MCOC Tier List (October 2022) Marvel Contest of Champions (2023)

The Marvel Contest of Champions (MCOC) is an epic game with a huge following. It appeals to a diverse audience, with many players of all ages. It's full of over-the-top action and lightning-fast gameplay, but it can be hard to know where to start sometimes. That's why we've created this MCOC tier list.

Do you want to be the best? Of course, you do! But how can you tell which champions are strong and which ones are weak? This Marvel Contest of Champions tier list will help guide your decision-making process.

This is a useful resource when deciding which champions to invest in, and it's also great for those new players who are looking for some advice. We've ranked all of the champions in order from strongest to weakest so that it's easy for you, our readers, to find what is most relevant and important.

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  • Marvel Contest of Champions (MCOC) - A Quick Introduction
  • MCOC Tier List (2022): Best Champions
    • MCOC S Tier List (2022)
    • MCOC A Tier List (2022)
    • MCOC B Tier List (2022)
    • MCOC C Tier List (2022)
    • MCOC D Tier List (2022)
    • MCOC E Tier List (2022)
  • Frequently Asked Questions
    • 1. What is the MCOC tier list?
    • 2. How is the tier list made?
    • 3. Who is the MCOC tier list for?
    • 4. How do I use the MCOC tier list?
    • 5. Who made the tier list for MCOC?
    • 6. How often is the Marvel Contest of Champions tier list updated?
    • 7. Why do players use the MCOC character tier list?
    • 8. Which tier should I avoid?
    • 9. If we use the MCOC tier list, will we win more matches?
  • Final Words

Marvel Contest of Champions (MCOC) - A Quick Introduction

Marvel Contest of Champions is a mobile fighting game created by Kabam where players collect and level up Marvel characters to battle other enemies. Players can assemble a team of champions to battle in turn-based combat, and they have the opportunity to collect over 203 Marvel characters from across different time periods.

MCOC Tier List (October 2022) Marvel Contest of Champions (1)

Gameplay in MCOC includes single-player modes, multiplayer PvP, story mode quests, live events, Alliance Wars for guilds, and more.

Single-player modes include story mode quests that are competed in a series of rounds where players must defeat enemies to win the match. The player's team will gain experience points as they fight each round, which can be used for leveling up or upgrading their abilities. Other single-player modes include the Alliance Wars, which are combat against guilds.

(Video) October 2022 Updated Tier List! MCOC Champion Ranking!

Multiplayer PvP includes live events that players can participate in and compete for rewards like heroes or gear. There is also a ranked league where players of similar skill levels can battle it out to see who's on top. Alliances will have access to Guild vs. Guild battles, which can be a multiplayer PvP mode for up to four alliances.

The Marvel Contest of Champions tier list is an attempt at figuring out what the best characters are in the game based on their abilities and statistics. If you are new to the game, this list can help you out. So, without further ado, let's go ahead and jump right in.

MCOC Tier List (2022): Best Champions

Marvel Contest of Champions is one of the most popular mobile games and has a very large community. The game features a number of different characters, each with their own unique skillset and powers that they can use in battle to defeat other players.

MCOC Tier List (October 2022) Marvel Contest of Champions (2)

The following is a tier list of the various champion abilities in the Marvel Contest of Champions. The ranking goes from S to E, in which S is the best and E is the worst. Let's start with the best.

MCOC S Tier List (2022)

These champions are extremely powerful and have a very high skill ceiling that makes them difficult to play. They can also dish out damage quickly while being able to take it just as fast, making them the perfect characters for competitive players.

MCOC Tier List (October 2022) Marvel Contest of Champions (3)
MCOC ChampionsType
Omega RedMutant
Doctor DoomMystic
Captain America (Infinity War)Science
Human TorchScience
Nick FurySkill
Corvus GlaiveCosmic
Captain MarvelCosmic
Guillotine 2099Tech
Wolverine (Weapon X)Mutant

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MCOC A Tier List (2022)

These champions are extremely well-rounded and can be played at a very high level without much effort. They have all the tools they need to win but may not excel in any one area, making them mostly beginner-friendly.

MCOC Tier List (October 2022) Marvel Contest of Champions (4)
(Video) MCOC Tier List October 2022 || Marvel Contest of Champions || Best Champions Ranked
MCOC ChampionsType
Luke CageScience
Wolverine (X-23)Mutant
Spider-Man (Stealth Suit)Skill
Hit MonkeySkill
Silver SurferCosmic
Cull ObsidianCosmic
Sorcerer SupremeMystic
Doctor VoodooMystic
Symbiote SupremeMystic
Black WidowSkill
Spider-Man (Stark Suit)Tech
Iron ManTech
Red GuardianScience
Mister SinisterMutant

MCOC B Tier List (2022)

The champions on this list still show great potential, despite being below average or mediocre compared to other champions. They require a lot of work and time investment to be playable at high levels.

MCOC Tier List (October 2022) Marvel Contest of Champions (5)
MCOC ChampionsType
Ghost RiderMystic
Winter SoldierSkill
Squirrel GirlSkill
Night ThrasherSkill
Black WidowSkill
Scarlet WitchMystic
Kamala KhanCosmic
Invisible WomanScience

MCOC C Tier List (2022)

This tier list features champions that are below average or mediocre compared to other champions. These champions have very little potential and will become obsolete with higher-level gameplay.

MCOC Tier List (October 2022) Marvel Contest of Champions (6)
MCOC ChampionsType
The HoodMystic
Doctor OctopusTech
Captain America (WW2)Science
Old Man LoganMutant
Task MasterSkill
Mole ManSkill
Black BoltCosmic
The ChampionCosmic

MCOC D Tier List (2022)

These champions do not show much promise and are not worth playing if you want to win. They are not good in all areas and will need a drastic overhaul to become viable. They would require an extreme amount of work that is not worth the time investment when there are other champions more deserving.

MCOC ChampionsType
Black Panther (Classic)Skill
Thor (Jane Foster)Mystic
Iron FistMystic
Doctor StrangeMystic
Agent VenomSkill
King GrootCosmic
Green GoblinTech
Civil WarriorTech
War MachineTech
Iron PatriotTech
Superior Iron ManCosmic
Red SkullTech
Rocket RacoonTech
Deadpool (X-Force)Mutant

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MCOC E Tier List (2022)

This tier list features champions that do not show promise in the slightest and should be avoided at all costs. They are the worst champions in the game. If you want to win, you should avoid playing a champion from this MCOC tier list.

MCOC Tier List (October 2022) Marvel Contest of Champions (8)
MCOC ChampionsType
Unstoppable ColossusMystic
Howard the DuckTech
Joe FixitScience
Black Panther (Civil War)Skill

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the MCOC tier list?

The MCOC tier list is a ranking of all the champions in the Marvel Contest of Champions, based on their general ability to perform well-rounded combat. Tier lists are a common tool in fighting games to show which characters can perform well against the majority of others.

2. How is the tier list made?

The MCOC tier list ranks each champion from S to E, with S being the strongest and E being the weakest. The ranking is based on their abilities in team fights and how well they can dish out damage or take it.

3. Who is the MCOC tier list for?

The tier list tries to cover all types of players, but it's geared to be most beneficial for beginners who are just starting out with the game.

4. How do I use the MCOC tier list?

The tier list is meant to be used as a tool for players who are new to the game. It can help you find which champion might suit your playstyle best. So if you're a beginner, check it out!

5. Who made the tier list for MCOC?

The MCOC tier list was created by a group of players who have been playing Marvel Contest of Champions for quite some time. We've played in countless multiplayer matches and also do our best to keep up with meta changes that happen every now and then, making sure we're always on top of things!

(Video) MCOC All 200+ Champions Ranked! | Best Characters In MCOC | Marvel Contest Of Champions

6. How often is the Marvel Contest of Champions tier list updated?

The tier list is updated on a regular basis, usually after any major changes that have been made to the game. So keep an eye out for updates!

7. Why do players use the MCOC character tier list?

The MCOC tier list is used by players as a way to see which champions are the strongest in the game. It's also used to find new champions to try out and experiment with.

8. Which tier should I avoid?

You should avoid playing E-tier champions unless you're just starting out and want to learn the game. These champions are not viable in most situations and will often lose you matches.

9. If we use the MCOC tier list, will we win more matches?

No, the Tier List is not a guarantee of success. It's simply a tool to help players find champions that might be a good fit for their playstyle. Ultimately, it's up to you to learn how to play your chosen champion and practice against other players.

(Video) June 2022 New Tier List Update! Best Champions in MCOC Ranked Offensively! Hulkling/Wiccan! Pride!

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Final Words

The Marvel Contest of Champions (MCOC) tier list is a ranking system for determining the strength and viability of various champions. The more powerful the champion, the higher their tier on this list. With over 203 different champions in MCOC, it can be difficult to find out which are best suited for your playstyle or what you're looking to accomplish with them.

We hope that by providing an MCOC tier list, we will help players make better-informed decisions when choosing who they want to level up and use in combat. If you have any feedback, please let us know.


Who is the best Marvel Contest of Champions character? ›

Archangel. Archangel is a Champion from the Mutant class who works with 9 other characters to build synergy. He has three variants which go from 3-Star up to 5-Star. He is one of the best Marvel Contest of Champions in the entire tier list.

Can you turn a 3 star into a 4 star MCOC? ›

Tier: You can upgrade a hero's level and rank, but you can't change their tier levels.

What is MCOC precision? ›

Description. Precision increases a Champion's chance to land Critical Hits.

Is Hercules good in contest of champions? ›

Hercules is a damage powerhouse, focusing on skillful combat by performing Feats of Strength and Intercepting with Special Attacks to unleash the ultimate flex on the opponent! As Hercules completes Feats, he gains a large bump in his base damage output and can extend the duration of all Buffs by a significant amount.

Who is the hardest champion to master? ›

League Of Legends: The Hardest Characters To Play, Ranked
  • 8/18 Yasuo.
  • 7/18 Nidalee.
  • 6/18 Aphelios.
  • 5/18 Taliyah.
  • 4/18 Orianna.
  • 3/18 Gangplank.
  • 2/18 Zeri.
  • 1/18 Azir.
8 Sept 2022

What is the rarest title in MCOC? ›

True Believer

Can you get Thanos in MCOC? ›

Thanos is a trophy champion and can only be obtained via Legends Runs, Gifting Events and the Greater Gifting Crystal.

Which variant in MCOC is easiest? ›

Overall (assuming a developed roster), I think Variant 6 is the easiest Variant and can be fully explored with the fewest number of champions. If your roster is thin but you have a few quality villains ranked up (Magneto, Doom, Apocalypse), Variant 6 is probably the way to go.

What mastery should I get MCoC? ›

Undoubtedly, the most important Mastery for players to max in Marvel Contest of Champions is Recovery since it increases Health Recovery from any source (passive, buff, or ability-based). Once players max this Mastery, all of their Champions will receive an increase in healing by 15% throughout the entire match.

Why is Corvus Glaive so good MCoC? ›

Corvus Glaive has really high damage output at the start of the fight, making him one of the best Champions in the game if you want to finish short to medium fights very fast. Pairing him up with those Masteries will enhance his ability to deal massive burst damage at the start of the fight.

Who is better Thor or Hercules? ›

Hercules' strength is rarely matched. There were times when he even overpowered the Incredible Hulk – a feat that not even Thor could complete. So, when it comes to physical strength, Hercules is the strongest. It was shown multiple times throughout comics.

Is MCOC better than Marvel future fight? ›

MCoC has so many more characters than MFF, and even if you condense repeats of characters into uniforms like MFF, MFF is still out matched. Characters like Sentry or Variations like Superior Iron-Man could be in MFF, but they're not.

Can Hercules beat Thor in a fight? ›

This has been gone over numerous times in the comics; Hercules is stronger than Thor. In addition, in Marvel Comics the Olympians are immortal while the Asgardians are extrememly long lived.

Does Spiderman 2099 need to be duped? ›

He is very usable without the dupe. All the dupe does is keep the burst damage bigger by saving the amount of ruptures used every time the opponent crosses a bar of power. Without it you should still be an AW boss killer. If/when you dupe him it'll be a nice bonus.

Who is the best cosmic champion? ›

Top 10 Cosmic Champions (For Story Quest/Event Quest/AQ & AW Attack)
  • Hercules.
  • Galan.
  • Cosmic Ghost Rider.
  • Corvus Glaive.
  • Hyperion.
  • Hulkling.
  • Knull.
  • Venom and Venompool (Tie Between these champs)

Who is the strongest LVL 1 champ? ›

Here is a list of champions that are incredibly strong in level 1 invades:
  • Blitzcrank. The OG invader. ...
  • Nautilus/Pyke/Thresh. While they're certainly not as strong at level 1, these three champions offer the same utility as Blitzcrank in early invades. ...
  • Braum. ...
  • Olaf. ...
  • Jinx.
26 Nov 2019

Which champion takes the most skill? ›

Azir is one of the most mechanically intense LoL champions on the block. He might just be the highest skill cap in the game. If you ever tried Azir, you'd understand what we mean when we say his mechanics are different than the other champions … much more different.

Can you sell your MCOC account? ›

It's up to sellers how they're going to sell their MCoC account. As a general rule, the more Marvel Contest of Champions Best Champions they have, the higher the price they can sell it for. Other than that, the rank of champions in the account also affects the price.

Can you not sell champions anymore MCOC? ›

Why can't I sell my champions anymore? Greetings Summoners, As of May 3rd, we will be disabling the Ability to Sell Champions of any Rarity.

What is the highest level in MCOC? ›

Please also note that the maximum level for a Signature Ability for a Tier 2 to 4 Champion is Level 99, while the maximum level for a Tier 5 to 6 Champion is Level 200.

Can we hack MCOC? ›

NO, it cannot be hacked through lucky patcher.

Is Odin good in MCOC? ›

He is just an amazing champ. Counters too many nodes with his burst damage like Safeguard,Abyss or Labyrinth damage cap. Easy access of true strike. Access to huge fury buff and and huge block proficiency due to heavy armor ups.

Is Domino good without synergies MCoC? ›

If you plan for it even a little, it's killer. She's is deadly with suicides and even more deadly with her synergies. But without those two... she does lose a bit of value. She still has great utility with her AAR, block proficiency, and random stun but her damage definitely lacks in comparison to other champs.

Who is the best mutant in MCOC? ›

Who is the Best Mutant in the game?
  • Apocalypse. 46% 76 votes.
  • Archangel. 9% 16 votes.
  • Colossus. 4% 8 votes.
  • Kitty Pryde. 23% 39 votes.
  • Magneto (Either) 7% 12 votes.
  • Omega Red. 0% 1 vote.
  • Professor X. 3% 5 votes.
  • Storm (Either) 0% 1 vote.
6 May 2022

Does venom The duck need to be awakened? ›

Venom the Duck doesn't really need his awakening, but it does make him even better.

How much does Kabam make from MCOC? ›

MCOC made Kabam $21m in Dec 2021.

Who is the best Bishop counter in MCOC? ›

Ghost and Warlock are solid options. You can quake him. Falcon shuts down his prowess with lock on. Stark Spidey can cause a lot of damage with power control and the ability to automatically evade his SP1.

Is Unduped Nick Fury good? ›

He is solid unduped but awakened he is awesome.

Who can beat Corvus Glaive? ›

KING YELLOWJACKET takes 75% lesser damage on unblockable specials, which means you can tank specials all day. This makes him the best and only counter for corvus glaive in the game.

Why is Claire Voyant good MCOC? ›

What makes her stand out is that fact that she also has immunities and buff control in addition to her regen and power control.

Is Annihilus a good defender? ›

Summary: When we first looked at Annihilus, we found that he's performing quite well as a Defender, but was underperforming as an Attacker.

Who is the best 3 star champion in Marvel Contest of Champions? ›

Undoubtedly, Scarlet Witch is the best 3-Star Hero players can upgrade and max, since she offers the most balanced attributes in Marvel Contest of Champions. On top that, Scarlet Witch can easily be maxed, since the game hands out plenty of upgrade materials via events and campaign missions.

What is the best champion in arena champions? ›

Best champions for the Arena
  • Archmage Hellmut. Banner-Lords.
  • Elder Skarg. Barbarians.
  • Fahrakin the Fat. Barbarians.
  • Skytouched Shaman. Barbarians.
  • Lydia the Deathsiren. Dark Elves.
  • Lanakis the Chosen. Dark Elves.
  • Rae. Dark Elves.
  • Candraphon. Demonspawn.

How do you get free 4 star crystals in contest of champions? ›

Earn 4 star shards by completing chapters in quests. At 2000 shards you'll get a 4 star crystal with a 4 star champ inside.
There are currently the following methods to acquire a 4 star:
  1. Explore 100% of act 3. ...
  2. Compete in the arenas for a 3 or 4 star champion. ...
  3. Duplicating 3 star heroes provides 55 shards.

Who is the strongest early game champion? ›

1. Darius. Darius is one of the strongest early game champions around. He has high base damage, and as long as he keeps auto-attack you, he can easily blow you up in the very early game.

Is Psycho Man good? ›

Overall, Psycho Man is an amazing champion, filled with tons of utility, damage when it is needed, but most importantly, one of the most powerful control abilities in the entire game (in my opinion at least).

Who is the hardest Champion to beat? ›

We're here to look at the 7 hardest-to-kill Champions in League.
  • Sylas. Sylas is a powerful Mage Bruiser (yes, those exist) capable of doing tons of damage while healing in the process. ...
  • Yone. ...
  • Warwick. ...
  • Yasuo. ...
  • Akali. ...
  • Irelia. ...
  • Malphite.
16 Mar 2022

What Champion has the most Pentakills? ›

Which Champions Are Easiest to Get Pentakills With?
  • Samira - .018 pentas per game.
  • Master Yi - .018 pentas per game.
  • Katarina - .015 pentas per game.
1 Sept 2022

What champions do the most damage? ›

This article will go over Champions that deal damage peculiarly – per second.
  • Kog'Maw. Kog'Maw is an infamous example of fast damage. ...
  • Draven. ...
  • Twitch. ...
  • Jinx. ...
  • Vayne. ...
  • Kai'Sa. ...
  • Jax.
21 Oct 2021


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