentucky Bourbon Trail without taking tour after tour after tour, this cocktail class is a nice thing to throw into the mix.. This tour starts with a whiskey tasting (most tours end with the tasting) and ends in the rickhouse with tasting of bourbon pulled right out of the barrel.. Best All Around Experience: Maker’s Mark Best Tasting Experience: Tie between Woodford Reserve and Lux Row Best Experience (That’s Not a Tour): Bardstown Bourbon Shaken & Stirred Class Best Chance to meet the Master Distiller: Wild Turkey Best Tour for Families: Evan Williams Bourbon Experience Best Tour about the Distilling Process from Start to Finish: Old Forester Best Bourbon Whiskey: Come tour the Kentucky Bourbon Trail and find out for yourself!

Love bourbon?  Come with me on my Kentucky Bourbon Trail Tour (plus my favorite off-trail distillery)!  The Bourbon Trail is easy to navigate and a fantastic getaway for bourbon lovers!

Come with me on my Kentucky Bourbon Trail Tour (plus my favorite off-trail distillery)!. A Kentucky Bourbon Trail Tour. These distilleries make up the Kentucky Bourbon Trail !. Here are some tips to help you plan a visit through nine distilleries on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail, and one that’s off-trail!. The short tour includes not only the distillery but also Town Branch brewery – where they make Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale.. I’ve heard from friends who were able to sample more than two bourbons on their Woodford tour, so it’s possible ours was different because of the Derby.. $22 per person tour and tasting; $16 tasting.. Tasting $18; specialty tastings available.. The tasting glass is included in the tour price.. The most enjoyable part (other than sampling four bourbons)was listening to the guide tell us about the history of the bourbon industry .. Evan Williams provides the most unique Bourbon Trail tour I’ve been on .. The tasting included three bourbons and a bourbon ball .. $32 tour and tasting; specialty tour available.. $20 tour and tasting; $12 tasting ; specialty tour and tasting options available.. Have you been on a Kentucky Bourbon Trail Tour?

If you’re a bourbon lover or fan of American history, this unique trip is a perfect opportunity to pack the RV, sample a bit of genuine Americana and see Kentucky’s natural beauty up close.

Credit Four Roses Distillery According to legend, Elijah Craig invented bourbon whiskey at his Kentucky distillery sometime in the late 1700’s.. While Craig’s involvement in the invention of bourbon doesn’t quite meet the standards of historical fact, Kentucky’s place as the home of bourbon is beyond dispute.. Today, Kentucky is home to more than 68 distilleries which, according to a study by the Kentucky Distillers’ Association , brings nearly $9 billion into the local economy and generates $235 million in state and local tax revenue.. If you’re a bourbon lover or fan of American history, this unique trip is a perfect opportunity to pack the RV , sample a bit of genuine Americana and see Kentucky’s natural beauty up close.. So as you travel the bourbon trail, catch a ride to and from each distillery and enjoy your vacation in safety and comfort after parking your RV.. Visitors to the American Stillhouse can get a guided tour of their manufacturing process, have a drink at the Jim Beam Bourbon Bar, grab a bite to eat at Fred’s Smokehouse and find the perfect souvenir at their gift shop.. Visitors to the Bourbon Heritage Center can choose between two different tour options that each include a history of the distiller’s brands, a behind-the-scenes view of the production process as well as guided tasting experiences.. The Maker’s Immersion tour lasts 2 ½ hours and provides an in-depth look at the distillation process “from grain to bottle.” Visitors will also experience a maturation-style tasting at the tour’s conclusion and walk away with two wax-dipped rocks glasses.. Visitors to the distillery can tour the historic mission-style facility and participate in a guided tasting of their three award-winning bourbons.. Not only does Lexington Brewing make Town Branch bourbon, but they also brew a wide variety of beers aged in Kentucky bourbon barrels.

Are you headed down the Kentucky Bourbon Trail? Read all about the 18 major distilleries on the trail and how to see them all in 5 days.

Exploring the Kentucky Bourbon Trail is one of the best ways to learn about bourbon, Kentucky history, and take scenic drives in bluegrass country, all in one trip.. Essential Information Location: 801 W Main St., Louisville, KY | 502-389-4290 Must-try Products: Kentucky Straight Bourbon, Sour Mash, 10-Year Kentucky Straight Bourbon Tours: Discovery Tour ($20 per head); Founders Tour ($50 per head); Legacy Tour ($100 per head) Hours: Wed–Sat 11am – 5pm; Sun 1pm–5pm; Mon–Tue closed. Photo Credit: PunkToad Their place feels like a museum that takes you on a fascinating journey throughout time, where you’ll learn all about this area of the state and all about the history of bourbon in this Kentucky distillery.. Essential Information Location: 528 W Main St., Louisville, KY | 502-272-2623 Must-try Products: Kentucky Straight Bourbon, Honey Bourbon, Single Barrel Bourbon Tours: Traditional Tour and Tasting ($18 per head); Speakeasy Tasting Experience ($25 per head); The Ideal Bartender Experience ($35 per head) Hours: Tue–Thu 11am – 5pm; Fri–Sat 10am–5pm; Sun, 1pm–5pm. Essential Information Location: 119 W Main St., Louisville, KY | 502-779-2222 Must-try Products: Kentucky Straight Bourbon, 1920 Prohibition Style, 2004 Birthday Bourbon Tours: Old Forester Tour ($32 per head); Nothing Better In The Market ($70 per head) Hours: Tue–Sat 10am–5pm; Sun–Mon closed. Essential Information Location: 500 E Main St., Louisville, KY | 502-779-2222 Must-try Products: Port Finished Bourbon, Rum Finished Rye, Finished Cask Strength Tours: Signature Tour ($25 per head); Bottle Your Own Tour (temporarily unavailable; $99 per head) Hours: Mon, Wed: 10am–5pm; Tue 12pm–5pm; Thu 10am–7pm; Fri–Sat: 10am–8pm; Sun: 12:30pm–5:30pm. Photo Credit: Jason White Essential Information Location: 7785 McCracken Pike Versailles, KY | 859-879-1812 Must-try Products: Kentucky Straight Bourbon, Distiller’s Select, Master’s Collection Tours: (strictly reservations required) Path To Flavor Tour ($32 per head); Innovation Inspired Tour and Tasting ($125 per head); VIP Master Distiller Tour Experience ($500 per head) Tastings: (strictly reservations required) Spectacle For The Senses ($25 per head) Hours: Vary depending on the specific tour booked. The Wild Turkey Bourbon is another popular distillery on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail and is one of the few Kentucky distilleries that produce some of the most popular bourbons in the world.. The Green River Distillery is another historic distillery, producing bourbon for various brands since the end of Prohibition.. Essential Information Location: 10 Distillery Road in Owensboro, KY | 270-691-9001 Must-try Products: Kentucky Straight Bourbon Tours: Distillery Tour and Tasting ($20 per head); Barrel Thieving Distillery Tour ($45 per head) Tastings: Sit and Sip ($12 per head) Hours: Mon–Sat 10am–3pm; Sun closed. The Discovery Tour at Old Forester provides the most detailed information about the entire bourbon distilling process from start to finish, from making the barrels to bottling the final product.

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In the heart of central Kentucky – not far from its famed bluegrass country – is an area known as the Bourbon Trail , a confluence of numerous distilleries that produce the bulk of the world’s Bourbon.. Pretty soon, whiskey from Bourbon County grew in popularity and became known as Bourbon whiskey.. Knob Creek Bourbon about to be bottled on the line of the Jim Beam Distillery on the Bourbon TrailAllow at least three hours for the Beam tour, which always ends in the tasting room, where visitors can sample some of the 12 different brands the company makes.. Bardstown, KY is the headquarters town of Kentucky’s Bourbon Trail. A great place to use as your RVing base while touring the Bourbon Trail is Bardstown, KY , recently designated by USA Today as America’s most beautiful small town.. Our campsite at My Old Kentucky Home State Park on the Bourbon Trail It, too, offers great tours and lots of history.. This is perhaps the most famed label on the Bourbon TrailThey make many different brands here, including the infamous Pappy Van Winkle, a brand that is aged from 10 to 23 years and is considered a very rare, limited edition bourbon.. Even if you don’t drink alcohol or bourbon is not your thing, the bourbon trail is a fascinating look at history in some of the most beautiful country you can find.


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