Signs say 'Instagrammable' Manchester restaurant Boujee is closed for good (2023)


A note reading 'closed, so sorry' has been taped to the front of the all-pink restaurant

Georgina Pellant -6th October 2022

Signs say 'Instagrammable' Manchester restaurant Boujee is closed for good (2)

Less than two months after Boujee closed its site in Liverpool, signs have appeared outside the Manchester site showing that it has also suffered the same fate.

A handwritten note simply reading “closed, so sorry” has been taped to the all-pink restaurant and bar’s front door, whilst a second on the restaurant’s terrace, which had been taken over by pop-up venue Carnival, read: ‘we are extremely sorry but due to unforeseen circumstances we are left with no other options to close the venue.”

Signs say 'Instagrammable' Manchester restaurant Boujee is closed for good (3)

On the Boujee website, all traces of the Manchester venue have now been removed with just the Chester site now available to book online.

The news should not come as a surprise, given that the restaurant has appeared to be struggling for several months now.


Earlier this summer, staff walked out of the Liverpool site complaining of unpaid wages and tips. At the time, workers said that they had received just 40% of their expected wages on recent paydays and claimed that management had withheld their table service charges for months.

The pay dispute was reported in theLiverpool Echo, after staff told the paper some colleagues had walked out of shifts over the situation and that others were struggling to meet their rent and mortgage payments.

A company message was shared with Boujee’s staff at the end of June in an attempt to explain to workers why they had not received their full pay.



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It said: “It is with huge regret and disappointment that we are not able to pay the wages in their entirety today. We have exhausted every avenue and it is at the point where we require the revenue from this weekend and next in order to catch up and make the payments in full.

“Today we will be making a payment to all employees of 40 per cent of their total wage. On Monday we will make a second payment and this will be 30 per cent of their total wage plus 50 per cent of the service charge for the month.


“The following Monday we will pay the remaining 30 per cent and the remaining 50 per cent of the service charge.

“We are extremely sorry that it has come to this and I assure you we are doing all we can to get back on track and our team are vital in this path to recovery. We fully appreciate this is not acceptable and we thank you for your hard work, support and loyalty through what has been a very challenging time.”

Now, it appears that the business has had another setback as it has moved to close its Manchester site too.

Signs say 'Instagrammable' Manchester restaurant Boujee is closed for good (4)

The news follows an announcement from the former director and Real Housewive Of Cheshire star Lystra Adams who revealed last month that she had walked away from the business.

In a post on Instagram, Lystra wrote: “I’m walking away … As of yesterday 23/09/2022 I walked away from what I’ve know and loved for past near two years. As many of you may know I have given considerable time and dedication in building the brand and platform for myself.


“Over the past eight months things had taken a bumpy turn. I had confidence in that the board of directors would turn it around. Unfortunately mistakes were made along the way […] and it made the comeback near impossible.”

She continued: “As a 20-per-cent shareholder and the face of the business I want you to know that I did what I could with what I had. […] I’ve made my voice heard more than before as I dreaded this day would come. I’ve taken abuse in all forms for being the face of the companies involved as well as my daughter and enough is enough.

“Sorry it’s taken so long to speak out and I want to thank each and everyone that has visited or worked for Boujee and carnival from opening until now. All my love, Lystra.”

Feature image – The Manc Group


Man who left Sikh leader for dead, then calmly went for a pint, jailedDaisy JacksonSigns say 'Instagrammable' Manchester restaurant Boujee is closed for good (6)

A man who senselessly attacked a Sikh leader in broad daylight in the Northern Quarter, leaving him for dead, has been jailed.

Claudio Campos, 28, of Ladybarn Lane, pleaded guilty to the assault of 62-year-old Avtar Singh and has been jailed for three years.

Avtar was taken to hospital after the assault on 23 June, where he remains to this day, receiving treatment for a life-changing brain injury.

His family described him as a ‘truly brilliant, gentle and kind human being’

Horrifying new CCTV has been released, and shows Campos calmly walking away from the victim’s lifeless body.

Manchester Crown Court heard on 6 October that Avtar had been walking home from work along Tib Street when Campos violently punched him to the head.

He laid unconscious in the middle of the road until a passer-by called for an ambulance.

A CCTV appeal from GMP led to the arrest of Campos, where he finally admitted the assault.

Signs say 'Instagrammable' Manchester restaurant Boujee is closed for good (7)

Detective Inspector Mark Astbury, of GMPs City of Manchester CID, said: “This was a horrific attack of a much loved family member and community leader which deeply shocked the public.

“I hope today’s verdict gives Mr Singh’s family some relief that the person who has harmed their husband and father has now faced justice and will be sent to prison.

“I would like to thank the public for their help with our investigation and our thoughts are very much with Mr Singh, we hope he is able to return home soon”.

Avtar’s family prepared the following, heartbreaking words: “When our dad came to this country over 30 years ago, he never imagined that he would be the subject of such a heinous attack which has left him bed bound and in hospital for as long as he has been.

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“As a family, we are truly heartbroken and still struggle to come to terms with the reality of his future and the truth behind this crime.

“He didn’t do anything to deserve this situation where he has permanently damaged his sight and lost complete mobility down his right side.

“Although we will never get the strong powerful man, who is the light of our lives back, we are satisfied with the result given by the court today.

“Avtar is a truly brilliant, gentle and kind human being who has spent his whole life looking after everyone around him. He is a tremendous father, a hardworking husband and the most amazing priest who has served communities for generation after generation.

Signs say 'Instagrammable' Manchester restaurant Boujee is closed for good (8)
Signs say 'Instagrammable' Manchester restaurant Boujee is closed for good (9)

“This attack hasn’t just left an ever bleeding wound on our hearts, it’s scarred an entire community who knew him to be the man he was and now isn’t.

“We are grateful for the support that people have continued to provide and the justice that Greater Manchester Police have sought for our family.

“Sadly, our fight does not end today as we continue to watch Avtar fight to gain back a quality of life that will see him through recovery. We know now that we will never feel as safe as we once thought we were walking through the city centre in Manchester, given this situation was as unprovoked as it was brutal.

“Our dad came to this country to work hard and teach others to preach kindness and move past any hatred in their hearts. It’s a true shame this person left an elderly man for dead in the middle of the street.


“The law has fought part of our battle today but we will never be able to piece back the strength and the happiness that our dad was so amazingly built upon.”

Featured image: GMP


14% of Brits masturbate during work hours, according to new studyDanny JonesSigns say 'Instagrammable' Manchester restaurant Boujee is closed for good (11)

In news we wish we never heard, 14% of people in the UK masturbate during work hours because we’re all animals at the end of day and some of us just can’t control our urges.

According to research carried out by Chemist4U, an estimated 7.4 million Brits have pleasured themselves during work hours. Working from home (WFH) has surely given that number a bit of bump.

The extrapolated figure are based of a survey of 2,000 people, with over a fifth of men (22%) fessing up and seven per cent of women admitting to having engaged in some cheeky alone time.

Additionally, 18% of those surveyed said they had watched porn while at work and London were found to be the most prone of any city to indulging themselves (16%).

Don’t make the joke, you’re better than that—Mancs are better than that, the numbers said so…

On a more serious note, while the WFH culture that Covid spawned has no doubt made that an easier, we really don’t want to know how many do it while in the office (yes we do).

Unbelievably, back in 2021 a study carried out by a bathroom supplier found that one in 20 people also masturbated while showering on work premises.

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Incidentally, there was also a correlation between the highest-earners and those who masturbated the most, with 31% of those within the £35,001-£45,000 salary bracket admitting to regularly enjoying a bit of ‘me-time’.

Time isn’t the only thing on their hands, apparently.

We’re not pointing fingers – you know who you are – all we’re saying is pack it in and get back to work, ya cheeky sods.

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Featured Image — Wikimedia Commons


Why did Boujee Liverpool close? ›

At the time, a spokesperson for the company said it had experienced "unexpected costs" which created temporary cash flow constraints for the business. Boujee said it was 'confident' that it could resume business, but the signs placed outside it now indicate the Liverpool site has closed.

Who owns Boujee bars? ›

The Boujee brand is the creation of Lystra Adams, a model, entrepreneur, property owner and one of the Real Housewives of Cheshire. Lystra is one of three company directors for Boujee Restaurant & Bar Limited, which manages sites in Liverpool, Manchester and Chester.

Are children allowed in Boujee Manchester? ›

Under 17-year-old s who are accompanied by an adult may visit the venue until 10pm.

When did Boujee Manchester Open? ›

Meanwhile Lystra and her Boujee restaurant in Manchester say they hope to open on the weekend of December 3rd on Bridge Street – posting a video of the star doing a show-around on their official Instagram on Monday.

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