The 12 Best Restaurants in Gatlinburg (2022 Update) (2022)

Gatlinburg is all about nature, entertainment, and food. People come to Gatlinburg to do many things, but mainly to explore this beautiful part of the Appalachian Mountains, the Great Smoky Mountains.

Cascading waterfalls, roaming wildlife, and a view of over 500,000 acres, the Great Smoky Mountains are the country’s most-visited national park. Gatlinburg is the starting point to make your way to one of the park’s famous paths, where you can find everything you’ve been looking for. A hike through the Great Smoky Mountains will leave you with a smile and a lasting impression.

However, even if one would visit Gatlinburg for a journey through the mountains, eating remains near the top of the list for visiting this beautiful town. In fact, there are plenty of cuisines to choose from. For your convenience, you can check out the best steak, Italian, pasta, pizza, seafood, and breakfast places in town.

Best Steakhouse Restaurants in Gatlinburg

Alamo Steakhouse

The 12 Best Restaurants in Gatlinburg (2022 Update) (1)
  • Address: 705 East Pkwy, Gatlinburg, TN 37738
  • Phone: +1 865 436 9998
  • Website: Alamo Steakhouse

Did you know that Tennessee is called the volunteer state? This is due to the state’s thousands of volunteers who fought bravely in the Mexican-American war alongside the famous Tennessean Davy Crockett at the Alamo, Texas. In honor of the brave soldiers, here, at Alamo Steakhouse, you’ll find the most excellent food from Tennessee to Texas.

The Alamo is a fantastic restaurant and many people’s favorite for its excellent service and flavorful steaks in the entire city. The aged steak is cut by hand and seasoned in-house and then grilled on oak fire and baked with all juices and natural flavors, and that’s how the steak becomes soft and delicious.

But Almo doesn’t have only just steaks. You can also find burgers, soups, sauces, gravy, homemade bread, and mozzarella sticks on order. It all takes extra time, but I hope you agree that it’s worth the effort after trying our food.

Why you should dine at Alamo Steakhouse

Almo offers plenty of diverse dishes, from steak to seafood to burgers to warm, soothing soups. For the best meal, start with the Alamo’s shrimp cocktail, followed by the El Presidente Porterhouse with asparagus and button mushrooms.

The Peddler

The 12 Best Restaurants in Gatlinburg (2022 Update) (2)

Not only does this steakhouse offer excellent hand-cut steaks, but the history of the building is also remarkable. It used to be the home of a fourth-generation Gatlinburg merchant whose great-grandfather founded the very first grocery store in Gatlinburg back in 1850.

Now this family steakhouse located at the entrance to a national park has been around since the 1970s with the mission of excellent food, service, and ambiance along the Little Pigeon River.

In addition to the steak, popular dishes include chilled shrimp cocktails, petit filet mignon combos, and specialty chicken and almond soups. Make sure to try and share the peanut butter mud pie for dessert.

Why you should dine at the Peddler

Peddler Steakhouse is a Gatlinburg restaurant whose roots date back to the city’s founding. Get custom-cut steaks, red wine, and baked potato stuffing and feel like royalty.

Cherokee Grill

The 12 Best Restaurants in Gatlinburg (2022 Update) (3)
  • Address: 1002 Parkway, Gatlinburg, TN 37738
  • Phone: +1 865 436 4287
  • Website: Cherokee Grill

The Appalachian Mountains were once the home of the Cherokee tribe. So, the Cherokee grill strives to respect the tribe by staying true to its roots. From locally inspired menus to friendly service, they want everyone in the restaurant to feel part of the tribe and family.

Located in the heart of the Smoky Mountains, Cherokee Grill presents an upscale mountain lodge atmosphere with an exterior built with stone and brick and an interior accented with granite and walnut.

They offer a variety of steaks which is often one of the most popular selections. You can order add-ons with the steak, like the Boursin cheese or soy-ginger sauce. No matter what you choose, you can’t go wrong either way. Also, with a traditional American menu, you can try other dishes such as seafood, fried chicken, crab cakes, and many other delicious foods.

Why you should dine at Cherokee Grill

(Video) What are the best restaurants in Gatlinburg TN?

Though its interior and menu are upscale, you can find all kinds of locals and travelers dining on any given night. So, if you are looking for a fancy restaurant but didn’t arrange any plans, Cherokee Grill is a perfect choice.

The Greenbrier

The 12 Best Restaurants in Gatlinburg (2022 Update) (4)

Led by executive chef Aaron Ward, Greenbrier invites its guest to one of the finest Gatlinburg dining experiences at the iconic rustic log cabin dining room.

Before enjoying a homemade dry-aged hand-cut steak, start with a dozen oysters topped with smoked salmon rillettes, ceviche, and salmon roe. Or, if you prefer something different, go for the roasted lamb shank. Accompany your meal with one of their remarkable wines from their vast wine list.

As it is beyond the main drag in a peaceful mountain setting, make sure to designate a driver to enjoy every moment of the restaurant’s ambiance and the Rocky mountain’s environment.

Why you should dine at the Greenbrier

At Greenbrier, you will find a slightly more fine dining menu than some other top-end restaurants. Choose duck breast, lamb shank, and stuffed flounder for an alternative meal, or go for a more traditional option and order one of their fine hand-cut steaks.

The Howard’s Restaurant

The 12 Best Restaurants in Gatlinburg (2022 Update) (5)

Located in the heart of the Smoky Mountains, Howards is a two-story building with a steakhouse downstairs and a pub upstairs. It’s not a luxury steakhouse, but they’ve been delivering and catering to Gatlinburg’s people with the best since 1946.

Although Howard’s menu may not seem fancy, you don’t need unique food and ingredients to have exceptional meals. For example, their hot chop steak sandwich is a winner and goes perfectly well with Bloody Mary.

Furthermore, as Gatlinburg’s oldest restaurant, Howards is a great spot to enjoy some Gatlinburg traditions. Some of their famous steaks are Cowboy Ribeye, Porterhouse, and T-bone. If you are visiting with kids, check out their burgers and sandwiches. They are absolutely mouthwatering and loved by all.

Why you should dine at the Howard’s Restaurant

If you are visiting with your partner, choose the steak for two option. It is an 8 oz. and a 14 oz. steak of your choice and two sides with each steak. It is delicious, cheap, and will definitely fill you up!

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Best American Cuisine Restaurants in Gatlinburg

Delauder’s BBQ

The 12 Best Restaurants in Gatlinburg (2022 Update) (6)
  • Address: 1875 East Pkwy, Gatlinburg, TN 37738
  • Phone: +1 865 325 8682
  • Website: Delauder’s BBQ

Established in 2015, Delauder’s BBQ is family owned and operated business. Specializing in BBQ, they create sandwiches no one else does at affordable prices.

Although it is relatively new to Gatlinburg’s cuisine scene, it has been named one of the top 100 restaurants you need to try in 2017. It has also been recognized as one of the top 25 BBQ restaurants in the country by travel & leisure magazine and the best in Tennessee by Time magazine.

Literally being one of the best restaurants in the country, naturally, it has plenty of delectable dishes. According to the guests, some of the best are Mac-n-Cheese Tots, Fried Mac, Smokey Mountains Nachos, and Dinner Sampler.

Why you should dine at Delauder’s BBQ

Here you will have one of the best pulled pork dishes you’ll ever taste! Furthermore, the ribs and BBQ chicken are amongst the best, and frankly, everything is just scrumptious!

(Video) 3 (MORE) hidden and unique places to Eat in Gatlinburg Tennessee |The Best restaurants In Gatlinburg

Smoky Mountain Brewery

The 12 Best Restaurants in Gatlinburg (2022 Update) (7)

Although this may be a brewery, it is worth mentioning for its great beverages and food. Smoky Mountain Brewery is best described as a cross between a ski lodge and a pub. It has an enclosed deck overlooking Calhoun’s Village and the beautiful Smoky Mountains as background.

It is a popular stop for hikers, skiers, and snowboarders for a much-needed break from the often extreme activities on the mountain. Flavorful food, micro-brewed beer, and nightly entertainment make this one of Gatlinburg’s favorite places to eat and entertain.

The brewery offers delicious drinks from classical and premium cocktails, premium mules, wine, and handcrafted beers. It also serves classic American dishes such as steaks, burgers, pizzas, and sandwiches.

Why you should dine at Smoky Mountain Brewery

This is an easy choice for adventure and outdoor lovers who wish to try exceptional dishes and drinks while enjoying fantastic nature views.

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Best Italian Restaurants in Gatlinburg

Best Italian Cafe & Pizzeria

The 12 Best Restaurants in Gatlinburg (2022 Update) (8)
  • Address: 968 Parkway Suite #9, Gatlinburg, TN 37738
  • Phone: +1 865 430 4090
  • Website: Best Italian

If you’re looking for New York-style Pizza while amongst the Great Smoky Mountains, check out Best Italian Café and Pizzeria to satisfy all of your pizza dreams. Since 1976, this pizzeria has been serving Gatlinburg the best Italian cuisine, just as its name suggests.

The restaurant strives to keep the title of the best Italian in town by sticking to the classics such as golden garlic knots, traditional pizzas, creamy pasta, and homemade strawberry cheesecake.

Surely they have taken some liberties with some of their signature dishes, but at the end of the day, the hearty, comforting flavors of every dish will make you want to come back again and again.

Why you should dine at Best Italian Cafe

Their extensive menu of traditional Italian cuisine with a New York twist will leave you satisfied and in love with Gatlinburg even more!

Big Daddy’s Pizzeria

The 12 Best Restaurants in Gatlinburg (2022 Update) (9)

At Big Daddy’s Pizzeria, you’ll feel as if you were transported to Italy from the Great Smoky Mountains. With their unique wood-fired flame inside a one-of-a-kind brick oven, they are committed to producing tasty pizzas that pay homage to the classic Napoletana with a deliciously crispy crust.

The pizza here starts with handcrafted, homemade dough, and it is then topped with one of their homemade sauces and fresh ingredients. Wanting to serve only the freshest pizzas, you will notice that they don’t use a freezer, and that’s why their pizzas are so mouthwatering!

Last but not least, some might say having delicious authentic Italian pizza with the gorgeous Smoky mountains as a view might be even better than being in Italy.

Why you should dine at Big Daddy’s Pizzeria

The oven is fired up, and they are ready to serve you the best pizza you’ve ever had! What more reason do you need?

(Video) Dinner at the Cherokee Grill Gatlinburg, TN - June 2022

Taste of Italy

The 12 Best Restaurants in Gatlinburg (2022 Update) (10)
  • Address: 1235 East Pkwy, Gatlinburg, TN 37738
  • Phone: +1 865 325 1750
  • Website: Taste Of Italy

Taste of Italy, as it implies, will serve you authentic, tasty dishes straight out of Italy. This humble restaurant has excellent traditional Italian dishes such as Caprese salad, Lasagne, Fettuccine Alfredo, and fantastic desserts.

The restaurant has a very homey and cozy ambiance. To start off, all guests are greeted at the door by the server and hostess, making you feel like being part of their hospitable Italian family that is ready to love you.

If you like a creamy Italian dressing with your salad, you will love the house dressing. However, before you get your salad, you will receive a basket of homemade garlic knots sprinkled with parmesan and a side of marinara sauce. Then your salad and finally, your delicious entree! Some of the favorites are the Penne Alla Vodka and Eggplant Florentine. Both have great flavor and are fantastic!

Why you should dine at Taste of Italy

One thing that shows their excellent hospitality and great service is their large portions. If you are a gourmand here, you will leave satisfied!

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Best Seafood in Gatlinburg

Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.

The 12 Best Restaurants in Gatlinburg (2022 Update) (11)

Bubba Gump Shrimp is undoubtedly a must-visit restaurant. Inspired by the movies Forrest Gump, since 1996, Bubba Gump has been creating and serving creative seafood dishes in a charming cozy atmosphere.

The menu offers several items for the shrimp lover in all of us. Some of the most favorable among the regulars are the seafood hush puppies, shrimp mac & cheese, and fried shrimp. But if you are not sure what to choose, the friendly staff will surely help you pick what suits your taste best.

The seafood at Bubba’s is top-notch, but what makes it one of the best in Gatlinburg is its many weekly or monthly events and happenings. At every event, there are different offers of seasonal, delightful meals and handcrafted drinks

Why you should dine at Bubba Gump Co.

This is perhaps the friendliest restaurant with excellent staff that will be there throughout your experience, giving you tips and a cheerful ambiance.

Crawdaddy’s Restaurant & Oyster Bar

The 12 Best Restaurants in Gatlinburg (2022 Update) (12)

Smoky mountains may not be known for seafood or Cajun flavors, but at Crawdaddys, you can enjoy some tasty southern delicacies. Its menu is built straight from the Hank Williams classic “Jambalaya.”

The new chef-driven specials bring an authentic New Orleans setting by serving traditional, Cajun-style food. Crawdaddy’s is much more than a restaurant, it’s an experience. Whether you’re visiting from out-of-town or are local to the area, the experience should be unique.

At Crawdaddy’s, they can provide something for everyone. Their goal is to bring together family and friends and create new memories over delicious food and drinks in the perfect environment. Some of the favorites are fried oysters, alligator bites, and seafood gumbo.

Why you should dine at Crawdaddy’s Restaurant & Oyster Bar

This is the perfect spot for those craving southern delicacies, seafood, and cajun-inspired cuisine! Furthermore, it is definitely a unique experience to have the Great Smoky Mountains as the view while devouring delicious cajun food.

Chesapeake’s Seafood and Raw Bar

The 12 Best Restaurants in Gatlinburg (2022 Update) (13)
  • Address: 437 Parkway, Gatlinburg, TN 37738
  • Phone: +1 865 622 6999
  • Website: Chesapeake’s

This seafood-forward hotspot boasts a bounty of flown-in-daily catches. They are committed to always serving the highest quality seafood in town. In fact, they source and cut the freshest seafood available daily from the Atlantic, Gulf, and Pacific Coasts.

(Video) Anakeesta Summer 2022 | Gatlinburg, TN #gatlinburg #anakeesta #gatlinburgtn

So, as it is straight from the sea to your table with no in-betweens, it is guaranteed you will have fresh food as well as friendly service during your time at Chesapeake’s.

The steamed seafood feast and seafood tower are great options for those who can’t make up their minds. Don’t miss the namesake Chesapeake oysters topped with creamy blue crab, mushrooms, and Benton’s bacon. Still, you will also find steak, chicken, a smattering of sides, and plenty of delicious desserts.

Why you should dine at Chesapeake’s Seafood and Raw Bar

Not only will you find the freshest seafood in town, but you will also find steak, chicken, a smattering of sides, and plenty of delicious desserts. Furthermore, you will have an excellent view of the river.

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Best Breakfast in Gatlinburg

Tennessee Jed’s

The 12 Best Restaurants in Gatlinburg (2022 Update) (14)
  • Address: 631 Parkway Suite A8, Gatlinburg, TN 37738
  • Phone: +1 8654 121 131
  • Website: TENNESSEE JED’S

Tennessee Jed’s is a sandwich shop on the strip. It is designed to serve breakfast and lunch to people who are up to a fun brunch outing with friends or those who want a quick stop for a satisfying meal before work.

It might not sound as fancy as other restaurants on this list, but their sandwiches are art, not just food. For those who appreciate the beauty of a great Reuben or Cubano or even the classic Kraut Dog, Tennessee Jed’s is the perfect destination.

Apart from their fantastic sandwiches, there are many other options for breakfast and brunch, both sweet and savory. Some favorites are crustless quiche baked fresh daily, brown butter mini cake, blueberry, and cinnamon walnut streusel muffins.

Why you should dine at Tennessee Jed’s

If you are looking for a quick delicious meal for lunch or a fun Sunday brunch, you should not miss out on this funky spot at Gatlinburg.

Pancake Pantry

The 12 Best Restaurants in Gatlinburg (2022 Update) (15)
  • Address: 628 Parkway, Gatlinburg, TN 37738
  • Phone: +1 865 436 4724
  • Website: Pancake Pantry

The Pantry is a Gatlinburg classic spot if you’re looking for breakfast.

In fact, the Pantry started the trend of pancake restaurants in the Smokies. Breakfast is always on the menu and includes 24 varieties of pancakes.

Open both for lunch and breakfast, it features a relatively light menu.

But a favorite is the Polish Aristocrat, which is layers of Swiss cheese, corned beef, and coleslaw in the rye. This grilled sandwich is worthy of the name.

Although the Pantry is supposedly a lighter choice of lunch, the entree portions at the Pancake Pantry are huge. Most featured dishes come with five full-sized pancakes.

Why you should dine at Pancake Pantry

As the pioneer in serving pancakes in the Smoky Mountains, they are still creating and serving delicious pancakes that will stay memorable for your trip to this beautiful part of the country.

(Video) BEST ITALIAN RESTAURANT 2022 #gatlinburg #smokymountains #pizza

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Final Thoughts

Gatlinburg is a terrific city to experience gorgeous mountainous landscapes, Appalachian culture, and fantastic culinary experiences. The city’s culinary scene is diverse, with a mix of traditional American cuisine and European flavors. Enjoy a day with delicious pancakes and finish it with a flavorful steak before starting your journey through the Great Smoky Mountains.


What country singer has a restaurant in Gatlinburg Tennessee? ›

Gatlinburg, Tenn. – Ryman Hospitality Properties (RHP) and Blake Shelton's long-awaited restaurant and bar Ole Red Gatlinburg is officially open in downtown Gatlinburg.

What is peak season in Gatlinburg? ›

The two peak seasons in Gatlinburg are summer (June, July and August) and the month of October, when the fall foliage is at its zenith. July is the busiest month of the summer season, while weekends in October draw the largest crowds in the fall.

What is Smoky Mountains famous for food? ›

Seven Must-Try Foods in the Smoky Mountains
  • Old-Fasioned Buttermilk Pancakes at the Pancake Pantry. ...
  • Kettle Korn at Dollywood. ...
  • Pit-Smoked Barbecue at the Hungry Bear. ...
  • Signature Corn Chowder at the Old Mill Restaurant. ...
  • Apple Fritters at the Apple Barn. ...
  • Old-Fashioned Taffy at the Smoky Mountain Candy Makers.

What is Tennessee famous food? ›

Country ham is arguably Tennessee's most famous delicacy. The hams are salt-cured and served boiled, broiled or fried, and give Virginia's Smithfield hams a run for their money.

Does Blake Shelton own Ole Red bar? ›

Shelton originally partnered with Ryman Hospitality Properties, which has a portfolio including the Grand Ole Opry and the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, in 2017 to launch Ole Red in his Tishomingo, Okla. hometown.

Who is famous that lives in Pigeon Forge? ›

Dolly has been a house hold name for years but what is her real story? Dolly Rebecca Parton was born in the Smoky Mountains of east Tennessee in 1946. Being one of 12 children she lived in a busy home.

Who owns Old Red in Gatlinburg? ›

Ryman Hospitality Properties, which owns and operates the Ole Red locations, spent $9 million to transform the former Riverbend Mall into Ole Red Gatlinburg, a 13,500 square-feet, two-story building with a restaurant, dance floor, outdoor terrace, bars on both floors, a gift shop, multiple TVs and seating for 370 ...

What is the rainiest month in the Smoky Mountains? ›

* Climate data from: Gatlinburg, United States of America (11 KM, 7 Miles). A lot of rain (rainy season) falls in the months: January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, November and December. On average, May is the wettest month with 151 mm (5.9 inch) of precipitation.

Which is better to stay Gatlinburg or Pigeon Forge? ›

Gatlinburg tends to offer more higher end restaurants. If you're planning a great date night dinner or just want to grab a bite at one of the best steakhouses, Gatlinburg makes a better option for high-end food. Pigeon Forge offers great dining options as well.

Why is Gatlinburg so crowded? ›

The roads in Gatlinburg are narrower and have more traffic lights than Pigeon Forge, and, like Pigeon Forge, quickly get crowded. Gatlinburg also has a large pedestrian crowd during peak times. (Both cities seem roughly equally crowded on an average summer day.)

What foods is Pigeon Forge known for? ›

& Pigeon Forge are Known For and Where to Get Them
  • fresh rainbow trout.
  • stone ground cornmeal and grits.
  • local wildflower and sourwood honey.
  • homemade candies like taffy and fudge.
  • homemade maple syrup.
  • locally grown preserves and jellies.
  • homemade biscuits and sawmill gravy.
  • apple butter and apple dumplins.

Is there food inside Smoky Mountain National Park? ›

Limited food and beverage services, groceries, and convenience items are available in the park visitor centers and, during peak season, at the Cades Cove store.

How old is Gatlinburg? ›

It is a popular vacation resort, as it rests on the border of Great Smoky Mountains National Park along U.S. Route 441, which connects to Cherokee, North Carolina, on the southeast side of the national park.
Gatlinburg, Tennessee.
Gatlinburg, Tennessee, USA
Settledc. 1806
Named forRadford Gatlin
28 more rows

Can you see bears in Gatlinburg in February? ›

Please note that despite not being in the wild, the bears at Ober Gatlinburg still hibernate and may not be visible in December, January, and February.

Is Gatlinburg crowded in February? ›

February is definitely a charming time of year to experience the Smokies. With beautiful glowing holiday lights and fewer visitors, this month is the perfect time to explore Gatlinburg without the crowds.

Is Gatlinburg Fun in February? ›

Ober Gatlinburg offers a variety of opportunities for fun year-round but February is by far the best month to hit the slopes and go snow tubing with family or friends.

What is Tennessee's favorite candy? ›

Tennessee overwhelmingly prefers Tootsie Pops, with 59,837 pounds of the treat sold. The next popular candy? Salt Water Taffy, with 34,859 pounds, and Skittles rounds out the top three, with 20,938 pounds.

What is the main religion in Tennessee? ›

Religion. Tennessee has always been, and remains, predominantly Christian. About 81% of the population identifies as Christian, with Protestants making up 73% of the population.

What is Tennessee's state food? ›

List of U.S. state foods
StateFood typeFood name
South CarolinaState picnic cuisineBarbecue
South DakotaState dessertKuchen
State breadFrybread
TennesseeState fruitTomato
121 more rows

Who is the owner of Ole Red? ›

Ole Red is owned and operated by Ryman Hospitality Properties, Inc. as part of its Opry Entertainment division.

Does Garth Brooks have a bar in Nashville? ›

A press release from Nashville Mayor John Cooper this week announced that in addition to three floors, live music stages, and multiple bars, Garth Brooks's forthcoming downtown entertainment venue, Friends in Low Places, will feature an adjacent Metro Nashville Police Department substation.

When did Ole Red Gatlinburg open? ›

Ole Red Gatlinburg officially opened to the public in March of 2019! This two-story entertainment venue and restaurant features incredible live music and delicious menu options.

Do celebrities go to Dollywood? ›

Don't worry! If you missed seeing Katy Perry at Dollywood in Pigeon Forge, it won't be the last chance you have to spot a celebrity in the park! Whether it's Dolly Parton, or the next chart-topping pop artist, celebrities are always visiting! You may get lucky and see someone while you're there, too.

Does Dolly Parton from Pigeon Forge? ›

Dolly's Smoky Mountain Home

Dolly Parton was born in Sevierville, Tennessee in 1946. As young as age 8, Dolly was playing the guitar and making up her own songs. Music was a way to rise above the poverty her family endured, if only for a short time.

What kind of food is Pigeon Forge known for? ›

& Pigeon Forge are Known For and Where to Get Them
  • fresh rainbow trout.
  • stone ground cornmeal and grits.
  • local wildflower and sourwood honey.
  • homemade candies like taffy and fudge.
  • homemade maple syrup.
  • locally grown preserves and jellies.
  • homemade biscuits and sawmill gravy.
  • apple butter and apple dumplins.

How old is Gatlinburg? ›

It is a popular vacation resort, as it rests on the border of Great Smoky Mountains National Park along U.S. Route 441, which connects to Cherokee, North Carolina, on the southeast side of the national park.
Gatlinburg, Tennessee.
Gatlinburg, Tennessee, USA
Settledc. 1806
Named forRadford Gatlin
28 more rows

How did Gatlinburg Tennessee get its name? ›

How Did Gatlinburg Get Its Name? Long before it became one of the most popular vacation destinations in the United States, Gatlinburg, TN, was just a small mountain town called White Oaks Flats. The name came from the beautiful white oak trees that surrounded the area.

Is Gatlinburg busy in August? ›

The answer is thankfully no. While summer is a popular time to visit the mountains, August doesn't feature major events that bring record crowds to Gatlinburg like a major car show or a holiday. As a result, you can enjoy great weather and tons of fun attractions without having to deal with crowds.


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