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Halal fine dining restaurants in Toronto are becoming more and more popular with cuisine like Indian, Middle Eastern, Caribbean, Chinese and more. At a halal fine dining restaurant, you can have all your favourite halal dishes, presented with style and ambience. Halal dinner date options are not so limited since you can enjoy your luxurious night out in many of the halal fine dining restaurants across the GTA.

Here are our top picks of the best halal fine dining restaurants in Toronto.

11) Persian Palace

The Best Halal Fine Dining Restaurants in Toronto (1)

Persian Palace is a famous halal fine dining restaurant in Richmond Hill. This high-end eatery serves as a popular location for weddings and other festive activities. The food served here is just as elegant as the venue with dishes like traditional appetizers, grilled meats, and stews, which are all delicious. The mixed grill skewers that serve here are spiced beautifully and come packing with flavour. If you are looking to enjoy a delicious meal with great entertainment, Persian Palace is the place to be.

Address: 10711 Yonge St, Richmond Hill
Phone: (905) 737-4900

10) Darbar Persian Grill

The Best Halal Fine Dining Restaurants in Toronto (2)


Dabar is a Persian halal fine dining restaurant in North York. This stylish grill house is one of the few restaurants in Toronto where you can try kabob torsh, a traditional kebab dish made with beef sirloin or tenderloin. Definitely a must-try! Besides the food, the staff and atmosphere are just as amazing which combines into a great dining experience. Make sure to make a reservation before you go, as there’s usually a long wait.

Address: 2015 Avenue Rd, North York
Phone: (416) 519-4545

9) Carmelina

The Best Halal Fine Dining Restaurants in Toronto (3)

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Google/Chuan Chee

Carmela is an Italian restaurant which is known for its Italian and Mediterranean dishes, especially seafood. Here you can enjoy a fine dining experience in a relaxed setting with decor inspired by the ancient Romans. One of their most popular dishes is the Crispy Calamari. This dish uses a homemade batter that is then fried just a few minutes before serving, giving each bite a satisfying crunch.

Address: 7501 Woodbine Ave, Markham
Phone: (905) 477-7744

The Best Halal Fine Dining Restaurants in Toronto (4)

Diwan is a Middle Eastern fine dining restaurant by the Aga Khan Museum that serves Halal Certified meat. Find a cozy atmosphere with a blend of Turkey, Indian and Middle Eastern flavours, which perfectly compliments the dishes they serve here. The lamb shank is an excellent choice as it literally falls right off the bone and goes exceptionally well with rice. They also offer Halal desserts like date cake that will definitely leave you wanting more.

Address: Aga Khan Museum, 77 Wynford Dr, Toronto
Phone: (416) 646-4670

7) Chinese Halal Restaurant

The Best Halal Fine Dining Restaurants in Toronto (5)

If you are looking for a Chinese halal fine dining restaurant in Toronto, look no further than Chinese Halal Restaurant. Located in Finch and Leslie Square, this Halal Certified eatery serves authentic Chinese dishes with fresh homemade ingredients and simple cooking techniques to bring out the true flavours of each dish. Choose from a variety of seafood, chicken and beef dishes that will not disappoint. A must-try is their pan-fried beef dumplings which have a nice crispy exterior and a moist, flavourful filling.

Address: 101 Ravel Rd, North York
Phone: (416) 498-9800

6) Joummar Restaurant

The Best Halal Fine Dining Restaurants in Toronto (6)

Joummar is a Halal fine-dining Middle Eastern restaurant in Mississauga. If you are looking for an elegant, yet casual Halal fine dining experience, Joummar is the place to be. With friendly staff and inviting decor, this location does make you want to return again and again. Here you can get your favourite halal dishes like lamb shank, chicken tawook and beef kabob. The meat served here is fresh, tender and perfectly seasoned to satisfy your taste buds.

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Address: 2575 Dundas St W Unit 1, Mississauga
Phone: (905) 607-0448


The Best Halal Fine Dining Restaurants in Toronto (7)

Google/ Silaway Sh

KHAZANA is a high-end Indian restaurant with several locations across the GTA owned by celebrity Indian chef Sanjeev Kapoor. The food here consists of contemporary Indian cuisine, which makes it the perfect destination for lovers of Indian culture who are interested in trying Halal dishes. The best dish to try here is their lamb biryani. This dish uses tender meat cooked in a rich masala with aromatic spices and rice. This dish is perfect for any time of the day.

Address: 9121 Airport Rd, Brampton
Phone: (905) 789-8738

Adrak is a halal fine-dining Halal Certified Indian restaurant in Richmond Hill, which serves Halal lamb and chicken dishes. The decor here is very simple but still has a classy feel to it. Take your time when you decide what to order as they have an extensive menu with Halal options for everyone’s taste buds. We recommend trying their lamb shank curry as it is tender and has a nice spice kick to it.

Address: 15 Wertheim Ct, Richmond Hill
Phone: (905) 889-8000

3) The Maharaja

The Best Halal Fine Dining Restaurants in Toronto (9)

Google/ The Maharaja

The Maharaja is a Halal Indian fine dining restaurant in Mississauga that serves Halal-certified meats. It’s a laid-back Halal fine dining establishment where you can get traditional Indian food with a contemporary twist. Their appetizer platter is a great choice if you want to try a range of different tandoor items from all four cuisines from their menu. Make sure to share, as this dish can easily fill you up before the main course.

Address: 4646 Heritage Hills Blvd #3, Mississauga
Phone: (905) 507-2444

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2) Byblos

The Best Halal Fine Dining Restaurants in Toronto (10)

Byblos is a 2-story restaurant in downtown known for its unique spin on Eastern Mediterranean cuisine. The atmosphere here is great for family dinners as the interior has a nice cozy feel to it. They have an extensive Halal menu with Halal lamb, chicken and beef options. Make sure to try their za’atar fried chicken as it’s grilled perfectly and is very juicy on the inside with a nice crispiness on the outside.

Address: 11 Duncan St, Toronto
Phone: (647) 660-0909

1) Affy’s Premium Grill Steak House

Affy’s has been providing Halal fine dining and Halal Certified meats for over 30 years. They also provide Halal seafood options like prawns and halibut as well Halal lamb dishes, which is one of their specialties. The best item we recommend trying here is the classic New York Striploin, as it is cooked to perfection and served with your choice of sides. Nothing can beat a great steak in a nice dining atmosphere.

Address: 55 Lebovic Ave C101, Scarborough
Phone: (647) 341-4443

It’s always nice to enjoy a meal out with friends or family, and it can be even better when that food is halal. Toronto has lots of great fine dining restaurants serving flavourful dishes in accordance with Islamic dietary guidelines. If you’re looking for a fine dining restaurant for an upcoming dinner party or date night, these are some great places to try! If you want more articles like this, be sure to check out our other blogs on all things Toronto.

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Does Gordon Ramsay sell halal? ›

Gordon Ramsay Bar and Grill

This is no Hell's Kitchen but it certainly is run by the famous Gordon Ramsay! Even better, the Gordon Ramsay Bar and Grill serves halal steak in London!

Does Kost have halal options? ›

Kost for brunch, serves halal food options #torontohalalfood #torontotiktok #toronto #kost #patio #view #bisha.

Is halal food available in Toronto? ›

Toronto has been voted the most diverse city in the world. So, it should come as no surprise that it has some truly delicious halal food. Whether you're craving Thai, Pakistani, or good ol' fashioned burgers, the city's 158 neighborhoods offer no shortage of options.

Is Hells Kitchen food halal? ›

Thank you for your question, I can confirm that our beef is halal. Also all of the ingredients in our dishes is non-alcoholic.

Why did McDonald's stop selling halal food? ›

But even those two branches stopped selling halal items after a controversial lawsuit against the chain came about in 2011, accusing the chain of selling non-halal items advertised as halal. Years after the lawsuit was settled, McDonald's dropped its Halal Chicken McNuggets and Halal McChicken sandwiches off the menu.

What religion only eats halal foods? ›

Diet. Muslims will eat only permitted food (halal) and will not eat or drink anything that is considered forbidden (haram). Halal food requires that Allah's name is invoked at the time the animal is killed. Lamb, beef, goat and chicken, for example, are halal as long as a Muslim kills them and offers a prayer.

Is Ikea snacks halal? ›

IKEA's Raya Bazaar

The treats are Halal-certified, which means everyone can enjoy them including Muslim shoppers. Here's the full list of items available.

Is Kost and Lavelle the same? ›

Lavelle. Synonymous with Toronto rooftop views, this King West restaurant has a direct eyeline access to the CN tower, which you can appreciate poolside in blue cabanas on their stylishly sprawling rooftop patio. Kost sits on the rooftop of the Bisha Hotel and has a super close view of the CN Tower.

Is chunky halal? ›

Q: Does your food contain pork, lard or alcohol? Not at all. We actively keep these ingredients out of our food and use halal certified alternatives for ingredients that would normally have them.

Is the heartbreak chef halal? ›

We made this choice to be more inclusive of all wanting to try our Famous Fried Chicken, as well as recognizing that Halal meat is a healthy option based on the guidelines followed to qualify as Halal meet. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via email or with a direct message here! …

Why is Hells Kitchen destroyed? ›

Hell's Kitchen, as those who were paying attention during The Avengers will remember, was destroyed when Thor, Iron Man and the rest of the team had to battle off aliens invading through a wormhole created by Thor's evil adopted brother, Loki.

Does Chef Ramsay own Hells Kitchen? ›

Gordon Ramsay Hell's Kitchen is a multi-national fine dining restaurant chain, owned by British chef Gordon Ramsay, and based on the reality TV show Hell's Kitchen. As of 2022 the chain consists of four US locations and one in Dubai.

Is Big Mac Halal Ontario? ›

Absolutely not. Halal meat has to be slaughtered in a way very similar to kosher, if McDonald's were putting all the extra effort into procuring and storing halal meat, they'd be passing the expense on to you, the consumer.

Is Tim Hortons Halal? ›

Tim Hortons clarified: “We don't promote our restaurants or meat as Halal approved. However, our Tims Crispy Chicken and Tims Chicken Tenders are sourced from suppliers whose products are certified as Halal by religious authorities.”

Is Starbucks Halal in Toronto? ›

Are Starbucks® Coffee Enhancers kosher or halal? Starbucks® Coffee Enhancers are kosher, they do not currently have halal certification (the only animal by-products are milk from cows).

Is Filet-O-Fish Halal? ›

Is this suitable for a halal diet and vegan diet . Hi Pauly, thanks for contacting us. Our Filet-o-Fish is neither Halal or suitable for Vegans.

Is the Big Mac halal? ›

McDonalds' unequivocally state their restaurants are not certified halal, they make it clear for customers not to expect anything to be halal.

Does Burger King use halal meat? ›

Yes, Azeem! the meat we serve is 100% HALAL.

Can Muslims have dogs? ›

Whereas some interpretations of Islam deem dogs impure, Mr Allam says: “It is possible to coexist with a dog and still worship God.” Citing the Maliki school of Islam, he claims that every living animal is pure.

Can Jews eat halal? ›

Summing up, Muslim buyers can consume kosher products. Jewish buyers cannot do likewise with halal. For many Muslim buyers, non-alcoholic kosher food products are considered halal.

What is haram for a woman in Islam? ›

Islam makes it haram (prohibited) for women to wear clothes which fail to cover the body, which are transparent and which delineate the parts of the body.

Are M&M's halal? ›

"M&M's are not suitable for a halal diet. We use additives that come from animal products when we're making M&M's and traces of these can be found in sweets.

Is all candy halal? ›

If they are made with non-Halal gelatin, candies like gummy worms and bears are not Halal suitable.

Which chips are not halal? ›

Lay's Parmesan and Tuscan Herb Chips are not halal or vegetarian. They contain animal rennet or animal enzymes. Baked Lays Cheddar and Sour Cream chips are not halal or vegetarian. They contain pork or pig enzymes.

Is there a minimum spend at Lavelle? ›

Bottle Service at Lavelle ranges from $1,000 minimum to reserve a booth and Booth & Bottle Packages starting from $1,250 all the way up to $5,000+.

What should I wear to Lavelle? ›


As mentioned the attire for dress code is more fashion-forward to sophisticated, from fashion-forward casual to formal, as long as you are dressed stylish there shouldn't be much of an issue.

Who owns Lavelle Toronto? ›

LAVELLE was conceived by Peter Freed to exist above his newest condominium development, 629 King Residences. Freed has built over 1,800 condominium units in the King West area including The Thompson Hotel, Fashion House, 75 Portland and 500 Wellington to name a few.

Is Kit Kat halal in Canada? ›

Yes, our KitKats are suitable for a Halal diet. Should you wish a list of all Nestlé products that are suitable, please let us know your email address in a DM and we'll send it to you… Can you please send me the halal list of your nestle products in India'? Can I have the UK list please?

Which McDonald is halal? ›

No, we don't. McDonald's does not offer Halal-certified food.

Is Toblerone halal? ›

Is Toblerone Halal? Yes, indeed! Our factory in Bern, Switzerland is the only Toblerone production facility in the world and it is Halal-certified. In fact, due to the inherent nature of Toblerone chocolate, its production process essentially meets the Halal criteria anyway.

Does Hells Kitchen have halal meat? ›

Kindly note that all of the meat served in Hell's Kitchen Dubai is halal, and if the menu states "red wine demi-glacé" for example; we only use non-alcoholic wines in our sauces.

Is Hell's Kitchen Las Vegas halal? ›

Thank you for your question, I can confirm that our beef is halal. Also all of the ingredients in our dishes is non-alcoholic.

Is KFC brand halal? ›

@KFC_India can you share with me your halal chicken certificate? Yes we do serve Halal chicken:… @KFC_India name the certified supplier. Where do u got the HALAL certificate from .

Is Gordon Ramsay a vegetarian now? ›

Fiery chef Gordon Ramsay has been famously anti-veggie in the past, even once joking that he was 'allergic' to vegans. But in recent years, his stance has softened, and he has started to embrace meat-free dining.

Which muscle chef meals are halal? ›

All proteins used by My Muscle Chef are Halal. However please note, some meals may contain alcohol - please contact us via help on our contact us page or call us on 1300 364 993 and speak to our team for further details.

Does Chef Ramsay own Hells kitchen? ›

Gordon Ramsay Hell's Kitchen is a multi-national fine dining restaurant chain, owned by British chef Gordon Ramsay, and based on the reality TV show Hell's Kitchen. As of 2022 the chain consists of four US locations and one in Dubai.

Is Hell's Kitchen Nightmares? ›

If you're looking for a fiery competition, Hell's Kitchen is your best bet. If you're looking for a feel-good restaurant makeover, Kitchen Nightmares will appeal to you. Either way, both shows are packed with excessive drama, dinner-rush action, and sick burns, courtesy of Ramsay himself.

What makes a kitchen halal? ›

For food to be halal, the kitchen must be clean and sterilized as must all cooking and serving utensils, and even the chefs themselves. Wear clean, protective clothing like aprons and hairnets.

Can I eat at Hell's kitchen restaurant? ›

To eat at Hell's Kitchen, you need to book a table – but that process isn't totally straightforward. Like many reality shows, slots are allocated to a select group and tickets can't be bought in a conventional way.

Is Coca Cola haram or halal? ›

No. But the ingredients and manufacturing processes used by The Coca‑Cola Company are rigorously regulated by government and health authorities in more than 200 countries, including many where Islam is the majority religion. All of them have consistently recognised Coca‑Cola as a non-alcoholic product. Did you know?

Is Dominos halal or haram? ›

It's not HALAL - Domino's Pizza.

Who are vegetarian celebrities? ›

List of Bollywood Actors Who Are Vegetarian in Real Life
  • Shahid Kapoor. “I am very happy being a vegetarian and I believe that it is the best way to be,” said Shahid. ...
  • Kangana Ranaut. ...
  • Amitabh Bachchan. ...
  • Sonam Kapoor. ...
  • Aamir Khan. ...
  • Jacqueline Fernandez. ...
  • Sonakshi Sinha. ...
  • R Madhavan.

Who is the best vegan chef? ›

Notable Vegan Chefs:
  • Bryanna Clark Grogan.
  • Bryant Terry.
  • Chef Tanya (of Native Foods)
  • Chloe Coscarelli.
  • Colleen Patrick-Goudreau.
  • Eric Tucker (of Millennium Restaurant)
  • Isa Chandra Moskowitz.
  • Jesse Miner.

Are Gordon Ramsay's kids vegan? ›

The funny thing is that his kids became vegans and disavowed him – just as Elon Musk's daughter disavowed her father,” Allen continued. he added, “These lambs are just kids who want a little life but a chance to live it and don't end up in that idiot's mouth – or anyone else's.”


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